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Our thoughts about a given situation, our emotional response to it and the stories we tell ourselves about what is going on, expand as we give them attention. Eventually they fill our minds, solidifying into cage bars and trapping us inside. The good news is if you can choose your way into the cage, you can choose your way out. While you cannot always change your situation, you can always change the way you respond to it.

There is always a way to feel more free, whatever situation you find yourself in. Freedom is the willingness and ability to choose your own path and experience your life as your true self. Even then, when flying free seems far removed from our current reality, we want to believe that today can be better than yesterday. That tomorrow can be better than today. At the very least, we no longer want to feel trapped, crushed, small. We all want to escape. Freedom is the Holy Grail. We want to feel that we have the power to direct our own lives, choose our path and consciously manifest our own happiness.

I also analysed my own experiences of incarceration and escape, digging deep for commonalities and recurring themes. Every door has a lock. You just need to find the key. At any time, you have the power to set yourself free. Whatever is trapping you, however dark the space, these Freedom Keys are your ticket to escape. You can find all these in my book Freedom Seeker: Live more. Worry less. Do what you love. I want to share one of those eight keys with you here today, so you can start feeling more free right away. Bonus video: Watch Beth lead you through three questions to ask yourself to bring about real change in your life today!

This Freedom Key is a way of finding room to pause, reflect and breathe. The most important element of this Freedom Key is finding space. This refers to space in your day time , space in the noise quiet and space in the world place , so you can expand the space in your heart and mind to bring clarity and calm.

By dropping into your body you can find headspace. By dropping into your sense of love, wonder and beauty, you can find heartspace. This Freedom Key can unlock your cage door when getting up in the morning feels like an effort, never mind getting through the day. If freedom is set as a goal, then it can rise and then fade away. But if it is part of a purpose, it is a whole different story. Financial and personal geographical, business, etc. I believe in it and I have no doubt that I am, going to fulfill that purpose. One tough aspect of it is to find the right support. In my family, friends, community, etc.

Online community. It took me a while to get there, but eventually, after lots of research I managed to find the entry point. Once I had that, the rest kept flowing in. I found the right people, blogs, resources, etc. But you gotta be careful. The other day I came across this — apparently — very prominent coach, consultant and his website.

We all agree that mindset is crucial in our quest to do something extraordinary. Launching a successful business or just making a difference requires extraordinary measures. It is the mindset! Then there was his view on freedom. I respect the personal experience that resulted in the above statements. As such, achieving an exceptional personal or financial freedom is perfectly possible.

Of course this is where Purpose comes into picture. Why do I want that freedom? What do I want to do with it? That is the question. And the answer is in the purpose and the freedom to be creative. Just my 2 cents. Once you defined your purpose, watch out who you listen to. It can make a huge difference. Freedom is peaceful. Freedom is impactful. Freedom feels delicious. There are plenty of opportunities to influence in the school setting, but too much time is diverted away.

Without tapping into our authentic voices women live a life of relativity, rationalizing that at least things are better then they used to be. My freedom means freeing the talents of women, especially in the arena of politics. Discovering how to be free while living in the world is an ongoing process!

In the book Be Still and Know, Osho speaks of three kinds of freedom. Your interest is not in denying something, rather you want to create something…. First learn saying no, then learn saying yes, and then just forget both, just be. The third freedom is not freedom against something, not for something, but just freedom.

One is simply free — no question of going against, no question of going for. Osho is a meditation master who has a whole book about freedom called Freedom: The Courage to Be Yourself. It was amazingly liberating to just walk out of that job, which I did!

50 Freedom Quotes on Destiny, Leadership and Independence

Unfortunately for you, you have a partner to consider. I would recommend you look for another job asap, I mean totally throw yourself into it. Find something, show your partner how serious you are about changing and being proactive about it. It is viable and you put things in place, then go for it! Change is inevitable, stasis is a killer!!! Good luck David. All the best. Freedom of choice places the whole blame of failure on the shoulders of the individual. I am going to be completely honest and say that I think complete freedom would scare the hell out of me. Having some purpose, direction is important with freedom.

Interesting post, it made me think. I left my previous job about a year ago, partially on a quest for freedom.

How Intentional Living Breeds Freedom - Kathleen Ventura - TEDxGreatHillsWomen

Went to Central America for a month, very illuminating. Restarted my old company and had more control over what I did everyday, but still working way too many hours. I am about to have my first book published by McGraw-Hill, very hectic and time consuming, but also fulfilling. Every day I take a walk from my office to unwind from editing, planning etc.

At the interstate exit just up the road there are three people who have been living there for the last month or so. They take turns standing at the off-ramp with a sign asking for. People stop and give them a little change, it must be enough to live on because they seem to have set up camp there. I used to dream about hopping a freight to parts unknown, not a care in the world… Escape from the stress…. For me, freedom is mainly an internal or spiritual thing, rather than a lifestyle that lets me do whatever I want. I have been free for two years ago after I left my old copywriting job to move to QC, Canada.

I thought I would miss the structure, the pay check, even the stale coffee. After the first few months, I found myself re-discovering beautiful sunny afternoons in parks and not having to do it during a minute lunch break. The stress and pressure and fear of losing what? I look younger, even though I am two-years older! And I now speak another language. Freedom to me means the ability to work on my terms, to write what I believe in, and not to compromise my values. I have to make a living, as they say, so I am returning to work on a contract basis very soon.

My goal is to figure out how to give back and travel as much as I can while I am still on the planet. Freedom is having the time and using it wisely. What does freedom mean to you…It is what I already have as my God-given possession but I take it up.

Freedom is not having to sell-out my soul, my well-being, self-worth, care and grace towards myself, my beliefs and convictions, or any part of me, for the sake of a paycheck, …or money or fame or whatever. Thank you for being a part of the bold message that tells us the truth that there is another way! Freedom is the possibility to have choice and purpose helps you choose. Freedom is the space around you, where your purpose is your compass showing you where to move in that space.

Otherwise even with freedom, you might be lost…. Viktor Frankl spoke of freedom as the twin of responsibiity, that the two flowed into and out of each other. Accomplishment, purpose, building meaning cannot be conflated with nothing to do — that is not freedom, it is a vacuum and no good comes from it. To be free you must accept form, direction, purpose. Freedom is found in the commitment to a cause larger than yourself — love, creative effort and the products of that love, of that effort.

Sitting on the couch with a bag of Cheetos is not freedom; it is a waking death. Exactly right. But what I want includes travel and volunteering and writing and working to make this world a better place, not simply sitting on a beach with no plans although that is nice sometimes too! To me, freedom is a feeling. It is a result of right living, right attitude, and right action. I often have the feeling of freedom when I travel, but not always. I am free when I seek and follow my own personal truth — and trust God in the process. To some extent, I like structure.

I have been re-examining what I define as necessity and what I can happily do without. And honestly — what do I even mean by full freedom? Not only that, but my job provides a work permit and one year visa. So I have the freedom of a one year visa by working this job. Freedom is a give and take equation. This is moment to moment living in full awareness of what is. Freedom is about surrounding yourself by people who motivate and inspire you to be better than you were yesterday, so that you can pursue a meaningful cause, in a manner that leverages your unique strengths.

That posting sure struck many chords. It was the best yet, and deserved the big response. Freedom is a state of mind rather than a specific condition of existence. Freedom for me is being late to post here wishing I would have found this sooner. My ongoing challenge only makes me fight to get to that never ending place where I can actually live in this ever challenging world without too many unnecessary limitations.

I really felt this post…I cherish my freedom. I spent the last few years working toward ultimate freedom. I have been in the spot before too…where I worked so hard to get a weekend with no obligations and then, even though I had tons to do, felt like I was without purpose. Can you imagine having a whole year that way? It is good to plan ahead. Thanks Heather!

You were always aligned, and will always be.

Roughly 25 hours per week. Then I have college that also demands time and effort. Roughly 10 hours per week. I feel that my current life is stiefling my freedom. My reply proved to be too longwinded so I read the replies listed above and have to say the best in my opinion is the one by TIM:. Freedom is a very relative thing and what is freedom to one person may well be the a total lack of a challenge and purpose to another.

It also raises the question; just who? By nature we are presented by the challenge to harness nature for the benefit of mankind, and whereas that has very good as well as limited application, it becomes a problem when we try and harness or exploit fellow human beings for our own benefit and take away their freedom. Now,… we could talk about that until the cows come home, but I like to take a bee-line for the ultimate freedom. So what is that experienced handling of this tool called Freedom?

That , unfortunately will take more than the available characters. Regards, Jim van Ommen. What is freedom? Well, many people have had a go at defining this and although their interpretations vary greatly, it seems to have a common thread and that is that we …LIKE IT!


Since we all differ and have different tastes it stands for reason that we differ greatly in this interpretation. Now surely there has to be a better way to define it that we can agree on, in principle at least? When I have trouble defining anything I try to go to the very opposite meaning of the word, the antonym and work back from that way.

Slavery is considered to be that bad that most of the world, except for a few multi nationals, have passed laws to ban this practice. Continued next comment. Such a stone, being conscious merely of its own endeavor and not at all indifferent, would believe itself to be completely free, and would think that it continued in motion solely because of its own wish. Am interested coz i all need to have a good opportunity to choose my own future that suits me but am not exposed well to the world am living with the people who are still in the dark and i want to be out of darkness and be free… who can give me more tips of how i can be out of these darkness life i am now thanks.

I do not think this is freedom, as we are driven by our boredom and angst into endless activity. These activities will have a combination of negative, neutral and positive effects. And so we continue the conditioning that will imprison us within this paradigm. We are not free from endless activity and its results.

Even when we retire from work and hopefully have some money, we are not free. We are just free of the tyranny of the workplace. For me, freedom is the big freedom where we are not driven or compelled towards any conventional goal. Freedom is free from the tyranny of our psychological and physical constituents. This is the greatest challenge of human life. If we cannot free ourselves, how can we help others do the same? May we all find the way of that great freedom that truly embraces all of our experience.

May we all find the freedom that frees us from sufferings of our human lives and our human minds. And may we find the freedom that brings lasting peace and the well-being of all. Thanks Chris for your writing and the opportunity to respond.

The basis of life is freedom |

Be well. Slavery that is inflicted on us by others is indeed bad, but have we thought of another type of slavery as in addiction? We can think of many such as drink, drugs, smoking and many others and their consequences mostly finish up in poor health and premature death. Coming back to my earlier statement about freedom that we… LIKE it…, we are now confronted by somewhat of a conundrum…..

Do we like tragedy? It seems to me our trouble is not with the interpretation or meaning of the word, but with ourselves….. Ultimate freedom is much more than what this world has to offer to us. Think about it, it might give you a totally different interpretation as to the real meaning of the word freedom. Chris, I have a concern with the display of the comments.

I have come across this before and causes confusion. Would you please remove the duplication. Kind regards, Jim. Freedom, to me, is more of really being your own person. You learn to accept your differences from other human beings or living organisms. Being a follower is different from being inspired. What I hear all the time is that non-conformity is the state of being different from the crowd.

Which is true. But then.. Not a group of people who are pretending to be three of those things. But back to my statement about freedom. To me, freedom is the control you have over yourself and has creative independence. Want to see your photo in the comments? Visit Gravatar. October 22, Ayugi says:. Jo says:. Richard Howes says:. Deb A. Ralph Rickenbach says:. Eric Upton says:. Andrew says:. Dan Garner says:. Momekh says:. Thijs says:.

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