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Jump to Page. Search inside document. Zoran Djinjic predicts end to war in weeks Rkmickey at aol. Mickey Ha'aretz Monday, May 3, Serbian opposition sees deal in weeks By Adar Primor, Ha'aretz Foreign News Editor Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic will accept international proposals for an end to the war within two to three weeks, a leading opposition politician in Yugoslavia told Ha'aretz yesterday.

Next message: Ciao, Baby Messages sorted by: [ date ] [ thread ] [ subject ] [ author ] More information about the lbo-talk mailing list. Keir Gaspan. Vladislav B. More From Mika Mikic. Mika Mikic. Dragan Grcic. Saboori, Behnaz ; Sulaiman, Jamalludin. Full description at Econpapers Download paper 36 40 Jump dynamics and volatility: Oil and the stock markets. Full description at Econpapers Download paper 35 41 Thermodynamic analysis and optimization of an organic Rankine cycle ORC using low grade heat source.

Full description at Econpapers Download paper 35 43 SPECO: A systematic and general methodology for calculating efficiencies and costs in thermal systems. Full description at Econpapers Download paper 35 44 Fluid selection and parametric optimization of organic Rankine cycle using low temperature waste heat. Guo, J. Full description at Econpapers Download paper 34 45 Review of cold storage materials for subzero applications.

Full description at Econpapers Download paper 34 47 Large-scale integration of wind power into the existing Chinese energy system. Full description at Econpapers Download paper 33 49 Adaptive unscented Kalman filtering for state of charge estimation of a lithium-ion battery for electric vehicles. Kahraman, Cengiz ; Kaya, Tolga. Is this page useful for you? Then, help us to keep the service working. Please have a look to our donations page Thanks for your help!!

Toggle navigation Citations in Economics: CitEc. Main indicators. Percentage of selft citations in y to articles published in y-1 plus y A survey of index decomposition analysis in energy and environmental studies. Full description at Econpapers Download paper. Renewable energy strategies for sustainable development. Working fluids for low-temperature organic Rankine cycles. Large-scale integration of wind power into different energy systems.

A new energy decomposition method: perfect in decomposition and consistent in aggregation. The role of district heating in future renewable energy systems. Optimum design criteria for an Organic Rankine cycle using low-temperature geothermal heat sources. Effect of working fluids on organic Rankine cycle for waste heat recovery. A review of organic rankine cycles ORCs for the recovery of low-grade waste heat. Factorizing changes in energy and environmental indicators through decomposition. On the relationship between energy consumption, CO2 emissions and economic growth in Europe. A guide to life-cycle greenhouse gas GHG emissions from electric supply technologies.

Study of working fluid selection of organic Rankine cycle ORC for engine waste heat recovery. Environmental production functions and environmental directional distance functions. Feasibility of edible oil vs. A study of organic working fluids on system efficiency of an ORC using low-grade energy sources. Design and testing of the Organic Rankine Cycle. SPECO: A systematic and general methodology for calculating efficiencies and costs in thermal systems. Theory of the exergetic cost.

Efficiency optimization potential in supercritical Organic Rankine Cycles. Economic growth, CO2 emissions, and fossil fuels consumption in Iran. Life cycle GHG emission analysis of power generation systems: Japanese case. Discount rates in consumers energy-related decisions: A review of the literature. Design of experiment study of the parameters that affect performance of three flow plate configurations of a proton exchange membrane fuel cell. Modeling and forecasting the CO2 emissions, energy consumption, and economic growth in Brazil.

Performance and costs of power plants with capture and storage of CO2. Biodiesel as alternative fuel: Experimental analysis and energetic evaluations. An empirical analysis of energy efficiency in Chinas iron and steel sector. Process integration of organic Rankine cycle. Evidence of causality between the quantity and quality of energy consumption and economic growth.

Jump dynamics and volatility: Oil and the stock markets. Net energy from the extraction of oil and gas in the United States. Decomposition methodology in industrial energy demand analysis. Demand response experience in Europe: Policies, programmes and implementation. Electricity demand for Sri Lanka: A time series analysis. Integrating waste and renewable energy to reduce the carbon footprint of locally integrated energy sectors. Sensitivity of electricity and natural gas consumption to climate in the U. Large-scale integration of wind power into the existing Chinese energy system.

The impact of energy consumption and CO2 emission on the economic growth and financial development in the Sub Saharan African countries. The dynamics of electricity consumption and economic growth: A revisit study of their causality in Pakistan. Engine performance and emissions of a diesel engine operating on diesel-RME rapeseed methyl ester blends with EGR exhaust gas recirculation. Solar power generation by PV photovoltaic technology: A review. The optimal evaporation temperature and working fluids for subcritical organic Rankine cycle.

Conceptualizing and measuring energy security: A synthesized approach. Characterisation of electrical energy storage technologies. Potential of zeotropic mixtures as working fluids in organic Rankine cycles. Thermodynamic analysis and optimization of an organic Rankine cycle ORC using low grade heat source.

Fluid selection and parametric optimization of organic Rankine cycle using low temperature waste heat. Review of cold storage materials for subzero applications. Adaptive unscented Kalman filtering for state of charge estimation of a lithium-ion battery for electric vehicles. A review of membrane contactors applied in absorption refrigeration systems. Asfand, Faisal ; Bourouis, Mahmoud. In: Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews.

Absorption characteristics of falling film LiBr lithium bromide solution over a finned structure. Impact of micromixing on performance of a membrane-based absorber. CFD simulation to investigate heat and mass transfer processes in a membrane-based absorber for water-LiBr absorption cooling systems. Wang, Changjian. In: Sustainability. A novel flexible foil vertical axis turbine for river, ocean, and tidal applications. Zeiner-Gundersen, Dag Herman. In: Applied Energy.

New insight into regenerated air heat pump cycle. A comparative study between artificial neural networks and support vector regression for modeling of the dissipated energy through tire-obstacle collision dynamics. Short-term natural gas demand prediction based on support vector regression with false neighbours filtered. Zhu, Lixing ; Jiang, L. Evaluating the effect of tire parameters on required drawbar pull energy model using adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system. Taghavifar, Hamid ; Mardani, Aref.

Experimental analysis of the dissipated energy through tire-obstacle collision dynamics. Appraisal of artificial neural network-genetic algorithm based model for prediction of the power provided by the agricultural tractors. An efficient two-stage algorithm for decentralized scheduling of micro-CHP units. In: European Journal of Operational Research. A semi-analytical non-iterative primary approach based on priority list to solve unit commitment problem. A decomposition method for network-constrained unit commitment with AC power flow constraints.

Implementing a model predictive control strategy on the dynamic economic emission dispatch problem with game theory based demand response programs. Nwulu, Nnamdi I ; Xia, Xiaohua. Optimal dynamic allocation of mobile plants to monetize associated or stranded natural gas, part I: Bakken shale play case study.

Will disruptions in OPEC oil supply have permanent impact on the global oil market? Silva, Patricia ; Freitas, Carlos J. Pereira, ; da Silva, Patricia Pereira. In: Utilities Policy. Analysis of hot spots in boilers of organic Rankine cycle units during transient operation. Karn, M. Implementation of a torque and a collective pitch controller in a wind turbine simulator to characterize the dynamics at three control regions. In: Renewable Energy. In: Energy Policy.

Solar radiation forecasting in the short- and medium-term under all sky conditions. Batlles, F. Energy and exergy analysis of industrial fluidized bed drying of paddy. Sarker, Md. Advanced exergy analysis of an aircraft gas turbine engine: Splitting exergy destructions into parts. Innovative household systems based on solid oxide fuel cells for a northern European climate.

Vialetto, Giulio ; Rokni, Masoud. A self-adaptive supply method of micro direct methanol fuel cell. Secui, Dinu Calin. Comparing the incomparable: Lessons to be learned from models evaluating the feasibility of Desertec. A model-based analysis of biomethane production in the Netherlands and the effectiveness of the subsidization policy under uncertainty. Eker, Sibel ; van Daalen, Els. Bazilian, Morgan ; Chattopadhyay, Debabrata. In: Cambridge Working Papers in Economics. Chinas photovoltaic power development under policy incentives: A system dynamics analysis. Guo, Xiaodan. Performance investigation and enviro-economic analysis of active vertical solar distillation units.

Sharon, H. A modified basin type solar still: Experimental performance and economic study. Technology application of district heating system with Co-generation based on absorption heat exchange. A review of heat pump systems for heating and cooling of buildings in China in the last decade. A review of geothermal energy resources, development, and applications in China: Current status and prospects. Quantifying the value of improved wind energy forecasts in a pool-based electricity market.

Mc Garrigle, E. Effects of porous flow field type separators using sintered Ni-based alloy powders on interfacial contact resistances and fuel cell performances. Constraints on extractable power from energetic tidal straits. Evans, P. Forecasting of natural gas consumption with artificial neural networks. Szoplik, Jolanta. Design of fuzzy sliding mode controller for hydraulic turbine regulating system via input state feedback linearization method. Exploring the potential of petrographics in understanding coal pyrolysis.

Odeh, Andrew O.. Energy efficiency of different impellers in stirred tank reactors. Ameur, Houari. Spectral characterization of the key parameters and elements in coal using terahertz spectroscopy. Integration options for solar thermal with low temperature industrial heat recovery loops. Hackl, Roman ; Harvey, Simon. Thermo-economic optimisation of industrial milk spray dryer exhaust to inlet air heat recovery.

A new method for optimization of Solar Heat Integration and solar fraction targeting in low temperature process industries. Thermo-economic optimization of an organic Rankine cycle system for large marine diesel engine waste heat recovery. Minimizing the levelized cost of electricity production from low-temperature geothermal heat sources with ORCs: Water or air cooled?

Laenen, Ben ; Walraven, Daniel. Economic system optimization of air-cooled organic Rankine cycles powered by low-temperature geothermal heat sources. Bruggemann, Dieter ; Heberle, Florian. In: Energies. Review of organic Rankine cycle ORC architectures for waste heat recovery. Thermo-economic optimization of low-grade waste heat recovery in Yazd combined-cycle power plant Iran by a CO2 transcritical Rankine cycle.

Thermo-economic analysis of a hybrid solar-binary geothermal power plant. Methodical thermodynamic analysis and regression models of organic Rankine cycle architectures for waste heat recovery. Lecompte, S. A general framework to select working fluid and configuration of ORCs for low-to-medium temperature heat sources. Recuperated power cycle analysis model: Investigation and optimisation of low-to-moderate resource temperature Organic Rankine Cycles. Evaluation of ORC modules performance adopting commercial plastic heat exchangers. Sequential bioethanol and biogas production from sugarcane bagasse based on high solids fed-batch SSF.

A thermodynamic review of solar air heaters. El-Sebaii, A. Comprehensive study on solar air heater with circular and V-type turbulators attached on absorber plate. Moller, B. Load match optimisation of a residential building case study: A cross-entropy based electricity storage sizing algorithm. Experimental investigations on effect of different compression ratios on enhancement of maximum hydrogen energy share in a compression ignition engine under dual-fuel mode. Chintala, V. Experimental investigation on performance and heat release analysis of a pilot ignited direct injection natural gas engine.

Hong, Sungjun.


A comprehensive analysis of Chinas regional energy saving and emission reduction efficiency: From production and treatment perspectives. In: Energy Economics. Beaudreau, Bernard C. Chau, C. Bawden, Kimberly. In: Challenges. Performance prediction on a resorption cogeneration cycle for power and refrigeration with energy storage. Review and future trends of supercritical CO2 Rankine cycle for low-grade heat conversion. Sarkar, Jahar. Payback period estimation and parameter optimization of subcritical organic Rankine cycle system for waste heat recovery.

Flammability of Trans-1, 3, 3, 3-tetrafluoropropene and its binary blends. Yang, Zhao ; Tian, Tian. Comparative assessment of a biogas run dual fuel diesel engine with rice bran oil methyl ester, pongamia oil methyl ester and palm oil methyl ester as pilot fuels. Bora, Bhaskor J. Numerical modelling of the wave energy in Galway Bay. Soares, Guedes C. Assessment of the performances of various wave energy converters along the European continental coasts.

Onea, Florin ; Rusu, Liliana. A fast general core loss model for switched reluctance machine. Sensitivity analysis of recovery efficiency in high-temperature aquifer thermal energy storage with single well. Flexible hydrogen production implementation in the French power system: Expected impacts at the French and European levels. Exergy analysis and annual exergetic performance evaluation of solar hybrid STIG steam injected gas turbine cycle for Indian conditions.

Kribus, Abraham ; Iniyan, S. Techno economic and environmental assessment of using gasification process in order to mitigate the emission in the available steam power cycle. Exergoeconomic evaluation of an ethanol-fueled solid oxide fuel cell power plant. A collaborative operation decision model for distributed building clusters.

Combined heat and power production planning in a waste-to-energy plant on a short-term basis. A review of modelling approaches and tools for the simulation of district-scale energy systems. A detailed model for the optimal management of a multigood microgrid. An improved operation strategy of combined cooling heating and power system following electrical load. Optimal design of power system stabilizer for power systems including doubly fed induction generator wind turbines.

Derafshian, Mehdi ; Amjady, Nima. Moradi, Hamed ; Vossoughi, Gholamreza. Comparative analysis of turbulence models for the aerodynamic simulation of H-Darrieus rotors. Artificial neural networking and fuzzy logic exergy controlling model of combined heat and power system in thermal power plant. Strunik, Duan ; Avsec, Jurij. A comparative study on prediction methods for Chinas medium- and long-term coal demand. Modeling of non-linear CHP efficiency curves in distributed energy systems. Optimal design of CHP-based microgrids: Multiobjective optimisation and life cycle assessment.

A novel model of electric vehicle fleet aggregate battery for energy planning studies. Kugor, Branimir ; Deur, Joko. Dynamic programming-based optimisation of charging an electric vehicle fleet system represented by an aggregate battery model. Impacts of renewable energy system design inputs on the performance robustness of net zero energy buildings. Exergy analysis of offshore primary petroleum processing plant with CO2 capture. Carranza, Yamid Alberto ; de Oliveira, Silvio. Cortes-Borda, D.

A global review of energy consumption, CO2 emissions and policy in the residential sector with an overview of the top ten CO2 emitting countries. Effect of diesel fuel blend with n-butanol on the emission of a turbocharged common rail direct injection diesel engine. Regression analysis for prediction of residential energy consumption. Fumo, Nelson ; Rafe Biswas, M. Experimental analysis of oxygen-methane combustion inside a gas turbine reactor under various operating conditions. Habib, Mohamed A. Integrating life cycle assessment and emergy synthesis for the evaluation of a dry steam geothermal power plant in Italy.

Energy and exergy performance assessments for latent heat thermal energy storage systems. Li, Gang. Peak load shifting with energy storage and price-based control system. Review of kinetic and equilibrium concepts for biomass tar modeling by using Aspen Plus. A cost-efficient and reliable energy management of a micro-grid using intelligent demand-response program.

Safamehr, Hossein ; Rahimi-Kian, Ashkan. Analysing the long-run relationship among oil market, nuclear energy consumption, and economic growth: An evidence from emerging economies. Naser, Hanan. A dynamic model to optimize municipal electric power systems by considering carbon emission trading under uncertainty. The influence of economic growth, urbanization, trade openness, financial development, and renewable energy on pollution in Europe. Boluk, Gulden ; Mert, Mehmet.

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Shelter and residential building energy consumption within the ppm CO2eq constraints in different climate zones. Outdoor dry bulb heating design temperatures for Hungary. Ladenburg, Jacob ; Knapp, Lauren. A study of single multiplicative neuron model with nonlinear filters for hourly wind speed prediction.

Effect of process operating conditions in the biomass torrefaction: A simulation study using one-dimensional reactor and process model. Effect of heat integration method and torrefaction temperature on the performance of an integrated CHP-torrefaction plant. Pursuing air pollutant co-benefits of CO2 mitigation in China: A provincial leveled analysis. Effect of partial replacement of diesel or biodiesel with gas from biomass gasification in a diesel engine. Process intensification for dimethyl ether production by self-heat recuperation.

Competitive dynamics of energy, environment, and economy in the U. CO2 emissions, energy consumption, economic and population growth in Malaysia. Relationships among energy consumption, pollution emission, and economic growth in Nepal. Bastola, Umesh ; Sapkota, Pratikshya. Carbon dioxide emissions reduction in Chinas transport sector: A dynamic VAR vector autoregression approach.

Xu, Bin ; Lin, Boqiang. The effect of energy consumption, urbanization, trade openness, industrial output, and the political stability on the environmental degradation in the MENA Middle East and North African region. Ozturk, Ilhan ; Al-Mulali, Usama. Is the long-run relationship between economic growth, electricity consumption, carbon dioxide emissions and financial development in Gulf Cooperation Council Countries robust? On the causal nexus of road transport CO2 emissions and macroeconomic variables in Tunisia: Evidence from combined cointegration tests. Shahbaz, Muhammad ; Khraief, Naceur.

Determinants of CO2 emissions from household daily travel in Beijing, China: Individual travel characteristic perspectives. Wang, Zhao-Hua ; Liu, Wei. Rasoulinezhad, Ehsan ; Esfahani, Mohammad Nasre. Thermoelectric mini cooler coupled with micro thermosiphon for CPU cooling system. Development and optimization of a modified process for producing the battery grade LiOH: Optimization of energy and water consumption. Optimization of a platform configuration with generational changes.

Kant, Surya ; Tyagi, Satish. In: International Journal of Production Economics. A data-driven approach to identify households with plug-in electrical vehicles PEVs. Stochastic reactive power dispatch in hybrid power system with intermittent wind power generation.

Coordination of combined heat and power-thermal-wind-photovoltaic units in economic load dispatch using chance-constrained and jointly distributed random variables methods. A multi-objective optimization of the active and reactive resource scheduling at a distribution level in a smart grid context. Multi-expert wind energy technology selection using interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy sets.

The possibilities of combined heat and power production balancing large amounts of wind power in Finland. Rinne, S. Strategies to mitigate declines in the economic value of wind and solar at high penetration in California. Mills, Andrew D. An exergy way to quantify sustainability metrics for a high bypass turbofan engine. Turan, Onder. Effects of 2,5-dimethylfuran fuel properties coupling with EGR exhaust gas recirculation on combustion and emission characteristics in common-rail diesel engines.

Performance evaluation of artificial neural network coupled with generic algorithm and response surface methodology in modeling and optimization of biodiesel production process parameters from shea tr. Betiku, Eriola ; Ajala, Sheriff O. Production and characterization of biodiesel derived from Hodgsonia macrocarpa seed oil. Cao, Leichang ; Zhang, Shicheng. A review on recent advancement in catalytic materials for biodiesel production.

Glass vs. Life cycle assessment of fuel ethanol from sugarcane molasses in northern and western India and its impact on Indian biofuel programme. Comparative life cycle assessment of different municipal solid waste management scenarios in Iran. Adams, Benjamin M. A novel application for energy efficiency improvement using nanofluid in shell and tube heat exchanger equipped with helical baffles. Model predictive control for improving waste heat recovery in coke dry quenching processes.

Off-design dynamic model of a real Organic Rankine Cycle system fuelled by exhaust gases from industrial processes. Mass-conserving dynamic organic Rankine cycle model to investigate the link between mass distribution and system state. Yousefzadeh, Moslem ; Uzgoren, Eray. Nonlinear multivariable hierarchical model predictive control for boiler-turbine system. A hierarchical approach for evaluating and selecting waste heat utilization opportunities.

Parametric optimization and performance analysis of ORC organic Rankine cycle for diesel engine waste heat recovery with a fin-and-tube evaporator. Mathematical modelling and experimental validation of an anode-supported tubular solid oxide fuel cell for heat and power generation. Analysis of the use of biomass as an energy alternative for the Portuguese textile dyeing industry. Nunes, L. Regional total-factor energy efficiency and electricity saving potential of manufacturing industry in Turkey. Ozkara, Yucel ; Atak, Mehmet. Improved wind prediction based on the Lorenz system.

A new constraint handling method for wind farm layout optimization with lands owned by different owners. A novel approach for measuring bubbles uniformity and mixing efficiency in a direct contact heat exchanger. Experimental study of direct contact vaporization heat transfer on n-pentane-water flowing interface. Searches of cost effective ways for amine absorption unit design in CO2 post-combustion capture process. Investigation of hydrodynamic performance of an OWC oscillating water column wave energy device using a fully nonlinear HOBEM higher-order boundary element method.

Effects of both blended and pure biodiesel on waste heat recovery potentiality and exhaust emissions of a small CI compression ignition engine. Energy efficiency of a direct-injection internal combustion engine with high-pressure methanol steam reforming. Poran, Arnon ; Tartakovsky, Leonid. LCOE levelised cost of energy mapping: A new geospatial tool for tidal stream energy. Vazquez, A ; Iglesias, G. Syngas-based annex concepts for chemical energy storage and improving flexibility of pulverized coal combustion power plants.

Ko, Myeong Jin. Solar pyrolysis of beech wood: Effects of pyrolysis parameters on the product distribution and gas product composition. Robust methodology for steady state measurements estimation based framework for a reliable long term thermal power plant operation performance monitoring. Performance comparison of two-tank direct and thermocline thermal energy storage systems for 1 MWe class concentrating solar power plants.

Cocco, Daniele ; Serra, Fabio. Exergy analysis of thermal energy storage in a district energy application. Reddy, Bale V. Application of phase change materials for thermal energy storage in concentrated solar thermal power plants: A review to recent developments.

Comparison of phase change slurries: Physicochemical and thermal properties. Preparation and characterization of macrocapsules containing microencapsulated PCMs phase change materials for thermal energy storage. Market and policy risk under different renewable electricity support schemes. Boomsma, Trine Krogh ; Linnerud, Kristin.

Investment barriers under a renewable-electricity support scheme: Differences across investor types. Holden, Erling ; Linnerud, Kristin. Diesel or compressed natural gas? A real options evaluation of the U. The value of delay in tidal energy development. MacDougall, Shelley L.

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Fabrication and experimental validation of a full-scale depleted uranium bed with thin double-layered annulus configuration for hydrogen isotopes recovery and delivery. Greenhouse gas abatement costs of hydrogen production from underground coal gasification. A new approach of clustering operational states for power network expansion planning problems dealing with RES renewable energy source generation operational variability and uncertainty.

A robust approach for optimal design of plate fin heat exchangers using biogeography based optimization BBO algorithm. Hadidi, Amin. Study of technical, economical and environmental viability of ground source heat pump system for Himalayan cities of India.

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