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She played an important part in the development of modern art in America, becoming the first female painter to gain respect in New York's art world in the s. Her unique and new way of painting nature, simplifying its shapes and forms meant that she was called a pioneer.

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The artwork below is a landscape. Can you see how she has simplified the shapes of the hills in the painting?

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As well as the shapes of the landscape itself, O'Keeffe was fascinated by the bones and skulls she found in the desert landscapes near where she lived. She said:.

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Georgia knew from the age of 12 that she wanted to be an artist. Then in she discovered the revolutionary ideas of an artist and designer called Arthur Wesley Dow. He emphasised the importance of composition — which means how you arrange shapes and colours.

This was a light-bulb moment for her and from then on she began to experiment with shapes, colours and marks. Georgia O'Keeffe, No. Georgia met other artists who, like her, were experimenting with abstract art. Art in the s was exciting. This encouraged Georgia to develop her own unique style — a combination of abstract and realistic.

Look at this painting of hills, above.

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By the age of 10 she had decided to become an artist, but her traditional art education discouraged her and at 21 she abandoned the idea, assuming she would never distinguish herself in the strict realist tradition of her teachers. She took up painting again in after four years as a commercial artist. Now aged 25, she attended a summer school at the University of Virginia. Her tutor introduced her to the ideas of Arthur Wesley Dow. Dow was influenced by studies of Japanese art, emphasising composition and design like the Post-Impressionists. Her first solo show took place at the gallery in April They corresponded frequently, and on 10 June she moved to New York City.

Georgia O'Keeffe

They began living together almost straight away, despite Stieglitz being 23 years her senior and already married. Watercolour on paper. She became seen as a liberated, modern woman — and a media personality. Although O'Keeffe is often associated with the barren landscape of her beloved Southwest, she was extremely productive during her time at Lake George, producing about paintings over this period. In addition to the famous flowers, leaves and landscapes, she also produced strikingly modern and emotionally invested architectural paintings of the farm buildings on the Stieglitz property.

As a consequence, her art became more representational. Pencil on paper.

She had only recently recuperated from a nervous breakdown and was so taken with the landscape that she decided to live there, moving into a house on the property permanently in God told me if I painted it enough, I could have it. Georgia O'Keeffe , Horn and Feather , painted in Oil on canvas. Her portrait of Beauford Delaney below , a prominent artist within the Harlem Renaissance and a frequent visitor to An American Place, is one of them.