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Modernising and moralising: Hachette’s mass-market fiction series for children, ss

Afficher le menu. Mon compte Mon compte. Navigation secondaire. Le Kiosque du jour. Laka Fishbach Document sonore Entreprise Douvres, Le soldat Lincoln se morfond dans son camp militaire, entre discriminations raciales et bagarres quotidiennes. Que leur cache-t-on? Un jour, il tombe amoureux d'une lointaine cousine, Claudia. Elle a dix ans de moins que lui. Gabriel s'ennuie. Il plaque tout, s'envole pour l'Afrique, reste cinq ans sans donner de nouvelles. Je me propose de vous rendre la pareille! Qui, de vous ou moi, trouvera votre soeur et ses enfants en premier?

Si c'est moi qui les rattrape, je les tuerai. Car je n'aurai de cesse de tous vous chasser et de tous vous abattre.

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Afin qu'il ne reste aucun Zaroff en vie dans ce monde. Mais Hareth est loin, il voyage de par le monde. Dans les vernissages se pressent galeristes, critiques d'art, collectionneurs et fonctionnaires de la culture.

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J'avais peur pour elle. J'avais besoin d'elle. Je l'aimais et je revenais le lui prouver. Soltane n'avait pas eu le loisir de jouer son enfance, de faire le tri de ses souvenirs. Onctueuses larmes au palais des hommes! Le roman fait alterner les passages lyriques et les anecdotes cocasses ou cruelles. Elle est une mille-vies. Et nous? Ne sommes-nous pas tous des " mille-vies "?

Et de remonter le temps. Prix Interpol'Art Roman Un livre et des oiseaux qui tuent, personne ne pourrait y croire. For these reasons, it is crucial to go behind the scenes to gain insights into how those working in the publishing sector viewed their roles. She shifts the emphasis onto the material conditions of production, in order to explore how socio-economic constraints are mediated indirectly through the functioning of each particular cultural field The modernisation programme of the Rose and the Verte generated a cumbersome new chain of production, traceable in the archives through the bureaucratic form-filling it generated.

This archive material will be supplemented using interviews carried out with former employees, combined with analysis of publishing catalogues, publicity material, and bibliographical research using copyright declarations. The first section of the article will examine the modernisation process of this department systematically, from the transformation of strategy and the new men and machines this required, to the methods used in identifying and defining its readership. The final section analyses the new norms the editors created, and how texts were transformed, cut, and rewritten to fit the moral imperatives of the period.

With demographic expansion, the increasing spending power of families, and the likelihood of reforms to extend obligatory schooling to sixteen and abolish entrance exams to secondary schools, all indicators pointed to this being a sector with excellent potential. Many publishers across the West invested in their juvenile departments and in printing technology.

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The problem was no longer surviving the war. Henceforth their aim was to keep up with and overtake the competition This section examines the men Hachette recruited to manage the modernisation programme: their backgrounds, their ideas, their ambitions and how they understood the possibilities of the field in which they were working. With his deep love of English culture, and background in journalism and teaching English, his outlook was typical of the new department.

He joined Hachette in as a translator, before being appointed to his editorial role in This was a distinctly masculine team, which was a sign of the greater responsibility and status the increased print runs brought to the department. Crucially they had been English language teachers, not literature teachers, and many of the new members had come to work in the department through working as translators. It was Schiray, with her experience in industry, who helped to set up planning systems for coping with the demands of production.

The renovated department was a hybrid of the old and the new, but with a clear indicator of the different direction editorial strategy would take. This modernisation programme was designed by the company director Ithier de Roquemaurel, an engineer. The new machines required at least 30, copies per run in order to achieve their brightly coloured covers and illustrations at the right price. In the s, the average print run for the big authors in the Rose and the Verte had been 44, copies. By the end of the s it was , copies.

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This pattern was reflected across the sector, with the average print run in calculated to be 23,, compared to 15, for the industry as a whole Hachette was clearly leading the field: as Piquard notes, only Hachette, with its famous messageries newspaper distribution network could manage this level of mass production thanks to its extensive distribution capacity The new books were brightly coloured, filled with colour illustrations, and cheap.

This series enjoyed only moderate sales, which was blamed on its relatively high price. This time investment was focused on the Rose and the Verte The new format dressed the books in bright glossy cardboard covers, onto which their colourful illustrations could be printed directly, identical for both series, but with pink spines for the Rose and green for the Verte. Inside, the text was accompanied by new colour illustrations. One volume cost francs, the price of a packet of cigarettes. Their spines were glued, instead of stitched, and volumes in both series were printed in 12x17cm format, either 92 or pages long.

Henceforth, the Rose was aimed at boys and girls aged six to eleven years, and the Verte was for boys and girls between ten and fourteen. To maximise the number of readers each series focused on age, rather than gender.

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By the early s the number of new titles in the Rose series had dwindled to between two and five per year However, the health of the Verte, a large series that could act as an umbrella for new titles, and could sustain large print runs and economies of scale, pointed the way forward.

Books on their own did not sell. Series generated loyalty, and so a book that appeared within them had a ready-made readership and a much higher chance of selling.

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Editors at other publishing houses agreed: Alsatia admitted that even a mediocre book could sell within a popular series, while at Gauthier-Langureau the editor explained that once parents began to trust a series, success was guaranteed With their heritage status, the Rose and the Verte were excellent and reassuring brands.

Fleurent was a passionate believer in the transformative power of mass culture. For him the book was a crucial tool in modern society, providing the technology for aspiration and intellectual development The catalogue playfully made the point that these were books intended for mass consumption. Large colour photographs featured children playing with piles of books, leaning on them, even using them as a windbreak on beaches.

Mirman surmised that the new formula seemed to have answered a real consumer need Similarly, Mirman spoke of feeling constrained by the expense of the technology and the drive to keep prices down. However, as Bourdieu reminds us, individual agents still had room for manoeuvre, and they could still shape the space within which they worked It will ask how the staff working on the production line understood the criteria for selecting content, and how their choices within the range of possibilities available to them shaped the new Hachette books.

Hachette acquired the French translation rights to Enid Blyton in The first print run of the Famous Five in France sold all 20, copies in a matter of weeks.

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