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But the heads of the leading think tanks that comprise the Council of Councils CoC still place trade far from the top of the global agenda. Global Governance. Economic Statecraft.

Survey respondents were troubled by U. Many think tank leaders were fearful that U.

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But their larger concerns centered on the effects of this contagion for global economic growth, and they ultimately assigned trade a lower priority than issues such as nuclear non-proliferation and climate change. Trade, in other words, is an urgent matter, with implications for other issues such as development, but less important than more existential threats. Trade tensions and tighter credit slowed global trade growth to 3. And the WTO muddled along in dire need of reform, hobbled in part by the U. Despite all this, CoC experts still caught glimpses of progress.

The grade for trade was a passing C. Cambridge Idioms Dictionary, 2nd ed. Reproduced with permission. Obama bests Romney for second time -- but was Mitt's Denver win the only one that matters?

Actually, the original use in an actual cosmic context is effectively a kind of pun - it's normally used about everyday matters. You might worry a lot about where you put your keys or whether to get that navel pierced, but in the cosmic scheme of things they aren't important: worlds and destinies and history aren't affected by them, and millions of years from now no-one will care.

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Thanks entngledbank. A guy was scammed out of a large sum of money by a con artist.

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His wife ran off with the artist and left him with the children. He went to the rooftop of his apartment, debating whether to commit suicide or not.

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When he made up his mind and lifted one foot off the edge, in a cosmic twist of fate a lottery ticket hit him in the face. Hi native speakers, Does "In a cosmic twist of fate" sound fine to you? I wonder if it could be used to mean "in an extremely unexpected way".