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Humanity seems to divide itself around the number five.

There are five fingers on each hand, five toes on each foot, five basic senses, and consequently five as a number factors heavily into society. Important numerical amounts almost always are divisible by five; the one, five, ten, twenty, to one hundred dollar bills in the USA, analog clocks center around increments of five, and important landmarks around dates divisible by five. For example, the Spanish holiday Cinco de Mayo revolves around the fifth day of the fifth month, or Christmas taking place on the 25th, a date amounting to five squared.

There are several pieces of symbolism around the number five. Five corresponds to the number of points on pentagram, the Heirophant in the Tarot deck, the Fifth house of the Zodiac, home to Leo and the Sun, the Olympic rings symbolizing five continents, and the Investigator Enneagram type. Since five relates to the human digit, any symbolism involving human hands and feet invariably brings in the number five. With five limbs, including arms, legs and head, and five digits on each hand and finger, the number has always been a part of standard human equipment. Therefore, basing many different themes, traditions and symbols around the number may spring from our anatomy.

If you look carefully, you can see the number everywhere.

Remember when everyone was lined up? A couple scrawny freshmen but mostly upperclassmen leaning in that brick hallway. I got last pick so I was stuck with you, the one nobody wanted. Not to be disappointed, I guess a number is a number.

Can you name the numbers which contain only 5 letters?

But you were my number. You were the number on my back. I wore you on my jersey for four years. We shared the rain, sweat, and blood of high school soccer. You were with me for thirty-six goals, every win, and every loss.

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We beat under the sun together until you were cracked and faded. We bore the trials of mud and snow. You became my reputation. Other coaches would know me by number. Watch out for number five. Somebody mark number five. You were me. And now I still know you. You give me songs from the Jackson Five, the Guardians of the Galaxy Soundtrack, and memories of summer. Without you there is no Cinco de Mayo or parties in Spanish class with my favorite teacher.

There is no five more minutes of playing video games with my little five-year-old brother before bed. There would not be five brothers bound together in my family. You are a strong number. You and I are connected in my past and memories of you drive me towards the future.

We never did quite fit, did we? Just remember the time we had — that May in Cancun, that last Cinco de Mayo together, our fifth-anniversary party. Remember how your five digits gripped mine as we boarded the plane to leave just days before that category-five hurricane swept the coast?

I think my senses will remember you most — all five. You were never a fool, Cinq. I have to leave. Send the quintuplets my love. Yours Truly, Quinton. There are no alphabets in any numbers. Which animals have only 8 letters in their names? Aardvark Antelope. Which ten countries have only four letters in their names? What are some good town names that only have 8 letters? Can you put letters for codes on an action replay? No only numbers.

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What five letter words are made of these letters f a i n t? The only five letter word that can be made with those letters is: faint. What is another name for a snake and it has only 5 letters? Cobra and viper each have five letters. How many numbers are before g in the alphabet? The alphabet consists of letters only. There are no numbers in it. Do tropical depressions get names?

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No, they usually just get numbers. Only in the Philippines do they get names. How do you dyle letters in your gta iv phone? What two numbers multiply to get 5 but add for 7? The only whole numbers that multiply to five are one and five. What names of how may colors in the rainbow spectrum are spelled with only 3 letters?

What are the names of the 5 acts in Macbeth? What car names is only 4 letters?

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What the capitals of Canada with 5 letters? None of the capital cities of Canada have a name with only five letters. Can you put apostrophes in WikiAnswers usernames? Only letters, numbers and underscores. What are the dividers of5in math? Can you get more letters On action replay because it only shows abcdef? No, these letters together with the numbers make hexadecimals. What is a five letter word using only the letters abcdefg? What are the names of the six great lakes? Related questions What are Permutations?

How do you calculate permutations using the formula? How many permutations can be made from the word assassin? How many permutations of the letters abcdefgh contain? How do you calculate permutations of a word? How do you calculate permutations of numbers?