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His legacy is a complicated one: He was an idealist and a pragmatist; an orator and This Day In History. Lanyon 2 episodes, Mike Carnell Newsvendor 2 episodes, Ann Castle Lady Gull 2 episodes, Deirdre Costello Annie Chapman 2 episodes, Jon Croft Thackeray 2 episodes, Angela Crow Liz Stride 2 episodes, Kelly Cryer Annette 2 episodes, Marc Culwick Prince Albert Victor 2 episodes, John Dair Isenschmid 2 episodes, Roy Evans Doorkeeper 2 episodes, John Fletcher Watkins 2 episodes, Sheridan Forbes Millie 2 episodes, Hugh Fraser Sir Charles Warren 2 episodes, Martin Friend Newsvendor 2 episodes, Christopher Fulford George Lusk 2 episodes, Bruce Green Pizer 2 episodes, Ricci Harnett Pickpocket 2 episodes, Ronald Hines Henry Matthews 2 episodes, Denys Hawthorne Assistant Commissioner 2 episodes, Michael Hughes Llewellyn 2 episodes, Peter Hughes Paulson 2 episodes, Frank Jarvis Diemschutz 2 episodes, Jon Laurimore Inspector Spratling 2 episodes, Mike Lewin Duty Guard 2 episodes, Rod Lewis Mortician 2 episodes, Gary Love Derek 2 episodes, George Malpas Old Man 2 episodes, Eric Mason Publican 2 episodes, Bernadette Milnes Woman in Doorway 2 episodes, Jonathan Moore Benjamin Bates 2 episodes, Richard Morant Acland 2 episodes, T.

O'Connor 2 episodes, John Normington Dresser 2 episodes, Ronald Nunnery Davis 2 episodes, Sandra Payne Acland 2 episodes, Neville Phillips Cabinet Secretary 2 episodes, Iain Rattray Tough Cop 2 episodes, David Ryall Bowyer 2 episodes, Gary Shail Pimp 2 episodes, Gerald Sim Bagster Phillips 2 episodes, George Sweeney John Netley 2 episodes, David Swift Lord Salisbury 2 episodes, Norman Warwick Richardson 2 episodes, Brian Weske Edit Storyline During the latter half of , a notorious serial killer nicknamed Jack the Ripper terrorises the East End of London by murdering prostitutes in a terribly violent way.

Taglines: The hunt is on for the world's most infamous murderer. Language: English. Runtime: min 2 parts min 2 parts DVD. Sound Mix: Mono. Color: Color.

Edit Did You Know? Trivia The opening prologue states: "For over years the murders in Whitechapel committed by Jack the Ripper have baffled the world. What you are about to see is a dramatization of those events. Our story is based on extensive research, including a review of the official files by special permission of the Home Office and interviews with leading criminologists and Scotland Yard officials. Goofs Shortly after his argument in the police station with Lusk, Michael Caine storms into his office and grabs a bottle of whisky which he uncorks. Caine then turns to Lewis Collins to talk to him, then turns back and uncorks the bottle again.

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Quotes Sgt. George Godley : Inquest tomorrow? How can we present evidence by tomorrow? Chief Insp.

The Police Investigation - JackTheRipper

Frederick Abberline : We can't! George Godley : You mean we're not meant to? Above the piece of apron, on the brick fascia in the doorway, was the legend, in chalk, "The Juwes are The men that Will not be Blamed for nothing. Expert opinion is divided. It was at this time that the panic was at its height and the notoriety of the murders was becoming truly international, appearing in newspapers from Europe to the Americas. Even at this early stage the newspapers were carrying theories as to the identity of the killer, including doctors, slaughterers, sailors, and lunatics of every description.

A popular image of the killer as a 'shabby genteel' man in dark clothing, slouch hat and carrying a shiny black bag was also beginning to gain currency. The press, especially the nascent tabloid papers, were having a field day.

Scotland Yard fights to keep Jack the Ripper files secret

With no Whitechapel murders in October there was still plenty to write about. There were dozens of arrests of suspects "on suspicion" usually followed by quick release ; there was a police house-to-house search, handbills were circulated, and Vigilance Committee members and private detectives flooded the streets.

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The discovery of a female torso in the cellars of the new police headquarters under construction at Whitehall the Norman Shaw building added to the air of horror on 2 October, The floodgates to a deluge of copy cat 'Jack the Ripper' letters were opened, and added to the problems of the police. An unpleasant experience befell the Chairman of the Whitechapel Vigilance Committee, builder George Lusk, on 16 October, , when he received half a human kidney in a cardboard box through the post.

With this gruesome object was a letter scrawled in a spidery band and addressed "from Hell The police, and police surgeon felt it was probably a hoax by a medical student, although others believed it was part of Eddowes' missing organ.

The Jack the Ripper Casebook

Well-attended and lengthy inquests were held by Coroner Wynne Baxter on the majority of the victims. By the time the murders came to an end in , the proprietors of the Working Lads' Institute had had enough of the noisy, unruly, proceedings and informed Baxter that he should find a different venue for his next inquest.

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After the Kelly murder, and many more abortive arrests, the panic began to die down a little and a more quiescent atmosphere began to reign. In early lnspector Abberline left, to take on other cases, and the inquiry was handed over to Inspector Henry Moore.

His last extant report on the murders is dated , when another 'Jack the Ripper' letter was received. There were brief flurries of press activity and wild suggestions that the 'Ripper' had returned on the occasions of the subsequent murders. However, Sadler was the last serious suspect arrested, and his seafaring activities obviated him from blame for the murders.

Jack the Ripper mystery solved by top detective after 125 years

A number of relevant files and documents are available in the National Archives at Ruskin Avenue, Kew. They were named in a report dated 23 February , although there is no evidence of contemporary police suspicion against the three at the time of the murders. Indeed, Macnaghten's report contains several odd factual errors. Click here about Adverts. The four main suspects can be listed as: Kosminski, a poor Polish Jew resident in Whitechapel; Montague John Druitt, a 31 year old barrister and school teacher who committed suicide in December ; Michael Ostrog, a Russian-born multi-pseudonymous thief and confidence trickster, believed to be 55 years old in , and detained in asylums on several occasions; Dr Francis J.

Tumblety, 56 years old, an American 'quack' doctor, who was arrested in November for offences of gross indecency, and fled the country later the same month, having obtained bail at a very high price.