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By inciting fear of possible racial integration of a neighborhood, realtors could purchase homes at below market value from one owner and then resell them to minority customers at more exorbitant prices. In , New York State outlawed the practice and, in , leveled the first charges of Blockbusting against a real estate firm in New York State. Hoping to stifle the practice and help maintain stable suburban communities, charges were quickly brought against Gerald Kutler and his colleagues at Captree Realty, the latter of which was based out of Bay Shore. This article examines the case against this firm and the impact its principal defendant had upon the North Bellport area.

United States Census Bureau. Even in studies that have highlighted suburbanization, residential discrimination, and social movements on Long Island, it has routinely been left out of the published discourse. Despite the fact that, in , four local realtors ultimately lost their licenses as a result of their activities, there is no mention of Rule 17 or the precedent-setting cases that came before.

Long Island Submarket Map. Located roughly sixty miles east of New York City on the south shore of Long Island, Bellport was first incorporated as a village in Despite this early twentieth century designation, however, the Bellport area had served local inhabitants for hundreds of years prior. Originally occupied by local Native American peoples who utilized the waterfront as a staging ground for a local fishery, the Bellport area was acquired and later inhabited by white, European immigrants beginning in These early residents also farmed the local landscape for sustenance and sold cord-wood to supplement their marine-based incomes.

These included not only a public beach for bathing, but a country club, a yacht club and a public dock for private vessels as well. Throughout the post-World War II era, this luxurious past inspired a variety of middle to upper-class professionals to seek out Bellport Village as a residential haven in the suburbs. In particular, the waterfront locale attracted the employees of the nearby Brookhaven National Laboratory which opened in The majority of these employees represented the educated elite, having been trained as research scientists at prestigious universities in the United States and around the world.

Home in Bellport Village, Photograph courtesy of author. Home in North Bellport, By the early s, however, Bellport Village no longer defined the entire Bellport community, as the larger suburban locale expanded to include the developing hamlet of North Bellport. Located just north of the incorporated village, North Bellport was not founded as a coastal resort area, but evolved into a white, working-class neighborhood for blue-collar aeronautical employees, many of whom worked for the Long Island-based Republic Aviation Corporation.

Like many postwar suburban neighborhoods, the hamlet was originally devised from a conglomeration of disparate postwar subdivisions that had been built in and around the area. In , these housing developments were officially named North Bellport, based upon their proximity to the nearby waterfront village. They quickly sold the houses at substantial markups to blacks willing to pay a premium for good-quality housing in an ostensibly racially mixed neighborhood.

Realtors incited panic, purchased low, and then sold high. As local residents would assert in sworn testimony, this was exactly what they believed Gerald Kutler and his colleagues were attempting to do in North Bellport and the surrounding neighborhoods in the spring and early summer of This increase proved most significant in the surrounding area, as Bellport Village would only witness an in-migration of fifty-seven black and Latino residents, rising from a meager thirteen to seventy.

Similarly, the black and Latino populations of nearby East Patchogue and Patchogue would only increase from twelve to fourteen and from to in the same ten-year period. The only comparable increase in the local African American and Latino population would occur in nearby Yaphank, a community which would witness an in-migration of minority residents, rising from in to just in Whether Kutler and his tactics were the catalyst for this evolution or simply a response to its beginnings cannot be ascertained.

In the fall of , however, his attorneys would argue that he was, in fact, the latter of the two. Despite these warnings, Gerald Kutler and his colleagues began to shake hands and ring doorbells in the North Bellport area in May of The first to testify was Jeanette Ladner who, in May of , was visited by Kutler in her home after she had called his office regarding a business card he had left on her doorstep. Interested in his appraisal of her home, she invited the realtor to look through her house and make an offer.

In the case of Ladner in particular, she and her husband had been fully aware of their new neighbors when she called upon Kutler to view her home and make an offer. With that, their interest in selling dissipated. Luckily, Jason Crane and Village resident Jeff Slechta were there to secure the ferry early this morning. Way to go guys! Charlie Flagg sent us his most recent report on the new Inlet.

He said, "The arrival of the remnant of Hurricane Jose and the subsequent re-adjustment of the breach have caused significant changes over the past month as described in the report. The weather was perfect and after the Parade, everyone was asked to Trick or Treat down Main Street where many of the shops were waiting for them with goodies of all kinds.

Bellport Village and Brookhaven Hamlet NY Images of America

This is a very special event each year and everyone involved should feel really good about what they created. You gave a wonderful gift to the children in the community. Because of term limits, Kate has to vacate her seat and Josh wants to pick up where Kate is forced to leave off. Although not a Fund Raiser, and Fund Raising was never mentioned, the get together was billed as a chance to get to know the candidates in a relaxed atmosphere which it certainly was.

Thanks Lisa and Marc for your very kind invitation. The lights on Bellport's Main Street are a little dimmer tonight. We've lost a very special member of our community. After a long illness, Patricia A Trainor has passed away. Patricia was the quintessence of a modern woman. Most people probably knew Patricia best as co-owner of The Bellport restaurant in town.

After many years of living in Manhattan, England, and Washington, D. We think she would have liked that. Once constructed, the Scarecrows are hung conspicuously around town and voted on by the community. Here are just some of the many Scarecrows that are hanging around town this year. The Fall Festival was held at the H. This family friendly event always provides a fun afternoon. There was live music, authentic German food and beer, lawn games, drink specials and lots of good times! Kids enjoyed the pumpkin patch, cotton candy, a bounce house, and face painting.

Thanks, John for another great event. There was fun and learning for all ages. All in all, it was a very pleasant way to spend a beautiful beginning of fall afternoon. For more information about CEED, visit their website www. These photos were taken on September 19th, as Tropical Storm Jose stayed out at sea. It was a sunny, but windy, day with a record people using the Bellport Ferry to travel over to Ho Hum Beach. There were 22 sandcastles submitted in the competition and the judges had a difficult time deciding who winners were! Usually, three prizes are awarded in each of the three categories; 10 and under, , and 17 and over Adult with help from younger children, but due to the abundance of entries in the 10 and under category, the judges unanimously decided to give five prizes to this age group this year, but at the same time they reduced the adult category prizes from three prizes to one prize.

In the under 10 category, the winners were:. In addition, the remainder of the under 10 participants should be recognized. You could enjoy beer, wine, food, live music and good people- all for a good cause! This Festival is the Rotary Club's major source of funding for its projects for the year. On August 24th, a ribbon cutting officially opened the new, environmentally friendly, Beaver Dam Road end in Brookhaven Hamlet. Photo courtesy of the Town of Brookhaven. Sarah Smith was born in into one of the first black-native American families in Bellport. She married Charles Travalee and they had eight children together.

Shirley Wells Cruz has lived in Bellport for 85 years. She was an active resident and a dedicated nurse working at the Suffolk County Infirmary in Yaphank for over 30 years. Shirley raised two children; Rita and Charles, and she is the matriarch of the entire family including several generations with many grandchildren, great- grandchildren and great-great- grandchildren. The family is still active and very dedicated to the Bellport community. Legislator Kate Browning, and her Chief of Staff Josh Slaughter, attended the Wells-Cruz family reunion on Saturday, August 26, , and presented a proclamation to the family recognizing their rich history and contributions to the Bellport community.

They care deeply about helping others and being active members of their community. Strong family values are the bedrock of thriving communities, and the Wells-Cruz family personifies this more than any family in the third district. It was an honor to recognize them for all they have done to make Bellport an amazing place to live and raise a family. The watercolor images were created on both paper and vellum and the exhibit included a Cocktail Reception. A high point of the evening was a visit by internationally renowned artist, Malcolm Morley.

Photos taken by Patrice Casanova. They had a fun bike ride around the streets of Bellport and learned a little history along the way! A fun time had by all! Photos courtesy of Joan Kaelin. The night included cocktails, hors d'oeuvres and a fantastic silent auction! Photos provided by the Bellport Village Program Fund. We'd like to thank Craig Alexander for this amazing photo of the moon he took earlier this month in Bellport!

At the end of the tour, they were able to paint their own sailboat to take home. They viewed an old Bellport doctor's cart that was made with many parts handcrafted by a blacksmith. Afterwards, they were able to trace and name some of the old handcrafted tools featured in the shop. Charlie Flagg sent us this photo and note from his recent flight over the new Inlet: "Overflight from July 30th near high tide in the Bay.

The photo shows the complex channeling in the breach, the clear water the brown tide is receding and many folks enjoying the breach and flood delta. We'd like to give a special thanks to Pamela Lerner for providing these photos. Did you know about the Community Garden at St. Joseph the Worker Church in East Patchogue? The garden is free to all who sign up at the Church Outreach Office who want to grow food for their families and volunteer their time to maintain the garden.

They only ask that gardeners use organic practices and keep their areas free of weeds and tidy. For more information, contact The Church Outreach Office at Guests enjoyed a unique summer twilight stroll through six gracious historic Bellport Lane homes on a self-guided tour sponsored by the Bellport-Brookhaven Historical Society on Friday, July 21st. After the tour, guests stayed for a wine and cheese reception and a talk about Bellport Lane by Bellport historian Victor Principe, followed by questions.

We'd like to thank Jim Cullen, Jr. It had an injured right foot so they brought it to a Nature Rescue Center in Smithtown for care. Click on the photo to enlarge. Charles Flagg sent us his latest update on the breach. He h ad this to say: "A breach flight yesterday Sunday, July 16th revealed some interesting changes from just a month ago. The photos were taken about an hour after low tide in the ocean and a strong ebb flow was evident through the western channel even from the air.

And lots of brown tide waters were being flushed from the bay. Two items of note are that the eastern shore has retreated significantly and that the offshore oriented sand shoal in the middle of the breach has greatly increased in size. Roughly meters of the shoal were above water at the time of the photos. With the erosion of the eastern shoreline the previous channel north of Fire Island to the east, seems to have pushed farther into the breach. Hard to tell for sure but with the partial blockage of the main channel south of Pelican Island, perhaps the whole system is shifting back to the east.

They had this to say: "Here is the next in the series of reports describing what has happened to the breach and Bay over the past few months. There has been a lot of sand deposited in the breach over the past year and a half leading to thoughts of closure. It unclear whether that is happening as things seem stable in the Bay at this time.

If you want to see more photos taken by our residents, check out our Resident Photo Gallery! Each print in their collection includes a certificate of authenticity and is signed by the artist. Separately they have covered conflicts in Ukraine and U. Both photographers now have homes in Bellport. The program was attended by about 75 participants. Next, the participants were given a chance, free of charge, to build their own Bat Houses to take home. CEED provided the instructions and materials and the participants were only asked to bring an electric drill, if they had one.

It should be noted that Suffolk County recently published precautions regarding Bats. The bats were collected in Sayville, Islip Terrace and Islip. The book has been updated, added to, and is now, , in its Second Edition. It should be noted that the project was made possible by a grant obtained by Suffolk County Legislator Kate Browning for the First Edition of the book. When we learned of the book, we approached Marty Van Lith and asked if we might reproduce the book, in serial form, on Bellport. Marty gave us an enthusiastic go ahead as that was the whole point, to get information about Brookhaven Hamlet into as many hands as possible.

So dear reader, we'd like to present to you the introduction and first Walking Tour. Athletic Directors from all sixty-six Suffolk County school districts are asked to nominate one male and one female from their high school senior class. Nominees must be students who are not only at the top of their game, but also score high in classroom performance and in their commitment to local community service. Photo Credit: Artist Lake Media. Members of the Bellport Fire Department, and the BBHS, greeted the students and gave them a hands on, close up, tour of the antique fire equipment including the antique fire truck parked in front of the Bellport Fire House which was located on Bell Street.

Photos courtesy of Joan Kaelin and Patrice Casanova. Well over or so people attended this very pleasant, low key, event. There was great company, music, wine, and cheese. What more could you ask for. If you remember last Fall, Turkeys were being spotted all over Bellport. This weekend, we received this photo and note from Steve Gaynor about his recent turkey sighting : "I was treated to a nice surprise this morning when I looked out my front door on Shaw Ave.

There is another turkey family in residence this year. I counted 9 babies with momma.

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On Monday morning, June 12, , a small aircraft had to make an emergency landing near the 12th hole of the Bellport Golf Course when its engine quit over the Great South Bay. There was no fire and the Bellport Fire Department was on the scene within ten minutes of the emergency landing. It was reported that the aircraft had been refueled at Brookhaven Airport, HWV , at approximately am that morning and may have been on its way back to Bayport.

Normally, the flight from Brookhaven Airport to the Bayport Aerodrome would take less than 20 minutes. The FAA is already at Brookhaven airport checking the fuel source there. As you can see from the photos, this was a wonderful family oriented event and we hope to see more programs like this over the coming summer months.

A job well done! On Wednesday, May 31, , Rev.

Varney's Restaurant, Brookhaven

Attended by about 75 members of the community, the program provided background information on gang history and organization and the status of gang activity in the area. Unlike the similar program which was held by the South Country School System a month or so ago, this program was attended by mostly people who could be grandparents, rather than parents in age.

Neal added valuable information specific to the South Country area and his experiences in dealing with the youth in our community. Neal to write an Op-Ed for Bellport. As of May 1, ANG is authorized to operate, manage, run and offer environmental education programs as a nature center at the property, which includes an over 7, square foot historic house on 2-acres of grassland and woods situated at South Country Road in Brookhaven Hamlet.

An adjacent 7. The Washington Lodge has been sitting vacant and repeatedly vandalized since its longtime owners, the Marist Brothers, stopped using it as a retreat in and sold the property to a private-public partnership between the Brookhaven Hamlet-based Post-Morrow Foundation, the Town of Brookhaven and Suffolk County.

In spring , Post-Morrow Foundation gifted its portion of the property to the Town. The Town and County utilized Open Space funding to purchase the property, which stipulates that any future use be for environmental purposes only. CEED would be the first nature retreat center on Long Island, potentially drawing participants not only from throughout Long Island but also from the tri-state area. Click Here for detailed drawings and floor plans of the changes to take place at the Washington Lodge.

The Councilman secured donations of supplies, including top soil, mulch, gloves and bags for the volunteers who donated their time to help beautify several locations.

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On Saturday evening, there were three great events in Bellport Village, all starting at about the same time in about the same location. Needless to say, there were no parking spots in sight on Main Street. There was a lot of interest in the cars and their owners were more than happy to answer any questions the Fair visitors came up with. Once again, a job very well done! The entrepreneurial hopefuls who attended received invaluable advice, suggestions, literature, and online references to help them pursue their dream of someday owning their own business.

Click here for a copy of the One Page Business Plan worksheet that was given out at the meeting. In return, CEED will improve and care for the property.

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It will highlight our rich local history, artistic culture and the nature of the Brookhaven Hamlet area. The purpose of the meeting was to organize and have members sign up for at least one of the five committees that will be initially set up to get the ball rolling. A wonderful time was had by all. Even though Congressman Zeldin was in his home district this week, he did not appear at the demonstration.

Speakers included elected officials, heads of local organizations, and candidates running for office in the upcoming South Country School Board election. Bellport's own Graheme Williams is a very interesting person. Now, that's interesting! Here also are the photos the Mayor refers to in his presentation and the engineering report, also referred to, for your review.

Click for the images. Click for the Engineering Report. Earth Day was very special in Brookhaven Hamlet this past weekend. The Bellport Garden Club was there giving out all kinds of gardening tips and explaining how important the butterflies are and how we can help them. John DiNaro was there showing everyone how to make their own bamboo wind chimes. The H. The Brookhaven Free Library did a great job of putting the program together and if you missed the program this year, mark your calendar with a reminder for As you can see, everyone had a great time.

The forum lasted for two hours and Government Officials representing the County, Town, School District, and Police Department fielded questions submitted by members of the community in attendance. No conclusions were reached as this is an ongoing problem with no simple solutions. The program included a search for over brightly colored eggs, each containing some tasty treats.

This is the second year that the Bellport Rotary Club sponsored the event and over 30 children participated. Our thanks go out to Jason Neal for being there and taking some great photos. Charlie Flagg conducted another overflight of the breach on April 9th and sent us this update along with new photos below. Click on any photo to enlarge. Attached is the photo mosaic and one of the oblique photos from that flight. The flight took place around 10 am EDT, during a rising tide in the bay and near mid-tide in the ocean. The apparent retreat of the eastern shoreline by some 50 meters relative to the March photo appears to be mostly the result of the differences in tidal stage and the gradually slope of shore there.

Overall, the situation looks much as it did in March but there are some subtle changes appearing in the channels through the breach. Most important is the continuing shift in the main channel through the breach. For some time the main channel passed just south of Pelican Island, out along the western shore and then, oddly, discharging into the ocean toward the east.

In the last couple of months there appears to be a greater amount of flow along the north shore of eastern Fire Island. In the past, this pathway was blocked by the shoals in the breach. But those shoals look to be eroding while there has been a build-up of a shoal just south of Pelican Island. Those changes seem to be shifting the main channel to the south. While this change occurred in the breach, in the past month the discharge channel through the ebb shoal has shifted to a more southerly orientation, perhaps as a result of the recent nor'easters we have experienced.

Just in time for Spring! Launched in by The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company, GRO is a community outreach initiative dedicated to bringing the benefits of gardens and green spaces to more neighborhoods, schools and communities—particularly to those in need. This grant ties in well with their high-quality Triple Play program. Triple Play is their comprehensive health and wellness initiative, which strives to improve the overall health of Club members by increasing their daily physical activity, teaching them good nutrition and helping them develop healthy relationships.

One of the highlights of their program is growing their own food and teaching our youth how to cook healthy meals in their state-of-the-art teaching kitchen! To learn more about their Triple Play program and how it can benefit your child, please call the Club at About ten years ago, I started holding Bellport.

Out of those meetings, several groups or bands formed and went on to play professionally. Video: You Are My Sunshine. Sample Songs. The storms the past few days have taken their toll on the beach under the Pavilion at Ho Hum Beach. As you can see, the sand is completely washed away under the Pavilion. The Pavilion is above you and again, the sand is completely washed away. It was founded in and the theme for their anniversary celebration, held at the Bellport Country Club, was, " years of Taking A Leap of Faith.

The building, formerly a modest home, dates from and was moved twice. It has been in its present location since , when it was enlarged under the supervision of Rev. Before the Civil War, this church was alleged to be a link in the Underground Railroad for slaves escaping to Canada. The Building and land were deeded to the church by Charles Osborn and revert to the Osborn family if it ever ceases to be used as a church. Courtesy Robert Duckworth. In , Rev. Oral tradition has it that a young Charles Carle was owned by one of the Bell brothers, who gave him his freedom that allowed him to work as a freeman and found his church.

Slavery did not officially end in New York State until The Bellport Fire Dept held their 2nd annual St. Below are photos from the event! Charlie Flagg conducted another overflight of the breach on March 13 th and sent us this update along with new photos below. The flight took place between and EDT near high tide in the ocean. The resulting photo mosaic and one of the oblique shots are attached.

The situation looks much as it has for the past couple of months. The eastern shoreline seems to have recovered some of the lost ground evident in last month's photo while the western shore has been fairly stable. One notable feature, although it may be due to the stage of the tide, is that the channel along the shore north of Fire Island to the east, seems to be reasserting itself. If that continues then there may be a readjustment of the exit channel in the ocean which has been heading off to the east for several months.

His promise was that if the students achieved this goal he would cut his shoulder length hair and kiss a pig. The students beat Mr. During an assembly on Monday, March 6th, a teacher from each grade level, whose class read the most books, had an opportunity to make one cut of Mr. Afterwards, his barber completed the haircut. Once the haircut was complete, Principal Ginty completed his promise by kissing a pig!

Principal Ginty and the staff at Verne Critz should be very proud of the hard work and dedication the students put into the challenge. As much fun as the end result was, the purpose of the challenge was to get students reading and they really rose to the occasion! At the Mobile Office, the Congressman and his staff made themselves available, one-on-one, to discuss any issues of concern to his constituents. In the past, these kinds of meetings were pretty tame. Often held in the Bellport Village Community Center, the meetings were usually attended, at best, by 15 to 20 constituents.

Approximately constituents turned out wanting to speak to Congressman Zeldin. If a constituent did want to speak with Congressman Zeldin or one of his staff members, there was a sign up procedure and then they had to wait their turn to speak with someone. Outside the meeting, the Police Department had set aside demonstration areas for people from both ends of the political spectrum. Each group came prepared with signs, banners, and flags and the demonstrators were quiet and well behaved.

Considering the size of the turnout, they really did a great job. A Reception held before the Theater Party featured lots of food, snacks, and deserts and a massive raffle of every kind of Gift Basket you can imagine. However, in the past few years, under the leadership of first Kate Carmel and now Joan Kaelin, the BBHS has blossomed and is making a very special contribution to our community. Case in point Marple and M.

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Poirot developed, and in this case, the weapon of choice was chocolate! Along the way, it was one laugh after another. We all became literally, kids in a candy shop! Not only did you get us out of the house, but you put on a great show punctuated by truly outstanding goodies!!! Four Girls for Families is a Long Island charity founded by four young girls dedicated to improving the lives of people on the other side of the world.

In , in response to a family trip, two sisters, now 14 and 17, joined with friends in Bellport and Brookhaven Hamlet to raise money for poverty stricken villagers in Cambodia. With the help of a Global Grant from Rotary International, Four Girls for Families is transforming the entire village of Beung Kok through sustainable farming, including livestock , wells, education and sanitation.

Over the years, their commitment to improving the lives of people who do not have sanitary drinking water has only strengthened and the girls make annual trips to Cambodia to oversee their projects. To raise money for the projects, they sell handmade items as well as unique products bought from artisans in Cambodia. To date, Four Girls for Families has provided clean drinking water to approximately 25, people!

Christ Church has been without a Rector since the retirement of John E. Walker, III in June , and has continued as a house of worship through the help of supply priests and the commitment of their Parishioners. Click here to listen to our interview. Charlie Flagg conducted another overflight of the breach on February 4 th and sent us this update along with new photos below. The flight was carried out around low tide in the bay and mid-tide in the ocean.

As a result, more of the sand islands of the flood delta show up while less of those in the breach and just offshore to the west show up. The eastern shore of the breach which has pushed west for the past several months, seems to have retreated about meters since the January photo so that the breach is now about m wide at its narrowest. The tide stage might be a factor in this as the January photos were taken near low tide in the ocean. Interestingly, the exit channel from the breach to the ocean remains heading off to the east. I certainly had expected that that would have been affected by the storm.

The ebb shoal is not all that visible in these recent photos partially as a result of the tide stage but also because the winds were offshore and so the waves were less. The sand island offshore and just west of the breach which was clearly evident last week was submerged this time. One area which was impacted by the storm was the area just west of the breach.

This shows up in the comparisons of the area in the photo below. The over-washes did not reach the bay but one of them did penetrate more than half-way across the island. The photos also show that the western shore of the breach had eroded some on the southeast corner while the sand plume to the north had increased in size.

A recent Bellport Rotary meeting featured guests from Brookhaven Hospital. Joseph Harder visited the meeting. They shared information about the growth and improvements taking place at the hospital and the soon to open Knapp Sweezy Cardiac Center. Photo by Titus Kana.