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Our aim is to bring together specialists and researchers involved in these research matters in order to discuss recent contributions to the field, as well as to open new debates about the relevance of metaphor in discourse with special emphasis on the following topics:.

1 The interplay between metaphor and culture (Zoltán Kövecses) : Zooming In

The following keynote speakers have so far accepted the invitation to participate in the conference:. Contributions, either in English or Spanish, may be submitted as either oral presentations or posters. Oral presentations will be 20 minutes in length plus a minute discussion. As for poster sessions, a suitable time will be reserved so that poster presentations receive due attention on the part of all the assistants. Abstracts must be submitted to: metaphor fue.

Only abstracts between words including 3- 5 references and keywords will be accepted. The abstract must explicitly mention the aims or motivation, theoretical framework, method, expected results and conclusions of the contribution. All submissions will undergo a double-blind peer-review process. Please, do not include the author's name, email and affiliation in the abstract files.

Any errors therein should be reported to them. Andrew Goatly. Hardbound — Available Buy now.

  • Lindbergh, lange noir (Histoire) (French Edition).
  • Metaphors for "Culture"!
  • Skeptical Linguistic Essays.

Paperback — Available Buy now. Contemporary metaphor theory has recently begun to address the relation between metaphor, culture and ideology.

Edited By Wojciech Wachowski, Zoltan Kövecses and Michał Borodo

In this wide-ranging book, Andrew Goatly, using lexical data from his database Metalude , investigates how conceptual metaphor themes construct our thinking and social behaviour in fields as diverse as architecture, engineering, education, genetics, ecology, economics, politics, industrial time-management, medicine, immigration, race, and sex. He argues that metaphor themes are created not only through the universal body but also through cultural experience, so that an apparently universal metaphor such as event-structure as realized in English grammar is, in fact, culturally relative, compared with e.

Moreover, event-structure as a model is both scientifically reactionary and, as the basis for technological mega-projects, has proved environmentally harmful. Furthermore, the ideologies of early capitalism created or exploited a selection of metaphor themes historically traceable through Hobbes, Hume, Smith, Malthus and Darwin. These metaphorical concepts support neo-Darwinian and neo-conservative ideologies apparent at the beginning of the 21 st century, ideologies underpinning our social and environmental crises.

As a first step to remedy the situation, we need to uncover these ideologically-loaded metaphors and look for alternative ones.

The book is a clear, well-informed, and sometimes even moving appeal for understanding the role of metaphors in the human predicament. Examination copy. No author info given Introduction: Cognitive perspectives on political discourse. Special issue on the political impact of metaphors. A'Beckett, Ludmilla Andrews, Nadine Andriessen, Daniel Metaphors in knowledge management.

Parliamentary discourse in newspaper articles.

Using metaphors to speak English more fluently

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Metaphor and Culture

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