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If the report is correct than this is big help. It lets us pool resources and begin concentrating on more specific areas. Our zones are contained but if anyone is on any day hikes or doing any of the old roads near Spada today keep those eyes open. The page reads:.

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She is an avid and experienced hiker, she was alone and tends to hike alone. The supplies for these bags are costly and many of us are trying to help them from long distance and this is the best way to help fund them on their efforts.


I need your help. We are setting up deposit bags to leave in the forest. The items they contain are as follows:. Food — needs to be completely sealed.

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No home made. Need most bang for buck, high calorie count. Cliff bars are a big help.


Flashlight with set of extra batteries Compass — tiny. If Sam finds the bags each one can be labeled with a general direction for closest trail or road Pancho — sets are good but small and light is key Parachord Pair of socks 2 lighters Knife Caution tape. There are lots of rivers and glacial feed. Clean water. These are all the items I have in the bags so far. Tie off to a tree and run an entire caution tape line ft through the forest for each bag giving her a better chance to spot them and get some provisions. Having trouble finding caution tape out here. Skinny small rolls are best.

These funds are being distributed directly to Michael Dares brother of Kevin who is heading up the organization of the bags and supplies. Samantha Ramirez-Herrera journeyed with her family to America at the age of 7 in search and pursuit of the American Dream.

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Although growing up undocumented felt like a nightmare, she refused to be stopped from fulfilling her dreams and inspiring others to do the same. Although growing up undocumented felt like a nightmare, she refused to be stopped from thinking big, fulfilling her dreams, and inspiring others to do the same.

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Her success as a creative entrepreneur and an activist, despite the many setbacks that have been thrown in her way, is what drives her to use her voice and platform to uplift the stories of marginalized people and inspire students to dream beyond the obstacles in their way, to have courage, and take bold action. While she wears many hats, at her core, Sam is a storyteller.

At OTR, Sam has built a network of creative multicultural millennials who use their talents and technology to tell raw, uncensored and authentic stories to uplift marginalized communities and promote purpose-driven brands, nonprofits and change-makers.

She was 7 years old when her parents decided to move the family from Mexico City to the United States, seeking a better life. As an undocumented immigrant, she grew up in the shadows, working hard to get ahead while at the same time fearing the possibility of discovery and deportation. Wanting to create something that was uniquely her own, Sam burst onto the digital scene in , developing her own YouTube channel and show. She chronicled the journeys of independent musicians and artists following their own paths and doing what they loved.

The channel gained an impressive online following among millennials of color. Based on its success, Sam officially launched OTR in , working out of a small office at advertising agency in downtown Atlanta.