Manual The Dirt Detox: A 21-day holistic guide to getting dirty for your health

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All Languages. More filters. Sort order. Christine marked it as to-read May 13, There are no discussion topics on this book yet. About Jenni Hulburt. Jenni Hulburt. No trivia or quizzes yet. So is poison ivy. This leads to them getting torn up during sex which increases HIV transmission… I find it appalling and shameful that women in developed countries who are privileged and educated and have more control over their own lives and relationships should be stupid enough to pay money to harm themselves in the same way.

I love it.

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Multiple sex partners is by no means a thing that just young people do. Otherwise, thank god someone said it. Oy vey! The recommended regular screening in the US is annual chlamydia testing for women under 25, otherwise it is if multiple partners or new partner. Screening women under the age of 25 and treating for chlamydia has been shown to reduce the incidence of pelvic inflammatory disease.

See a Problem?

Is that just based on an assumption that women in that age range have more new partners, though? Basically, if you have sex, get the sex-life maintenance done, no matter what. Better safe than sorry.

Day#1: Getting Started With Dr. Anna's 21 Day Detox! Rules of the Road

Annual HIV test too. Exactly, I am 25 years old and recently got chlamydia from a guy who had many partners from our encounter I got pregnant. Luckily, he told and got it treated before it coul harm the baby or me. I know much more about vaginas Vaginas are an evolutionary marvel able to withstand the swill of seminal fluid and stretch to accommodate a 10 lb baby and still fell great when stimulated. In regards to soaps, what is best to use? Also, what about tampons?

No soap in or around the vag Nicole. Warm water on the outside regions is fine. Obviously, tampons are OK but personally I prefer lady cups.

Unless you have a vagina I would suggest you not put your 2 cents in on vaginas, ever. Only women know about female problems. Men are too stupid to understand how anything works.

13 Benefits of Drinking Warm Lemon Water in the Morning

It is an obsolete, unnecessary, vaguely misogynistic tool. Reblogged this on Writing Jing. Reblogged this on Don't Play! I read the original link, and lost a bit of faith in humanity.

The Dirt Detox: A 21-day holistic guide to getting dirty for your health

Are people this oblivious to how their own body works?! I understand and agree the vagina cleans itself but to say none of your organs want the kind of help that comes with the detox is utterly ridiculous. You need to get with the times. Colon Cleanses, liver cleanses etc are very helpful to the body. I even did a gallbladder cleanse after the doctor told me I had gall stones and I needed to have surgery. I passed those stones without surgery by using a cleanse.

No, cleanses and detoxes do nothing beneficial. There is no biologically possible way they do anything but lighten your wallet and many are harmful. Thank you! I get so annoyed when I hear people tell me I should do a detox diet or some such nonsense! If you drink a pint of olive oil, every hour, on the hour for 24 hours with a little lemon juice to make it palatable the amount of fat you are ingesting means that the gall bladder completely opens up and you pass the gall stones.

My mother did it about 20 years ago. The second time she had gall stones, she had surgery, said it was too disgusting to do twice. Appreciate your saying this. All they do is screw with your flora, and possibly worse things. I would hazard a guess that drinking lots of fluids would help pass gallstones, but that is just a guess. Ben Sheard: No, my dear, if you drink olive oil with lemon juice, then something comes out of you. Everyone, even persons who have no gallstones, will produce such things.

Works every time. If in doubt, take some of these oil excrements to the hospital lab for analysis. There is no biologically possible way that a cleanse or detox help? Or is it just not beneficial because it puts no money in your pockets? We have a liver and kidneys and a bowel. There are no hidden toxins that a cleanse removes toxin is not even the right word because toxins are made by bacteria. This is basic physiology — cleanses ignore physiology so they are the exact opposite of natural.

The end. I had to drink a ton of that stuff to prepare for a surgery 5 years ago. I had to resort to that a couple times when I was still on Vicodin for my pain management. After the first half a bottle which the bottle suggested , which helped me go for a couple days, I went to adding a couple teaspoons to my morning juice. After a couple weeks of that, my doctor finally took me off the Vicodin and we tried something else. If you really want to go, and get everything out then just drink a gallon of apple juice and stay very close to the toilet.

By the time your done you pretty much have clear water coming out your bum. Our living environment requires that we cleanse and detox. Our air, our food, our lakes and our bodies are full of pollutants and toxins that will cause us to become Dis-eased if toxins are not removed. Our bodies are working harder now than they did with our ancestors and so our bodies need help. Detoxing and cleansing is a necessary adjustment to the world we live in.

the dirt detox a 21 day holistic guide to getting dirty for your health Manual

Medical providers do not just treat symptoms. I would much rather my patients prevent these problems than have to treat them.. You really need to educate yourself. Just think, instead of years of pain and ruined health, and invasive tests and then major surgery, I could have just detoxed my massive uterine tumour away. Silly me. So thank you for screaming for me. And sharing with the world. When I went to my Gyno complaining of a raunchy stench emanating from my vag, he found the culprit scabbed to the side of my vag canal.

Not only did it hurt when he dislodged it, but when it came out, the reek did fill the room. I get targeted ads for fish tank filters and other aquarium cleaning supplies on this post. Nice try, Internet. Reblogged this on Healthy Demeanor. I just visited the ultra toxic de-tox website after reading this article, and there seems to be absolutely no contact information.

Jen have you seen toxic shock syndrome from these pearls or any other problems? If anything is dangerous it all these medications doctors prescribe. Nothing like this should be left in the vagina for 3 days. While looking for alternatives to tampons out of curiosity after finding some at the store, I ran across several other items for sale, including sponges with some brand name about pearls. Pearls are just calcified gunk built up around trash that landed in the oyster. Not really inspiring to put it in my body.

More confident in the product if the manufacturer is offering safe advice on how to use it. Wow, I am mortified that this is being put out there! Thank you for your insight on these products! Hello I ha e been diagnosed with adenomyosis as well as endo. I was considering a uterus cleanse which i believe is a tea to help detoxify that area…is there any advice you can offer?

I recently read about THC suppositories for menstrual cramps. You should enlighten some hippies on this danger. I tried them and got fabulous results. Comment waiting for moderation. Wish I could delete it. Maybe you will for me. Like you did history. More you sound very freaking ignorant. I dunno. What additional training do you suggest? Thank you for sharing….. Glad i read more about them first. I ordered 1 a few months ago.. Yet to use it..

I wont criticize this article, as I understand modern medicine. Im also an herbalist. Of course I cant say that to my pts. Its illegal. Why wont I condemn this article? Bc doing anything but discouraging natural health is bad for business. But some people are just too afraid.

If you are against something, it is better to do real research first. My biggest problem with this article is the part where the author doesnt even know whats in it. No one who is untrained or ignorant about sometjing should form an opinion on it.