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He holds a Ph.

Your Cosmic Context An Introduction to Modern Cosmology

Craig's research and professional interests include dark matter, black holes, and recent advances in physics and astronomy education. Todd Duncan , Craig Tyler. Not the most exciting textbook you'll ever read, I have to admit, but it will do the job. Currently in its second edition. Michael Rowan-Robinson, Cosmology Much more observationally oriented than Liddle, and pitched at a slightly higher level, though there's not much in it.

The current edition is the fourth.

An Introduction to Modern Cosmology

To be preferred to Liddle if you want to see the observational evidence for our model building. Barbara Ryden, Introduction to Cosmology The newest book of the three, first published in though admittedly the newest edition is Rowan-Robinson.

At a similar level to Rowan-Robinson, but a little more theory-oriented it does present the data, but less centrally. I must admit this is my favourite of the three - I think she writes exceptionally well - but it's probably the hardest by a fraction and because it's a hardback the most expensive by some distance.

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In some places however, the depth at which different topics are discussed is a bit uneven. Sometimes the author attempts to explain rather elementary things although some of the more important terms like parallax, for instance lack a detailed explanation.

However, this minor drawback does not detract from the overall good quality of the book.

An Introduction to Modern Cosmology / Edition 2

There are some details about the book itself, and a list of known errors. There is a link to current developments in modern cosmology, although when I checked the site there was no information accessible through it. The verdict?