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Set in 7th century Rome and Constantinople. Features an Anglo-Saxon somewhat anti-hero clerk who becomes involved in activities naive or self-serving within the world of Rome versus Greece. Series begins with "Conspiracies of Rome". Set in Ancient Greece. Features Alexander the Great. Depicting the life of Alexander the Great from his childhood through his military campaigns to his death. Features the life of Alexander the Great from childhood to conflicts after his death.

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Set in the land of the ancient Pharaohs. Largely based on Pharaoh Memnon's life and the story of his mother Lostris as seen through the eyes of his mother's slave Taita. Story of Attila the warrior King of the Huns, from boyhood through adulthood. Set early 5th century Roman Empire in Western Europe.

Set in ancient times. Recalls stories of Jewish women of the biblical Old Testament. Set in Ancient Rome and Europe. Chronicles the adventures of a Roman military family specifically two rival half-brothers who join the Centuriate. Series is loosely based on Old Testament biblical events. Follows the history of Abraham and the fictional descendants of Cain. Series begins with "Children of the Lion". Set in Ancient Rome. Series is an imaginary biography of Marcus Tullius Cicero, Rome's first and greatest politician. Series includes "Imperium", "Conspirata" and "Dictator".

A fictionalized, secret and sympathetic autobiography of the Roman Emperor Claudius I. Duo consists of "I, Claudius" and "Claudius the God". Features a former Imperial slave and a Roman centurion under Claudius. Both are Roman soldiers and the series imagines their adventures and tribulations. Series starts with "Under the Eagle". Series begins in 63 AD with Nero's reign. Featured locales Rome to Britain to Pompeii.

Imagines the exploits of three unorthodox arena heroes who unexpectedly rise to legendary status in the amphitheaters of the Roman Empire. Series begins with "Sand of the Arena". Story of Thu, a concubine caught up in political intrigue. Inspired by the actual plot to poison Ramses III by one his harem concubines. Set includes "Lady of the Reeds" and "House of Illusions".

About the Jewish historian Flavius Josephus. Features the lives of both peasants and nobility in Ancient Egypt. Retelling of the biblical story of Joseph in Egypt. Told from both Joseph's and an Egyptian point of view. Series includes "Dreamers", "Brothers" and "Journey". Features four women of biblical times and their lives which are intricately woven into the lineage of Christ. Sequel series of 5 "Sons of Encouragement" features the lives of five great biblical men.

Sequel series begins with "The Priest: Aaron". Set in Ancient Egypt. Trilogy chronicles the revolt of the Tao Princes to free their country from the foreign rule of the Hyksos Dynasty as the 18th century emerges. Romantic biblical series chronicles the persecution and perseverance of 1st century Christians in hedonistic Rome and crumbling Roman Empire. Series begins with "The First Man in Rome".

Trilogy describes the last dynasty of Byzantium. Story takes place in the Middle East between AD - Early life story of Xenophobia - the legendary warrior queen of Palmyra Syria. Series first book "The Rise of Zenobia" is narrated by Zabdas once slave, retired General, grandfather and servant and his granddaughter Samira who describe the rise of Zenobia against the might of Rome in an unstable 3rd century world. Series about Ancient Alexandria, the Greek Pharaohs of Egypt and their extraordinary dynasty which spanned twelve generations from the death of Alexander the Great to the fall of Cleopatra.

Series starts with "House of the Eagle" aka "The Ptolemies". Set in Ancient Republican Rome. Features the investigations of Gordianus the Finder. Storyline chronology does not match publishing order. Set AD Features adventures and intrigue of Sebastos Pantera, spy to the Emperor Nero.

Climate-change in these three novels is even more terrifying than in real life

Set at the end of the 18th century BC during the late Bronze Age. Features the goings-on within the vast trading network of the Cretans and their Egypt and Mesopotamian associates. Story of ancient mariners and commerce. Story of the history, culture, people of Ancient Egyptian times. Set in 3rd century Rome it describes a dramatic era of murder, coup, counter-rebellions and civil war. Series begins with "Iron and Rust". Set at the time of Alexander the Great.

Concerns the history of the Euxine area and the inter-relations between Greeks and Scythians. Series begins with "Tyrant". Vespasian is the featured famous Roman in this series of military action and political intrigue. Features General Ballista and his family as they survive the machinations of the Roman Empire and several of the crises of the mid-3rd century.

First three volumes focus on the Eastern portion Persia of the Roman Empire. Focus shifts to the Northern Empire Black Sea, Crimea and the steppes in the concluding three volumes. Series begins with "Fire in the East". Features the wives of Biblical patriarchs of the book of Genesis. Novels illuminate the hardships and triumphs, and make human the historic women. Retelling of the early stages of Prehistoric human development.

Set in Prehistoric Europe during the Upper Paleolithic era. Volumes explore the interactions of Cro-Magnon people with Neanderthals. Series starts with "Clan of the Cave Bear". Set in Prehistoric Ice Age. Features a nomadic Asian family's migration from Siberia, across the Bering Strait to, and settlement in America.

Multi-generations of three different families are featured. Series begins with "Beyond the Sea of Ice". Prehistoric Indian series begins with "People of the Mesa" which features the Anasazi, a pre-Columbian tribe in what is now Colorado. Features various civilizations and cultures throughout Prehistoric North America. Series begins with "People of the Wolf".

Coming-of-age stories with the Paleolithic Ice Age hunter-gatherers of Siberia. Trilogy spans four generations of a British soldiering cavalry family during the height of the British Empire. Features the goings-on of a Captain of the Volunteers Union soldier who investigates murders during the Civil War. Series starts in early part of the Civil War and makes note of the cultural context and prejudices of the time.

Series begins with "Faded Coat of Glory". Stuart Mann. Military action set midth century within the British Empire primarily India and features the heroic exploits of Alexander Sheridan. Features the experiences of a farming family from Culpepper Virginia through various American Civil War military campaigns. Series begins with "Manassas". Series includes "Mr. Features the friendship and adventures of British Navy Capt.

Jack Aubrey and ship's surgeon, natural philosopher and secret agent Stephen Maturin during the Napoleonic Wars. Series begins with "Master and Commander". Wikipedia has helpful chronology of volumes. Series spans a century and a half. Telling of the nautical adventures of the British sea-faring Blackwood family. Story begins Africa and concludes in South Atlantic.

Set in France during the Napoleonic Wars. Follows the fortunes of Alain Lausard across the Napoleonic campaigns. Series begins with "Bonaparte's Sons". Nautical pirate adventures in pre-Revolutionary War times in America. Series spans years from the end of the Protectorate to the beginning of the Restoration. Exploits of a Royalist Barbados planter turned buccaneer are featured. Quartet includes "Buccaneer", "Admiral", "Galleon" and Corsair".

Voices from the Inside - Appalachian Prison Book Project

Relates the adventures of 17th century Spanish soldier Captain Alatriste. Series begins with "Captain Alatriste". Set in early 20th century. Stories begin by tracing the lives of military leaders Robert E. Lee and "Stonewall" Jackson. Four bloody days of the Battle of Gettysburg are recreated. The final two years of the Civil War are retold, featuring escalating conflict between Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S.

Grant, and the conclusion of the war at Appomattox. Series begins with "Shieldwall" which features the young Godwin Wulfnothson's rise to power from hostage to Earl , the fall of Anglo-Saxon England and the 50 years of events leading up to the Battle of Hastings. About a rowdy British soldier and his exploits at various stations in Asia in the 19th century.

Set in various locales of the British Empire primarily India and features the military exploits of James Ogilvie. About the world of the seamen and naval officers who fought during America's Revolutionary War. Series begins with "His Majesty's Ship". Novels are presented as packets of memoirs written by Flashman cad, coward, bully as he recounts his "heroic" exploits with the British Army in Victorian 19th century.

Features various locales and historic military activities within the British Empire. Series begins with "Flashman". Charts the adventures mostly sea but some on land of Royal Navy George Abercrombie Fox from powder-monkey through years as a naval lieutenant during the Napoleonic era. Series begins with "The Press Gang". Saga of two brothers fighting as pilots on opposite sides during WWII. Set at the turn of the 20th century. Series begins with "Halfhyde at the Bight of Benin".

Features the maritime career adventures of U. Navy enrollee Peter Wake. Forester aka Cecil Louis Troughton Smith. Features naval warfare during the Napoleonic era and the heroic seaman Hornblower. Per story chronology, series begins with prequel "Mr.

Maritime adventure set amidst the American Revolutionary War. Features a heroic American merchant seaman. Exploits of an infantry officer in Queen Anne's Grenadiers. Story of America's first naval hero as he navigates the military, political and romantic "battlefields" of revolutionary America and France. Series begins with "The Eighteenth Captain".

Series follows the naval career and adventures at sea of a reluctant British seaman. Series begins in London with "By the Mast Divided". Set in late 18th century Napoleonic period. Features the seafaring adventures of Thomas Kidd; from his forced "volunteer" into service in the British Navy, through his promotion to Lieutenant and stint as a pirate captain.

Series begins with "Kydd". Features the demise of 14th century French Capetian dynasty, extermination of the Knights Templar and beginning of the Hundred Years' War. Series starts with "The Iron King". Gritty series set in Ancient Israel about the band of outcasts and mercenaries called the Mighty Men who fight to unify the land of the Hebrew clans under the warlord David.

Series begins with "Day of War". Narrates the conflicts between Greece and Persia. Series begins with "Killer of Men" title named after Achilles, the man-killer of the Iliad which follows in first-person the life of a young Greek farm boy Arimnestos who has vowed vengeance on Persia.

Persian War featured. Series starts off with "Mr. Fitton's Prize" as Mr. Set in 19th century. Features the Napoleonic Empire and the battles that brought it to an end. Features the adventures of the English th Regiment of Foot and a British aristocrat who volunteers for military service as they fight their way through Portugal, Spain, Canada, France and finally to Waterloo in the Napoleonic Wars of early 19th century.

Series begins with "True Soldier Gentlemen". Features the private and political intrigues of famous British military naval hero Horatio Nelson and his longtime mistress-love Emma Lyon. Action on land as well as sea. Tells the life of young George Washington during the time of the French and Indian war in the s. Series begins with "His Majesty's Envoy". Series begins in Jutland with "The Blooding of the Guns".

Features the adventures at sea of British Royal Navy Jr. Lieutenant Nicholas Ramage.

100 Great Works of Dystopian Fiction

Chronicles the adventures of a rogue band of Viking warrior brothers called the Oathsworn who owe allegiance only to each other and are bound by an oath made under the eye of Odin. Set in the early s and Napoleonic wars. Somewhat comic military naval and aerial adventures of Austro-Hungarian loyal subject Otto Prohaska.

Series centers on an English government statistician, gentleman and Army officer. It follows him from the secure, orderly world of Edwardian England into the chaotic madness of the WWI. Beginning in and set primarily in England and the Western Front. Series about a band of spies for the American patriots in the Revolutionary War. Features British naval operations in the midth century during the Crimean War, Indian Mutiny and other conflicts of the British Empire.

Land-based as well as sea-based action. Series starts with "The Valiant Sailors". Early events of the American Revolutionary War, the newly established independence and War of are presented as seen through the eyes of common people. Series begins with "Our Sacred Honor". Series features a sailing American family at the time of America's rebellion against Great Britain. Members of the family are Yankee privateers working to support the Continental Navy. Features the struggles of Robert de Brus Robert the Bruce , the Scottish nobleman who went to war against 14th century Europe's most powerful army to reclaim independence and the throne of his ancestors.

Series features a hospitalized WWI solder, the psychiatrist who treats soldiers for shell shock and the poet Wilfred Owen. Set in late 18th century Europe. Follows the life and military career of Napoleon Bonaparte and his great adversary the Arthur Wesley the Duke of Wellington. Series encompasses through during the American Revolution. Features the adventures, smuggler, revolutionary, sailor and sea captain Isaac Biddlecomb. Series begins in with "Midshipman Bolitho". Seafaring adventures of British Navy man set during the Napoleonic period.

Series begins with "The Devil to Pay". Primarily set in 19th century Europe and India. Series follows the adventures of Richard Sharpe as he advances up the ranks of the British Army in the Napoleonic Wars. Series begins with "Sharpe's Tiger". Wikipedia has a helpful series list. Series begins in with "The Launching of Roger Brook". Features the adventures of a young sea officer. Portrays the British Navy in a less than favorable manner.

Series begins with "A Fine Boy for Killing". Exploits of aristocratic British soldier "Fancy" Jack Crossman in the 19th century. Story of the English Civil War. Military action and male bonding during the American Revolution. Set in the decades preceding the Revolution, beginning in the s in England and concluding in in colonial Virginia. Series begins with "Jack Frake". Epic account of WWI in Serbia. Saga of a former man-of-war's misadventurous sea voyage from England to the Antipodes Australia in the early 19th century Napoleonic era. Narrated by a young British aristocrat who is a passenger on board.

Civil War" duo by Harold Coyle. An Irish immigrant's two sons end up on opposing sides when the American Civil War breaks out. Each becomes increasingly bitter, brutal and estranged. Set includes "Look Away" and "Until the End". Chronicles the life and love of French baron Ansiau of Linnieres, his wife Alis of Puiseaux, their kith and kin. Represents a "tragic vision" of life in the Middle Ages. Features the migration of several German families from the Old Country to the Texas wilderness, their settlement and establishment of community.

Set through the American Civil War. Imagines a history of Albany, New York to History of the city is revealed through complex generational family sagas. Cycle begins with "Legs". Chronicles two hundred years of Canadian history as experienced by a settler's family and descendants. Family saga follows the Morgan family through American history, from the arrival of the Puritans and Revolutionary War through the s and Vietnam War. Series begins with "The Puritans". Set in the s. Series details the hard life of a lobstering family from an island off Maine.

Set from the 's through the Vietnam War. Saga of the Old American South, a Georgia plantation and the men and women, both free and slave, who were born and died there to Features the slave-holding, plantation owners Kendrick clan. Generational saga of an English serf family through nine centuries; from slaves to serfs to yeoman farmers to landed gentry. Series begins in medieval and concludes in Series starts with "The Proud Villeins". Set in pioneer Montana. A very rugged cowboy marries naive young Texan gal, makes good and becomes a cattle baron with a legacy to hand down the generations.

Series begins with "This Calder Range". Series follows the life of an Englishman and his family , from his birth in the late s to Loosely based on Williamson's own life and experiences. Series spans years in the generations of a medical family dynasty. Begins in 11th century London as a young Englishman travels to Persia to study medicine "The Physician". In the 19th century the patriarch travels to practice medicine in the cities, plains and battlefields of the New World "The Shaman".

In the 20th century the matriarch champions women's rights "The Choice". Series includes "First Christmas of the War" and "Thanksgiving ". Story of a white English infant abducted and raised as a Seneca Indian Renno who becomes a warrior chief during the turbulent times of colonial America. Series begins and continues with generations of Renno's descendants. Interlinked novels span and follow the rebellious life of Joe Coughlin.

Second book features Joe Coughlin's rise in Florida as a powerful mob boss with links to Cuba. Family saga features the Eden family of England. Saga of Swedish immigrant families as they settle in the American frontier mid-west Minnesota in the 19th century. Set in South Carolina and southern states Texas in 18th and 19th centuries. Charts the lives of an Irish immigrant and fugitive, Michael Fallon, and his family. Chronicles tell of the ebbing social power of the upper-middle class British Forsyte family between and Saga of two families of St.

Simons Island, Georgia. Ronald Frederick Delderfield. Christian-themed family saga. Series begins with "The Honorable Imposter". Cunningham, Walter Ericson. Also intertwines the lives of three other immigrant families Italian, Irish, and Chinese. Series begins in with "The Immigrants". Features an aristocratic English family proud of multi-generations of military service to King Queen and Country.

Set through WWI. Steeped in military tradition, adventure and romance. Saga begins in with the Langdon family on a farm in Iowa and ends three generations later in with history happening in between. Traces the upheavals wrought by WWI and experiences of an English aristocratic, landed gentry family, their associates and servants. Follows the fortunes of a British family from through the dark days of WWI.

Saga about a British seafaring family and the Royal Navy patriarch. Series starts with "Old Glory". Set in the later s in New England. Trilogy begins with "Midwife's Revolt" featuring midwifery during the American Revolution. Series dramatizes the conflicts and struggles of several generations of an Italian family of millers. Spanning nearly a century to the conclusion of WWI. Saga chronicles the immigration of two Scottish families to Montana and their experiences on the Montana prairie to Epic series spans multi-generations of England's Morland family s to contemporary times.

Series begins with "The Founding". Multi-generational saga tells how a Jewish family settled in America at the time of the Civil War and eventually established a dynasty. Series begins with "The Story of a Family". Traces the dramatic history of two London families from early 19th century through World War II and after.

Series begins with "Gower Street". Features a Polish family struggling to live under Russian oppression as Poland struggles to maintain its freedom as an independent nation 18 - 19th centuries. Multi-generational family saga of the English Poldark family and their long-standing feud with the local Cornwall banker and landowner. Set in 18th and early 19th century Cornwall England. Series begins with "Ross Poldark" aka "The Renegade". Events affecting their lives, family relations, new home and the formation of the Israeli State are followed through various family members.

Series begins with "Journey to the Dawn". Multi-generation, multi-locale saga beings in the 16th century with a young Englishman who escapes to America only to be taken up by privateers. Series full of historical context, riches, woes, adventures, intrigues and battles. Family saga following the lives of two Roman families bound together by a joint prophecy. Focus on two boys born on the same day to opposing circumstances.

Set in the years preceding the advent of the Caesars. Thompson aka James Munro features the experiences of multi-generations of the Retallick family in various British colonial locales England, Australia and South Africa. Series begins in early 19th century Cornwall England with story line prequel "Ben Retallick". Story of the inextricably intertwined lives of two families in pre-revolutionary Russia. Series begins with "The Crown and the Crucible". Chronicles multi-generations of the pioneering Sackett family as they move from Elizabethan England to America, cross the Atlantic wilderness, settle in the Appalachians, move west to the Great Plains, the Rockies and on to California.

Series begins per story-line chronology with "Sackett's Land". History of the British in India through the lives of successive generations of the Savage family who served in the British and Indian Armies. Series includes "Coromandel! Multi-generational saga follows the international adventures of a wealthy New York clan descended from a shipping magnate. Features a British patrician family clan in 20th century London to New York. Series begins with "The Liberty Tavern". Family saga of six generations of the Quaker banker James family forced from Philadelphia for their pacifist beliefs at the time of the American Revolutionary War.

The family reestablishes their lives and fortunes on the Canadian West prairie. Set in Victorian and emerging Edwardian Britain. Explores the developing fortunes of the Swann family generations as well as those of industrializing, imperial England from to WWI. Exploits of four generations of a powerful American dynasty - the Coleman family. See Michaels' sequel trilogy "Vegas" beginning in with "Vegas Rich" which introduces the Thornton family dynasty. Features the settling and development of Los Angeles, California late 19th century, two prominent families and their successive generations.

Various costs of WWI feature strongly. Saga of the intertwined lives of two families in America; an aristocratic German-Jewish family and a poor immigrant from Poland. Timeframe spans from the turn of the 16th century to s and Vietnam War. Series begins with "Evergreen". Series chronicles years - of exploits of the prosperous Whiteoaks of Lake Ontario, Canada.

Series story line begins with "Building of Jalna". Publishing sequence does not match story line chronology. Series spans the lives of Alexandria Carrington Falconer and her descendants from to in both England and America. Series begins with "Dawn's Early Light". Multi-generational chronicle of the Bouchard family dynasty from revolutionary France to Old South of America Alabama.

Series begins with "Windhaven Plantation". The "Zion" series includes 3 sub-series: "Zion Covenant" [series of 9 beginning with "Vienna Prelude" set ], "Zion Chronicles" [series of 5 beginning with "Gates of Zion" set ], and "Zion Legacy" [series of 6 beginning with "Jerusalem Vigil" set ]. Set in early 19th century South Africa. Story of multi-generations of English, Dutch-Boer settlers and the Kaffirs. Series describes the process of European colonialism in Africa from the point of view of generations of the Igbo of people of Eastern Nigeria.

Family saga series chronicles the lives of successive generations of the Courtney family during s - of South African history. Set primarily in colonial South Africa in the - s although a few in the series are set either earlier or in contemporary times.

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  • Series begins with "When the Lion Feeds". Wikipedia has a helpful list of the volumes chronologically per story line. Set in Africa's southern cape Outeniqua Forest. Opens in s. Family saga chronicle of six generations of the Van Groenwegel family from the 17th century to the midth century in British Guiana modern Guyana during upheavals of society, rulers, economics and politics.

    Saga of adventures and tests of friendships in the colonial days of Kenya. It is at once inviting and spiky, hard and funny; it is smart as hell. Hard to Love is warm, buoyant, connective; I felt less alone having read it. It moves effortlessly between the personal and political, exposing all the ways in which they have never been separable at all.

    In its excesses of tenderness, intelligence, and pleasure, this book brilliantly puts the lie to the idea that a single life is less full—or less complicated—than a coupled one. Unflinching, romantic while refusing to romanticize, this is the debut of a prodigious talent. Miz Martha and a recipient of the Whiting Award. Click here to reserve your spot. Limited to 25 spots. She facilitates writing workshops for homeless and formerly incarcerated individuals and currently teaches at Sarah Lawrence College.

    As a child, Madden lived a life of extravagance, from her exclusive private school to her equestrian trophies and designer shoe-brand name. But under the surface was a wild instability.

    Appalachian Blessings Series

    The only child of parents continually battling drug and alcohol addictions, Madden confronted her environment alone. Facing a culture of assault and objectification, she found lifelines in the desperately loving friendships of fatherless girls. With unflinching honesty and lyrical prose, spanning from s Hawai'i to the present-day struggle of a young woman mourning the loss of a father while unearthing truths that reframe her reality, Long Live the Tribe of Fatherless Girls is equal parts eulogy and love letter.

    It's a story about trauma and forgiveness, about families of blood and affinity, both lost and found, unmade and rebuilt, crooked and beautiful. Raised in New York City, Emma makes her home now in Philadelphia, where she co-directs Blue Stoop, a community hub for the literary arts. Halle Butler is a writer from the Midwest. Her first novel, Jillian, is a brief account of a medical secretary's drunken social blunders and callous treatment of her co-worker.

    She is a 5 under 35 honoree and was named to Granta's list of best young novelists. Halle Butler is terrific, and I loved this book. Halle Butler is a first-rate satirist of the horror show being sold to us as Modern Femininity. She is Thomas Bernhard in a bad mood, showing us the futility of betterment in an increasingly paranoid era of self-improvement.

    What does it mean to lose your roots—within your culture, within your family—and what happens when you find them? Nicole Chung was born severely premature, placed for adoption by her Korean parents, and raised by a white family in a sheltered Oregon town. From early childhood, she heard the story of her adoption as a comforting, prepackaged myth. She believed that her biological parents had made the ultimate sacrifice in the hopes of giving her a better life; that forever feeling slightly out of place was simply her fate as a transracial adoptee.

    With warmth, candor, and startling insight, Chung tells of her search for the people who gave her up, which coincided with the birth of her own child. It is the story of sisters finding each other, overcoming bureaucracy, abuse, separation, and time. Born to a Russian mother and an Azerbaijani father, Shalmiyev grew up under the stark oppressiveness of s Leningrad.

    An imbalance of power and widespread anti-Semitism in her homeland led her father to steal Shalmiyev away, emigrating to America and abandoning her estranged and alcoholic mother, Elena. At age eleven, Shalmiyev found herself on a plane headed west, motherless and terrified of the new world unfolding before her. The result is a searing meditation on motherhood, displacement, gender politics, and the pursuit of wholeness after shattering loss.

    And ultimately, it is an aching observation of the human heart across time and culture. She co-edits bedfellows, a literary magazine that catalogs discussion of sex, desire, and intimacy. Like a punk rock Marguerite Duras, Shalmiyev has reinvented the language of longing. I love this gorgeous, gutting, unforgettable book. The Collected Schizophrenias are powerful, affecting essays on mental illness, winner of the Graywolf Press Nonfiction Prize and a Whiting Award An intimate, moving book written with the immediacy and directness of one who still struggles with the effects of mental and chronic illness, The Collected Schizophrenias cuts right to the core.

    An essay collection of undeniable power, The Collected Schizophrenias dispels misconceptions and provides insight into a condition long misunderstood. It will bring hope to others searching to understand their own diagnoses. This book is a vital, illuminating window onto the world we all already live in, but find all too easy to ignore. She lives in Philadelphia. In Her Body and Other Parties , Carmen Maria Machado blithely demolishes the arbitrary borders between psychological realism and science fiction, comedy and horror, fantasy and fabulism.

    While her work has earned her comparisons to Karen Russell and Kelly Link, she has a voice that is all her own.

    Read Aloud - Eat Your Peas - Children's Book - by Kes Gray

    A woman recounts her sexual encounters as a plague slowly consumes humanity. Earthy and otherworldly, antic and sexy, queer and caustic, comic and deadly serious, Her Body and Other Parties swings from horrific violence to the most exquisite sentiment. In their explosive originality, these stories enlarge the possibilities of contemporary fiction. About Sounds Like Titanic : A young woman leaves Appalachia for life as a classical musician—or so she thinks. When aspiring violinist Jessica Chiccehitto Hindman lands a job with a professional ensemble in New York City, she imagines she has achieved her lifelong dream.

    But the ensemble proves to be a sham. Instead, the music blares from a CD. The mastermind behind this scheme is a peculiar and mysterious figure known as The Composer, who is gaslighting his audiences with music that sounds suspiciously like the Titanic movie soundtrack. Sounds Like Titanic is a surreal, often hilarious coming-of-age story. Hindman writes with precise, candid prose and sharp insight into ambition and gender, especially when it comes to the difficulties young women face in a world that views them as silly, shallow, and stupid.

    As the story swells to a crescendo, it gives voice to the anxieties and illusions of a generation of women, and reveals the failed promises of a nation that takes comfort in false realities.

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    His sixth book, Later , is forthcoming from Graywolf Press in Doors 6pm, readings starting 7pm. RSVP here. A native New Yorker, she lives in Manhattan with her husband and son. She grew up in Singapore and she lives in Toronto, where she is a professor of creative writing. Come out to hang, see friends new and old, and get rebooted to focus on creative projects through the winter! A work-in-progress, William McKinley's World , like Insurrecto , uses her research on the Balangiga massacre and the Philippine-American War to cast a lens on our contemporary times.

    Insurrecto contains within its dramatic action two rival scripts from the filmmaker and the translator—one about a white photographer, the other about a Filipino schoolteacher. Within the spiraling voices and narrative layers of Insurrecto are stories of women—artists, lovers, revolutionaries, daughters—finding their way to their own truths and histories. Using interlocking voices and a kaleidoscopic structure, the novel is startlingly innovative, meditative, and playful. Apostol pushes up against the limits of fiction in order to recover the atrocity in Balangiga, and in so doing, she shows us the dark heart of an untold and forgotten war that would shape the next century of Philippine and American history.

    She lives in Chicago. Adamczyk considers the architecture of her stories, which often shift in striking ways. Yoder, The Millions "Super weird, super unsettling, and super great. Come hear our spring instructors pitch their courses! Want to make sure you don't miss an event?

    Norton in July After winning a Rome Prize in Literature, she spent at the American Academy in Rome, completing her third novel. This year, they are trying something a little different: each month they will feature one local writing organization. So come on out! And, as usual, we will play Philadelphia's best writing prompt game, The Fishbowl, and free bar tabs for the funniest, wittiest, and strangest answers. Her poetry and prose juxtapose Hindu epics, other myths and histories, and the survival of sexual harassment and racialized sexual violence by diverse women of color.

    Her work received four Pushcart Prize anthology nominations in Come out to celebrate Blue Stoop's first season of programming, as well as enjoy readings, drinks, and friends. This program is free and open to the public and will take place at Asian Arts Initiative, Vine Street. It is made possible through the generous support of the Asian Arts Initiative and the Festival. There will be beer, wine, and cocktails for sale, as well as Blue Stoop tote bags, featuring donated books, journals, and wares from many of Philadelphia's most esteemed small presses, literary journals, and indie bookstores.

    Kiese Laymon is a black southern writer, born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi.