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International bidders wellcome, please ask postage fees before bidding. Finnish postal charges are the highest in Europe. Asiakaspalvelu Asiakaspalvelu Osastot Osastot Asiakaspalvelu. Ehdota hintaa. Katso ilmoitukset 7 Sulkeutuu 9. This is a possible explanation. His most praised performance — by critics and filmgoers alike — was in Separate Tables , in which he played — as he often did — himself, but not his charming self, the wonderful raconteur, the quintessential British gentleman.

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He played himself as the liar, a man in constant fear of being exposed as a fraud. He gave many hints of this side of his personality, but always said that there was a difference between lying and fantasising, between fibs and fairytales.

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His son Jamie corroborated this when he told Lord that his father positively hated lies and liars. He loved her and protected her and took care of her and all the blows she dealt him to the last day of his life.

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He put up with her drinking and infidelities, although he was often unfaithful himself some say it was because of Nej and her moody, deeply selfish and resentful nature. He exercised daily for half an hour; he went swimming, cross-country skiing, walking, etc. Surprisingly, this healthy lifestyle may also have contributed to his illness and eventual death. He worked tirelessly writing columns, making films he accepted the most ridiculous offers because he hated being out of work and losing the money and, towards the end, putting his own life on paper, albeit in a much debated, very controversial form.

Fiona told Lord she had no intention of tracking down her real parents. Kristina was not a brilliant student and got more interested in boys than in books; Fiona was the more scholarly of the two and, in , she was still working on her PhD thesis.

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His lifelong friendship with former Malta colleague Trubshawe got cold, perhaps even bitter, Niv actually implying that T. Millions of copies sold in both UK and the US did a lot to raise his spirits and fill up his coffers; still he remained rather modest about it all. On the apparent exaggerations and discrepancies of these anecdotes, Sir Peter Ustinov, himself an accomplished raconteur, said — quite rightly — that one must embellish the story one tells to entertain others and change details from time to time, if essentially one hoped to entertain people beyond a dinner party or two.

In , he was dealt a horrific blow to add up to the growing sense of doom already accumulated with so many of his friends dead or dying. His daughter Kristina was nearly killed in a car accident.

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Her skull was bashed in, she had several broken bones and was in a coma for days. He was working on two films and flying between sets, but still he would catch the last flight to Switzerland or London each Friday night in order to be with her during her recovery. Many agreed that this sudden shock — which left him looking old and frail — must have somehow triggered his disease.

At the end of the s, after complaints about trouble in his leg muscles, David was finally correctly diagnosed with motor neurone disease MND.

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There was not then, nor is there now a cure for it. David fought bravely and for many years. The difficult schoolboy could still be a spoiled brat. Christopher Sinclair-Stevenson, who edited The Moon's a Balloon, says, "He wasn't quite as nice as everyone seemed to think. I never saw him pick up the bill in a restaurant.

Niven always complained he was short of money he even made commercials for a Japanese deodorant called "Who's Who" and yet when he died he left millions in gold bars in a Swiss bank. Possibly insecurity rather than meanness for, as he said to John Hurt, "I know exactly what my position is, old cock: I'm a second-rate star. Love puzzles? Get the best at Telegraph Puzzles. Books on Amazon. A collection of the best contributions and reports from the Telegraph focussing on the key events, decisions and moments in Churchill's life.

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He had charm, but not to spare

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