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I have bounced a check. I have counted change to pay for gas.

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I have eaten Ramen noodles more times than I can count. And yet—I know, relatively speaking, that I still have had many, many advantages that others are not afforded. My challenge to myself this summer is live like I need nothing more. To live patiently. To live generously.

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I want to model the behavior I expect from my girls—giving them a front row seat to a summer of gratitude and thanksgiving. Which would genuinely be easier with that IV tap of Diet Coke. Holly Crawshaw is a wife, mother, and writer who eats sour candy and laughs at her own jokes. She served on staff with North Point Ministries for six years, the latter of which was spent as Preschool Director.

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Like I said, the sex was hot. The characters what I saw of them anyway were engaging. The way submission was portrayed in this story definitely bumped up the grade.

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Like this: Like Loading Related Posts. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. What every parent sometimes thinks about their own children but feels completely terrible saying out loud. The label that's so easy to throw onto other people's children but not your own. There comes a time when your child may become that kid.

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The bratty, miserable bully who won't listen. The kid who may push and throw a fit over having to share with others.

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The kid who cries when they don't win. That annoying, whiny monster.

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Yup, I'm there right now. Feeling the confusion of not understanding why my child has suddenly transformed into a moody mean girl as she gets ready to leave the toddler years behind and start preschool. All of a sudden I imagine phone calls home from her future school complaining that she's not being nice and not sharing.

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The dreaded fear that your kid is simply not playing well with others. Is it the influence of other children she's playing with? Is it me? Of course I'm the one who spends most of the time with her so right away it must be my fault, right?

Once a Brat

The attitude must be coming from the person she sees the most. Only I don't subscribe to that. My child comes from a loving, peaceful home where she is cuddled, positively reinforced, taught manners, appropriately disciplined, and played with often. I can only hope this is a phase that passes soon. Other moms have told me that this is normal and this is how they learn.