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Cognition and Emotion, 33 6 , pp. False memories in music listening: exploring the misinformation effect and individual difference factors in auditory memory. Memory, ISSN Trahan, T ; Durrant, Simon J. The music that helps people sleep and the reasons they believe it works: A mixed methods analysis of online survey reports. PLOS One, 13 11 ,. Goldsmiths Musical Sophistication Index Gold-MSI : Portuguese version and associations with socio-demographic factors, personality and music preferences. Heaton, Pam F. Discriminating autism and language impairment and specific language impairment through acuity of musical imagery.

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Musik als Therapie oder Störfaktor (Schriftenreihe Erfahrungsheilkunde) (German Edition)

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(PDF) The Crisis of Musical Aesthetics in the 21st Century | Gianmario Borio - abepivurev.tk

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Procedia-Social and behavioural sciences, , pp. Frieler, K. Replication in music psychology. Musicae Scientiae, 17 3 , pp. Absolute memory for pitch: A comparative replication of Levitin's study in six European labs. The influence of music-elicited emotions and relative pitch on absolute pitch memory for familiar melodies.

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A Sound Design for Acoustic Feedback in Elite Sports

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Effects of timbre and tempo change on memory for music. The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 61 9 , pp. Musicae Scientiae, 12 1 , pp.

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  • Psychology of Music, 46 1 , - Testing the beneficial effects of singing in a choir on mood and stress in a longitudinal study: The role of social contacts. T he stress-reducing effect of music listening varies depending on the social context. Psychoneuroendocrinology , 71 , The effects of music listening on pain and stress in the daily life of patients with fibromyalgia syndrome. Individual Differences and Stability of Music Preference].

    International Journal of Behavioral Medicine , Advance online publication. Emotion regulation in everyday situations by listening to music. Listening to music and physiological and psychological functioning: The mediating role of emotion regulation and stress reactivity. The psychoneuroendocrinology of music effects on health. Villalba Eds.


    Hauppauge: Nova Science Publishers. Nater, U. Sex differences in emotional and psychophysiological responses to musical stimuli. Available on request. Music-Empathizing-Systemizing Inventory [in German; available upon request]. Selected Publications.