Guide Sheep Ears: Are You Guided by the Good Shepherd?

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A dog or cat, all the farm animals, and everything that can be caught in traps, may be taught to perform for the amusement of man with the apparent exception of the sheep.

Called to Be Good Sheep and Shepherds

They spend half their days bleating because of physical distress, and the rest of their time bumping into something else to hurt themselves again. Without natural joy because of the tenderness of their constitution, they become the perfect type of man. They are dependent, and must always be provided for. Indeed, their only alluring quality is their very helplessness. In the Old Testament world a bunch of sheep was less than sheep, a flock of sheep numbered to 1, A band of sheep was more than 1, and would often stretch for miles.

But the Lord is MY Shepherd; though there may be dozens, hundreds or even thousands in a large flock or band each one was uniquely known by the shepherd. But though there were countless sheep, there is always only one shepherd! And to think that the Great God and Creator of this Universe watches over me like a shepherd. So that I can know what He is like He used a term I can study and understand. As an ancient shepherd watched over every event in the life of his sheep from being there at their birth, watching over them in helplessness of infancy, watching them grow and learn, guarding them as they slept, checking their health, nursing their wounds, pulling their thorns, setting their broken bones, leading them through dangers, guiding them to unfouled waters, and finally finding the kindest and swiftest way to end their life at the most appropriate moment of either weakness, sickness or health.

And to think that is how closely my Good Shepherd is watching over me!

He knows my date of birth, weight, pulse, biopsy report, blood pressure, and date of death. He is my Good Shepherd! Ancient and modern shepherds use one syllable words for come, water, and so on. That is all sheep can understand. If you count the words of the 23rd Psalm in all the various translations you get different numbers. I have in my NKJV. So the 50 Hebrew words come out to English words. He our Shepherd wants us to understand!

Notice the Psalm starts with multiple references to the Lord in the 3rd person: He makes, He leads. There is a growth in intimacy and access, which goes from knowledge to worship! Instead of talking about the Lord, the Psalmist talks to the Lord. Contented sheep are the mark of a skilled shepherd.

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Contented believers are the testimony of a satisfying Good Shepherd. One friend in ministry once wrote these words describing his elderly grandmother. Think of her and then think of your own life and love for our Good and satisfying Shepherd.

Jesus is the Good Shepherd

She was old, diabetic, widowed, and poor. Her little house consisted of a kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bath. She walked two blocks to cash her meager welfare check and pay her utilities. Her groceries were delivered to the back door. Her kitchen stove burned wood.

Bible Theasaurus

Her oil heat needed constant regulating. The uncarpeted floor was always drafty. The roof leaked. The lawn was in need of care. She had buried parents, husband, two of her twelve children, and even some of her grandchildren. All of her living children had long since left town — many of them hundreds of miles away. But I never heard her complain. She was content.

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In this greedy grasping world of ours, that sort of contentment is rare. That kind of contentment is irresistible attractive to the people of the world who think that wealth consists of the abundance of things, rather than the absence of wants Sheep are always branded by their owners.

In modern times it is most often by cutting marks into their ears. Other methods are also used, maybe the burn of a branding iron, marks dyed on the skin, or a notch cut in an ear.

Sermon (Fr. Peay) April 22, — St. John Chrysostom Episcopal Church

You'll discover that the answer to every problem that you have is in the Bible. You may have been hearing from God, but never realized it. People want to know-have you got sheep ears, too? Her writing is down-to-earth and encouraging to those of us who seek His face. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books.

Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview This collection presents impactful short stories about listening to the Good Shepherd and doing His will. Product Details. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. Her Smile, His Power. Sometimes people do not communicate emotions and feelings.

Perhaps their personality is emotionally detached because Perhaps their personality is emotionally detached because somewhere in their life they had to put up a wall to protect their heart. This was my situation. God showed me how to overcome View Product. Jeffrey Moore, is an expression of the author's Jeffrey Moore, is an expression of the author's concern for so many afflicted people in the world today and how life's events move them on a path toward a life of greater purpose Let a Shepherd Be Your Guide.

You will feel the inspiration of Jesus when you read the poems in this book. The poet points to a lifelong love of limericks as the influence behind his poetic endeavors.