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It was John who recognized Jesus after the crucifixion when He came to them on the seashore. Almost forty years after the last supper John wrote the final Gospel in A. When it came time for Jesus to leave the earth for good, it was Peter, James and John who had the privilege to see the transfiguration. There he was transfigured before them.

His clothes became dazzling white, whiter than anyone in the world could bleach them.

Intimacy and Painting in Ming China

Do you long to have an intimate relationship with your creator? The Lord desires to have the same with you. He does not want you to have a mere form of religion, but a relationship whereby you experience His presence and power. Where you can see God perform His acts of power and love among others.

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One of the keys to intimacy is uprightness. Uprightness means we are living a life of obedience and submission to His will in our lives. When we live at this place we enter His inner circle.

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    Intimacy from the Inside Out

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