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That data likely has much higher value than some post-it notes and pens. Whatever the reasoning is, emailing data between work and personal accounts is exposing that data whether you mean to or not. There is more than one way to expose sensitive data, and it is not always a digital pathway that gets someone there. How many times have you let someone tailgate you at the office without knowing for sure if they work with you, or allowed a guest borrow your badge to do something like run to their car or go to the bathroom? By doing this, one unlocked device left unattended becomes much more accessible.


Ultimately, nobody is infallible. We all succumb to convenience and curiosity, but there is little wiggle room when talking about leaving our digital identities exposed. When you give a malicious hacker an inch, they will run laps around your accounts, data and devices. We see tough decisions like this played out to seriously epic proportions in The Light Between Oceans. Set in Australia just after World War I, veteran Tom Michael Fassbender returns to his wife Isabel Alicia Vikander at their home on a remote coastal island where they keep the lighthouse.

Their love is strong, pure, and enduring, but with the isolating life on the remote lighthouse island, they long for more. They finally have an opportunity to have the family they've always dreamed of, but it puts their principles to the test. The whole thing makes you wonder: once you find love, can you ever let it go? In order to help you imagine the hypotheticals here, we've drawn up a series of head-scratching "would you rather" questions that put your head and your heart at odds.

Data Privacy Scenarios - What would you do? Test yourself.

You really can't help who you love, but in some cases, loving a particular person involves compromising your morals. For example, you might fall in love with someone who is married, or has a romantic history with your best friend, or someone who just asks you to do things that are against your principles. Still, love — it's the best!

Thief steals items from an unlocked car - What Would You Do? - WWYD

Awkward Situation 4 You run into a person who recently defriended you on facebook you never got into an argument you just havent talked in a while. When you see each other, it is clear that that person recognizes you by the way they look at you.

Honestly if someone defriends me on facebook, that means they are not my friend anymore. I would just completely ignore them and pretend they are no one. Because, to them we are not friends anymore. Awkward Situation 5 Your on the web searching random sites, when all of a sudden you come across a picture of a meme and it is a picture of you looking like a big fat idiot. I know nothing is safe on the internet but to make someone a meme that you don't even know is just beyond rude. I would probably track the person who made the meme down and give them hell So yea, hope to see some of ur answers guys hope i didnt offend anyone xD.

So the wording of the question assumes my friend is responsible for the crash. Going by that, I would agree to work the situation out, however I would not be happy about it. Depending on the extent of our hanging out, and whether it was awkward or it was enjoyable, I would either be chill or a richard simmons.

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I would pretend like I didn't know it was the boys bathroom and be like "oh crap" and head back into the girls bathroom, and then probably try the disabled toilets after that, not the males. I would take the strand of hair out and continue to eat my food, pretending like the piece of hair was not there. When I go to pay the bill, I will let her know and tell her to make sure her employers were more careful with food preparation.

I would continue walking and not make eye contact or say hello. We haven't spoken in a while, why speak now? Then feel embarrassed, read all the comments that have been made, have a rant about it to friends and move on with life. Awkward Situation 1 You run into a friend who you haven't seen in a while at the mall. Seeing as I don't drive a car, I'm going to presume that by "colliding with another car", you're saying that my friend either hit me while I was walking through the pedestrian crosswalk or that he broadsided the bus that I was sitting in.

I guess either way, it's not like I'm going to agree to not report it and then think we could work it out.

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In one scenario, I might have internal bleeding; in the other, she might have to bribe the bus driver and any other passengers that might be witness to her driving incompetence. Well, I'm only about to walk in. So I'll just simply hold open the bathroom door for her as if that's what I intended to do. Like a boss. Then I'd hightail it back to the Men's room and do my business directly into the sink "Bridesmaids"-style Awkward Situation 3 You are eating at a restaurant you used to work at and your old boss who you have known for years is working that day. I'd probably inspect the hair to see what color it was.

Then I would call it to the attention of my old boss. If it were a brown hair, I'd tell the boss that it's probably the cook and that he's not properly wearing his hairnet while on the job. But if it's blond, then I'd tell the boss that the ditzy waitress is having sex with her boyfriend in the walk-in fridge after hours. And lastly, I'd tell off the boss that for once it wasn't MY fault that there was hair in the food and that he was wrong for firing ME. I'd probably hug her. After all, she is my mom. Awkward Situation 1 I would agree not to report it.

Reporting it would only mean getting the police involved and increasing your insurance, even if it is not you to blame I believe.

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I would not only get my friend's contact, but also some form of written agreement that we have decided to settle it on our own.