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The challenge here is to encourage the physician to transfer the knowledge in a clear and nonbiased way. We argue that the choice of model depends among other things on the ease of implementation e.

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Also the choice of treatment decision-making model is likely to have an impact on the type of incentives or regulations i. We show that in theory both models result in the same outcome.

We argue that the approach of transferring information to the patient is easier but not easy and, hence, more feasible than transferring each patient's preferences to the physician in each medical encounter. We also argue that because better "technology" exists to transfer medical information to patients and time costs are involved in both tasks i. This includes innovations in treatment such as team-based care and better use of technology to make care more effective and efficient.

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AAMC-member medical schools and teaching hospitals have been leading the movement to work better in teams with other health professionals like nurses, dentists, pharmacists and public health professionals. These institutions also are developing the new knowledge of what works in health care — not only reading the textbooks — but conducting groundbreaking research to expand knowledge and writing the textbooks to advance the delivery of care.

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Even with all of these changes, the data clearly show that reforms alone will not eliminate the doctor shortage. Teaching hospitals are operating over 12, residency positions without Medicare support, but cuts to Medicare and other clinical reimbursements jeopardize the ability of teaching hospitals to cross-subsidize with clinical revenue these positions. However, legislation alone will not relieve the doctor shortage.

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Myths and Facts: The Physician Shortage An explanation of some of the key points about the physician shortage. Medicare Indirect Medical Education IME Payments An explanation of IME payments, which provide an additional payment to a teaching hospital for every Medicare case paid in recognition of the extra costs teaching hospitals incur in caring for patients as part of their teaching mission. The Opioid Workforce Act of H. Learn about the bill. The United States continues to face a projected physician shortage over the next decade, creating a real risk to patient care.

The latest projections continue to align with previous estimates, showing a projected shortage of between 46, and , doctors by Graduate Medical Education.