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Charleston, after a forty days' siege, was forced to surrender. And the Countess had to surrender , with an implication that it was the only course open in dealing with a lunatic. Preston appears also singlehanded to have climbed the wall of the Tower, and have summoned the guard to surrender.

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Reflexive sense of "to give oneself up" especially as a prisoner is from s. Related: Surrendered ; surrendering.

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On Bastille Day, the world parties in the name of France. But do you know what makes Bastille Day so important—not just for France but the history of all democracies? What Is A Bastille?

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Do you know what makes Bastille Day so important not just for France but the history of all democracies? In keeping with this tradition, Animal Friends does not euthanize animals in order to create space in our kennels.

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Because of this, all of our admissions must be scheduled in advance. Once your application has been submitted, our Admissions team will review your application and reach out to you to schedule an appointment when space is available.

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If we feel that your animal can be safely and appropriately re-homed through Animal Friends, we will admit them into our care. Our staff can help you explore available options that may help you keep your pet in your home, instead of surrendering them.

Israel’s UN envoy: What’s wrong with Palestinian surrender?

We are here for you as a resource during this difficult decision. When you call, a member of the Caregiving Department will help you determine the best way OAHS can help you and your pet. They will also go over what you need to bring with your pet. Information about surrender fees will be discussed over the phone. Fees vary, depending on the type of pet you have and where you live. Appointments are required to allow our staff adequate time to gain information about your pet that will help us find a new home for them, as well as ensuring OAHS has adequate space for housing.