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New Science.

Mirai Seiki Shakespeare 03 Othello [Limited Edition]

Colonial Power. Discursive Construction.

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Shakespeare Quarterly , 62 4 , In: Shakespeare Quarterly , Vol. Tierney R.

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  • Shakespeare Quarterly. Tierney, Robert. In: Shakespeare Quarterly. Access to Document While the leading role in a mugen noh shite typically wears a mask, Micari does not.

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    However, due to the expert control she had over facial expression, I actually thought she was wearing one when she first appeared. Additionally, much like a master noh performer, it is clear there was an incredible amount of energy being contained within each of her steps, gestures, and facial expressions.

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    • While none of the instruments in the production or in this one would be found on a noh stage, the rhythms created to support the dramatic action throughout the performance and provide masterful rises and falls in tension. Also, as Miyagi is not shy when it comes to embracing the theatricality of the stage, Mugen Noh Othello is particularly refreshing in a world of living-room-theater, superhero melodramas, and talking heads. This post was written by the author in their personal capacity.

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      Reversi and othello – two different games. Do you know their different rules?

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