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As secretary to more than two million farmers, he became acquainted with the nation's political leaders, and he also served as president of the Mormon Church's Washington, D. While traveling in Utah with his two sons in , he was summoned to the office of President Heber J.

He was forty-four years old. Sustained at the October general conference, he and his large family moved to Salt Lake City to be near the headquarters of the church.

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This experience intensified his dislike of tyranny, cruelty, and injustice. Partly because of his vigorous espousal of free enterprise, he was never the most popular person in the cabinet. Still he was known for being fair, just, and a man of principle.

Ezra Taft Benson and the State of Israel: A Mormon American Leader's Support for the Jewish State

Murrow's television show, "Person to Person. Surprising critics, he survived a full eight years in the cabinet before retiring once more to home and church duties. Passionately opposed to communism, Benson denounced all forms of tyranny and compulsion. He spoke out frequently advocating conservative positions and themes, and was mentioned as a possible presidential or vice presidential candidate.

Ezra Taft Benson and Modern (Book of) Mormon Conservatism - Oxford Scholarship

On one occasion he outlined his own political creed in the following words: "I am for freedom and against slavery. I am for social progress and against socialism.

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I am for a dynamic economy and against waste. I am for the private competitive market and against unnecessary governmental intervention.

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I am for national security and against appeasement and capitulation to an obvious enemy. He worked to streamline church policies and procedures.

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