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And yet, she never comes across as whiney or ridiculous or boring, which is great. In fact, I really felt for Cassie and could definitely empathise with her situation. I also liked that Cassie readily acknowledges that having her parents divorce might not be the rarest form of upset in her life, it may not be as bad as the things other people might have to deal with, but it is still painful and upsetting.

I think this is so important. Just because it might be a common occurrence doesn't mean it hurts or that Cassie isn't entitled to be upset. I loved that Cassie is into plants. She wants to be a botanist and has a beautiful garden that she carefully tends. It made a great contrast to her life at sea, but I liked that it is a rare interest for YA characters.

This book is all about relationships.

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Cassie's relationship with her mother is obviously a key one, as is her relationship with Jonah. But there are also other relationships explored, like the one she has with her brother as she learns to see him slightly differently than she has before. And, of course, her relationship or view of herself and her world, which undergoes a few big changes.

The romance between Cassie and Jonah is well-paced, a perfect addition to the story, but it doesn't steal the limelight. Overall, Changes in Latitude is a fun contemporary novel that explores important themes in a very enjoyable way.

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The publishers provided an advanced readers copy of this book for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own. Find more reviews, reading age guides, content advisory, and recommendations on my blog Madison's Library. I really hate that my slump made me ready this one so slowly. It's a great story and I think the more mature from Malone so far, it has the right balance between cute summery romance and real life shit. The MC is having a hard time dealing with her parents separation and coming from separated parents I could relate to her feelings so much, a situation like this is always messy and hard on everyone involved, it was nice to see this family trying its best to make things work, there was a lot of ti I really hate that my slump made me ready this one so slowly.

The MC is having a hard time dealing with her parents separation and coming from separated parents I could relate to her feelings so much, a situation like this is always messy and hard on everyone involved, it was nice to see this family trying its best to make things work, there was a lot of times when I teared up. I world have liked a bit more of the father side of things, maybe he could have showed up on one scene at the end, same from the friends, I get that there was geographical barriers and stuff, but still. Also, the ending is super open, so I wouldn't have minded a epilogue.

May 07, Kelly Winters rated it liked it Shelves: read It wasn't badly written or anything, but the plot was just bland for me. Also, I read this book because Wanderlost by Jen Malone had such a cute romance with great chemistry, and I expected at least a great romance if not a spectacular plot. Unfortunately, the romance was pretty lackluster as well. About the only part that was really good was the first kiss scene. I thought that was full of sparks and happy feels.

I just wish that carr 2. I just wish that carried over to the rest of the romance. The main thing that bothered me was the main character.

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I know she was bitter from her parents' divorce but I found her pretty insufferable. Which also made it hard to see why the love interest would connect with her. She was horrible at communicating, and I just did not like following her perspective. I really like Jen Malone style in writing.. Cass's brother, man I want a brother like that he is such an old soul : this book was fun and emotional at the same time.. Really enjoyed this YA piece.

At times the main character got a little frustrating and boring, but still it was a quick read and just what I needed to get back into reading as I hadn't read for my entertainment for a long time. This was an okay read. The MC was a real piece of work. I get that her mom didn't exactly help matters by how she treated her marriage or how she decided to move her daughter to a boat.

Thankfully things got better towards the end when she found out the truth about why her parents marriage ended. Jan 09, Nicole Shepard rated it really liked it Shelves: favorites. After a few chapters, however, the plot picked up and I found myself not wanting to put the book down! The character development throughout the book is amazing.

This was an easy read but had such a powerful message throughout it! If you're looking for a relaxing and easy book to read I would definitely recommend Changes in Latitudes! Jul 01, Jennifer rated it liked it Shelves: edelweiss , coyer-summerread. The narrator is Cassie 1st person POV. She is almost 18 years old and getting ready to start her senior year of high school.

The book is part romance, part road trip but on a sail boat and part realistic fiction. Cassie's parents are getting a divorce and her mom wants them to go on a 4 months sailing trip on a small boat. When I started the book I was thinking that Cassie would be on the boat with her friends. So th 3. So that part surprised me. I was also not expecting the boat to be so small.

That added a level of discomfort to the story. I knew that there would be a boy involved, and there was one. That definitely made the story more interesting. The book is basically about a sailing trip. It's about a family going through a divorce and how the teenage children handle the situation. The sailing part of the story was definitely very interesting. I also thought that how they traveled with other boats was very cool.

Overall, the story was fine. I enjoyed it while I was reading it. Although I wish that more had happened throughout the book. There was some drama towards the end. And that was my favorite part of the book. However, the story did not end how I was expecting it to end. The ending was too unresolved. I wanted to know what would happen with Jonah, with school I wanted more. It just felt like the story wasn't complete. Thanks to edelweiss and HarperTeen for allowing me to read this book. May 19, Lindsay rated it it was ok Shelves: arcs , dissapointed , annoying-characters.

Her parents divorced, her dad flew overseas to China where he teaches as a professor and her mom explains that they are renting out their house while they charter a sailboat from Oregon to Mexico for four months.

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So Cassie unwillingly says goodbye to her house, her garden, her friends, and her life of seventeen years as her mom, brother, and her board a sailboat and set sail. Their caravan is made up of two other boats including another family and a sailing expert with his twenty-year-old nephew. The story revolves around Cassie attempting to adjust to life at sea as well as battling her mom, since she is the cause of the divorce, while developing a relationship with Jonah.

This book could have had so much potential. The main character was the reason it failed. I mean, imagine. Seeing marine life, dolphins, sea lions, and whales along with beautiful sunsets, crystal blue skies and the Pacific Ocean. What other seventeen-year-old would have that chance?

But then again, not everyone was raised like me, learning to accept things and not fight back when a decision has been made by the parents. She hated everything about sailing until her and Jonah started hanging out and then bam, she is love stricken and spends all her time fantasizing about him. Jul 06, Brenda Drake rated it it was amazing.

This was such a fun story! Jen Malone knows how to write unput-downable That's word, right? Cassie and Jonah are perfect together--swoon! Cassie's reaction to her parents divorce reminded me of mine own experience with my parents' divorce. Jen really shows Cassie's growth throughout the novel as she learns to navigate her new life after her parents' separation.

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Jonah has made my list of book boyfriends I know - I'm totally not monogamous when it comes to book boyfriends. He ch This was such a fun story! He challenges Cassie, and his flirty ways had my heart pitter-pattering now I sound like my grandma. All the characters were so great in this story. The sailing part was wonderful and I just want to hop on that boat with them and sail into the sunset! Jun 19, Erica Chapman rated it it was amazing Shelves: awww , arcs. I want a Jonah of my own!!

Jun 28, alice arctic books marked it as dnf Shelves: contemporary , edelweiss-netgalley , fluff , romance , cover-love , I'm sure many people will enjoy this fluffy contemporary romance, but I'm just not feeling it. I might pick it up at a later date when I'm up for it, but right now is just not the time. Jul 25, Deniz rated it really liked it Shelves: young-adult , arc How to rate this?

Well the first half is around 3 stars for me because well frankly I found Cassie extremely annoying. I get anger I get being lost but she was too self-centred and had no empathy for anyone else, nor did she consider anyone else's situation or POV. But then Jonah came along. And me like Jonah. A lot. I really got caught up in the romance. Let me warn you it's not your slambang insta forever.

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But it's fancy and attraction that slowly becomes more. Super cute and very slow burn. I How to rate this? I loved the near kiss scene though it was utterly frustrating. In the best possible way. Then as things happen, Cassie does not quite change but she starts considering things a bit more and she starts realising that just sulking about crap isn't going to help anyone and with that she grew on me. So I would in fact give the second half 4. So 4 Stars it is. Retrospectively I really enjoyed the journey Cassie went through. While she didn't actually change that much, she decided to take a leap and more importantly started considering others.

I love how much she learnt and how she got through her turmoil through traveling. Jonah is sigh-worthy, wise and cute. Total book boyfriend material or as Cassie puts it Pirate Sexypants. Drew is such a wonderful support cast, he is an old soul and I love how Cassie actually gets to know different sides of him during their journey.

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In the end this is about Cassie and her inward and outward journey. Traveling has been an important part in my life as long as I can think. I am one that is all for sailing in While traveling I always learn a lot about myself, it reminds me of how insignificant and small my problems are but mostly traveling always opens up one's perspective.

Malone did a fantastic job on conveying that. The descriptions of the journey, the places, the elations and the downsides are fabulous. It's clear Malone has done quite a bit of traveling herself but her prose is simply perfect for this book. It's easy to read, yet descriptive and very insightful. The storyline is well paced, has some cool twists that were totally unexpected.

As I mentioned I totally adore the romance. I also love the end. It's not a HEA, but rather there is closure while there is hope and an opening. The end of a chapter rather than THE end. My favorite line in music: "Oh yesterday's over my shoulder So I can't look back for too long there's just too much to see waiting in front of me And I know that I just can't go wrong.

This song is full of great lines. General Comment ran into a chum with a bottle of rum, and we wound up drinkin all night It's just all about seizing the carp and enjoying life. General Comment Like most Jimmy Buffet songs this is about escaping reality. When life gets tough Parrotheads get going to the islands or just migrate to the nearest tiki bar if they don't have the vacation time. This song with its painfully inane and sadistically sophmoric lyrics is about Jimmy Buffet's inabilty to cope with life's obstacles which would require looking within himself and facing his fears.

Rather than grow and learn to adapt to ones environment, Buffet suggests it is better to change the environment. For those of us who don't have our own jet and millions of dollars of spending cash, the bottle of rum will have to do. Rate These Lyrics. Log in now to add this track to your mixtape!

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