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All of the reviews are academically rigorous and immensely readable. Each review has a common structure—an introduction to the development of the field, a survey of current thought, an exploration of the key debates and extensive references. Each review uses mini- cases and examples to illustrate the concepts.

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The series is edited and commissioned by Professor Chris Cooper of Oxford Brookes University with the help of an Editorial Board composed of well-known international tourism academics. Each CTR author has an acknowledged reputation in the topic he or she has written and is experienced in presenting the material to novices and experts alike.

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New reviews will be added as new topics emerge and existing reviews will be updated regularly to maintain their relevance. A glossary of all the concepts and terms covered in the whole series is available free of charge with the purchase of any CTR title. NEW - Regional Reviews Complementing the existing series, Regional Reviews provide 'packets' of tourism knowledge, focused on tourism destinations in an online format for download.

Each regional review reflects not only the current status of tourism at the destination, but also the contemporary issues it faces. Related pages: There are no related stories. Welcome Guest [ create an account ] or log-in: email password.

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  5. Here are some examples of the ways that IT continues to improve the hospitality and tourism industry. The internet has a powerful impact on hospitality and tourism. This includes looking at pictures and reviews from past guests.

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    7. It is vital for a business to effectively utilize online advertising, social media, blogs, and online purchasing to help convenience their customers, especially when your competitors are doing the same thing. Computer systems allow communication between larger hotel chains with multiple locations to connect easier.

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      They also help keep staff on the same page and make it easier to access information, making your guests experience much better. Guest requests, housekeeping information, and reservations can all be found on one system. Mobile tablets and smartphones have replaced large desktop computers, making them virtually extinct. This is helpful, because many travelers take some type of mobile device with them on a trip.

      This helps hospitality businesses keep customers advised of changes and delays to their reservations, offer deals, and advertise by using GPS tracking. The use of Technology in the hospitality and tourism industry has helped speed up operations and helped the traveling process much more enjoyable and efficient.