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The Rancher's Seduction. The Boss's Baby Arrangement. Harlequin Desire February - Box Set 1 of 2. That Jose wouldn't bend under her will, for them to meet the halfway. Jose and Stella already loves each other in the beginning of the book so the romance part doesn't seem to be undeveloped. The suspense part is entertaining but easy to forget after few weeks. What about her brothers and her father, why they aren't invited? Why to include your mother who was dead for so many years but not your closest family who was there for you all the time? And what about Jose's teammates who are like a family for him?

I'm giving three stars. I will read the other books in this series one day. Aug 10, SheLove2Read rated it liked it Shelves: Good read but not great.

Free Fall (Elite Force #4)

I didn't love it. Jose and Stella individually were both likeable characters with interesting backgrounds, but I didn't feel a connection between them. There was heat but no warmth, if that makes sense. A little too much suspense, too little romance. Jan 27, Tammy Zautner rated it really liked it. Although this is book four in the series, it may be read as a stand-alone. Free Fall was easy to follow and wrapped up without any cliffhangers. It's the 'afterward' that has me worried, the everyday life 3. It's the 'afterward' that has me worried, the everyday life part, and the quiet moments.

As long as I keep running, I'm good. When I stop, I crash. Stella wanted more from their relationship and Jose was unable to commit at the level she needed. Therefore, they broke things off. A pain filled month later, they are thrust back together in another covert mission, and this round has Jose saving Stella.

Both of them need to set their emotions for each other aside so they can focus on what lies ahead. State secrets are beginning to unfold, traitors are uncovered inside and outside the multiple organizations , and betrayal of the worst kind will question whether forgiveness can be considered. You broke my heart. Not some flowery, romantic sob story. It's messy and painful. Let me say it again, clearer.

See a Problem?

You broke my fucking heart. However, those two definitely struggled as a couple. Stella and Jose were a mess together. On their own, they kicked ass. Both had strong personalities; they were loyal and passionate towards their jobs and each other. The emotional struggle and connection was there between the characters and very well developed. We felt their love and their pain, but at times, the sexual chemistry seemed a little lacking to us. Their relationship teetered on the fact that they couldn't be together but they also couldn't stand to be apart.

Jose has commitment issues, his painful past interferes with his ability to commit the way Stella needs, and she is not willing to compromise on what she wants out of life; that included the house, kids, and white picket fence. There were secrets, omissions, danger, drama, and twists that kept the story interesting. A major twist surprised us both. Our hero and heroine were a complicated dance of denial, running, pushing away, and pulling back together.

At times, we felt it moved a little slow and the push and pull between Jose and Stella seemed a little old after a while. The secondary characters, however, were a fun and entertaining mix amongst the turmoil helping to break up the tension. Thank you to Catherine Mann for providing us with the opportunity of reviewing Free Fall for an honest opinion. View 1 comment. Sarah works with Interpol and Jose as a pararesceman. Through flashbacks we see their romance and eventually why they broke up, Sarah someday wants to settle down and have kids.

Jose does not. They both love each other so much, thought that the other person was it for them, the one they were meant to be with, but neither one wants to give in on what they want for the future. I really enjoyed getting the history for both characters, their pasts are painful in different ways. Sarah dealt with the pain of an absent mom who chose to work in Africa with the Peace Corps helping the children there and abandoning her own kids back home. While I loved getting to know Jose and Sarah as characters, I felt like their romance was too back and forth to really get invested in.

Army National Guard Special Forces - Green Berets - Military Freefall

It got a little old because it was obvious they loved each other and would find a way to be together, and the question became who was going to compromise. I liked the vulnerable scenes between them when they talked about their past and the pain they both grew up with and are still dealing with now. The emotion between the couple was great, but the romance left a bit to be desired.

The action was good, though nothing that stood out as gripping. This leads to a more dangerous situation involving intelligence agents security and traitors close to Sarah and Jose. I liked seeing Sarah work her skills in cracking codes and Jose in his parajumper element — yum. I felt like this was a good story, but nothing that really grabbed me and took hold. I did like the characters when they let their guards down with each other and I was a sap for a tortured Jose.

Upon finishing, I revisited this quote and thought how fitting it was for Jose and Stella's story. Circumstance brings their lives together again when Jose is called in to be part of the team to rescue Stella, who was taken hostage while undercover. In the midst of terrorists threats and twists unfolding, we get glimpses of Jose and Stella's relationship through flashbacks. I know some would prefer that the story not go back and forth from past to present, but I found this didn't bother me so much.

The flashbacks to their romantic dates together were some of my favorite parts! In these scenes Catherine Mann whisks the reader away to the most romantic and exotic locations in Africa. Jose planned some truly special dates for Stella to sweep her off her feet. Really, even I was swept off my feet! So, why did these two soul mates and intense lovers break up? I found two running themes throughout Free Fall Jose and Stella have a huge opportunity for a second chance to be together if they can only work out their differences. I love how Catherine Mann wove the second theme throughout the story.

Boy, does it get really emotional as the plot thickens! There is no doubt that fans of the Elite Force series will enjoy Free Fall. The heart-pounding action and suspense is all there. Free Fall can be read as a standalone. I've only read books 2 and 4, but I very much enjoy this series and plan to read the other books soon. I've been hooked! Catherine Mann's military romances are simply quite addicting! Jan 02, Christi Snow rated it really liked it. My Review: This book is a different style of book. You don't get to see any of their relationship in current time.

It's all done in flashbacks and I was fine with that at first, but by the middle of the book, I wanted to concentrate on their story. Their story in current time is that they are caught up in this huge political firestorm in Africa. Jose My Review: This book is a different style of book. Jose is a PJ Stella is an Interpol agent.

The book starts when Stella has been kidnapped and Jose is part of the mission to go in and recover her. Catherine Mann wrote these scenes so incredibly well Yes, they've broken up, but not because they didn't love each other. They broke up because of a significant disagreement about a future with kids. Jose grew up in an alcoholic family and is a recovering alcoholic himself.

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He refuses to curse another child with his genetic makeup. Stella can't see her future without a family. The tension and action is great in this. It starts from the first page and carries you pretty much through the entire book. I love a good angsty book and this one worked for me in that regard. I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review. Apr 09, Chantelle Larson rated it it was ok Shelves: library-rental , military-romance. Pulled from my "potential" list Going to keep the 2-star rating, second half was inarguably better than the first one but that's the best compliment I can give.

There wasn't too much more past issue diving though there was some in moderation. I took a nice long break from this book half-way through because plotline Pulled from my "potential" list I took a nice long break from this book half-way through because plotline was dragging and the romance was mediocre at best, going back into it was a good idea because I did partly enjoy the last half of the book and I also enjoyed the writing style of the author. I did not re-read the beginning nor did I read the blurb, I simply jumped right back into it.

I have to point out that even doing that, basically starting the book from the middle had absolutely no effect as to my enjoyment of it I didn't miss a beat. To me For being a military romance I was disappointed with this book for several reasons, I would give this author another try but I think I will steer clear of this particular series.

I still LOVE the cover though! Their mutual attraction was intense, but with his damaged past, Jose couldn't give Stella what she needed, a family and home. Now, after their break up, they are back together in East Africa, facing more than just a terrorist plot against the wife of the Vice President. Together they uncover both traitors and someone from Stella's past who shouldn't be alive, someone Stella has been searching for informa Stella Carson met Pararescueman Jose "Cuervo" James whiel they were both on a covert mission.

Together they uncover both traitors and someone from Stella's past who shouldn't be alive, someone Stella has been searching for information about for years. Jose and Stella still love each other, but must decide if it they can beat back their demons to be together again. Although this appeared to be a book with Jose as its central character, for the most part, it was Stella's struggles that were well showcased. These characters were well-matched, with strong personalities and needs that meshed well together like puzzle pieces! With a little espionage, danger, and romance all rolled into one fast read, it was good entertainment!

Dec 11, AndreaH rated it it was ok Shelves: military-romance. Parajumper Jose "Cuervo" James is a speed junkie — he has to keep moving, working, doing. Because he doesn't know how to handle quiet or relaxation. Stella Cameron is an Interpol operative who is ready to get off the treadmill and nest. A while back these two had a relationship before they let it blow up for obvious reasons: He can't settle and that's all she wants. Now, she's been taken hostage as part of a student group by nasty rebels and Cuervo is part of the team sent in to get the hostages ou Parajumper Jose "Cuervo" James is a speed junkie — he has to keep moving, working, doing.

Now, she's been taken hostage as part of a student group by nasty rebels and Cuervo is part of the team sent in to get the hostages out. Problem is there's a mole on the inside, and Stella is in his sight. While working to get out, the two stumble across a plot to disrupt a goodwill visit by the US veep's wife to this downtrodden country. The two must work together to unravel the plot and prevent a worldwide crisis, even while they struggle with their personal relationship, which is a total train wreck.

These are the people who love each other but can't live together. These two get their HEA, which I found to be too much "in the crisis" moment but I think the road ahead is going to be very bumpy and involve lots of counseling.

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Mar 06, AliciaJ rated it liked it Shelves: e-books-kindle , romantic-suspense , military-romance. What did I think It was pretty good. The suspense was intriguing. The romance part was a bit disappointing for me, though. I had hoped for more for Cuervo's story. Frankly, I wasn't all that enamored of the heroine, although there really wasn't any one thing about her that turned me off. It just seemed like she couldn't make a stand regarding her feelings for the hero and stick to it.

U.S. Plans a Shift to Elite Forces in Afghanistan - The New York Times

It got frustrating. But other than that, the story was pretty good. Jan 16, Dee rated it liked it Shelves: romance , thriller , suspense-romantic , series. Two-haiku review: She's agent, hostage She sends code message to him Looking for rescue Spies and intrigue here Characters can't compromise African setting. Oct 19, Juliewheatcox.

Net rated it liked it. This book didn't quite have the kick that Hot Zone had. Jul 17, Theresa Hurley rated it really liked it. Enjoyed this story with Jose and Stella. Jun 04, Tina rated it liked it Shelves: part-of-series. Mar 14, Suzan rated it it was amazing. They stand-alone, but are better in order because the team members do reappear and their "brotherhood" of pararescuemen is an enjoyable feature. I already had a soft spot for Jose after his appearances in the previous books, but he is a hugely lovable guy. I slowly warmed up to Stella, although she is also a tough as nails operative in her own right and I liked that there was a strong female character for Jose.

Jose struggles with past alcoholism and a family history of alcoholism and I enjoyed seeing him finally allow himself to move forward with a future despite his concerns of turning out like other family members. Love really did conquer in this story. The suspense itself is good, although the backstory with Stella's mother was a bit distracting at times. I've now read this entire series, and wish there were a few more. I will seek out more books by this author, I really like her style.

Aug 01, Susan rated it really liked it Shelves: books-read , men-in-uniform-challenge , military-hero , romance , romantic-suspense. Good book, with action, suspense and romance. Jose and Stella first met when she, as an Interpol agent, rescued him and his team during an anti-pirate mission. There was an immediate and intense attraction between them, and they began seeing each other whenever their work allowed. Their relationship was hot and fast, but began to fall apart when they realized they wanted different things from it.

A month after parting ways, Jose is called in as part of a team to rescue Stella and other hostages Good book, with action, suspense and romance. A month after parting ways, Jose is called in as part of a team to rescue Stella and other hostages in the African jungle. Their attraction reignites, but in order to do anything about it, they have to stay alive. I liked both Jose and Stella. Both of them are intense, honorable, and very good at what they do. In order to focus on their mission, they have to try to set their emotions aside, something that is easier said than done.

It's obvious that their feelings are just as strong as ever, but the obstacles to being together haven't changed. Jose is a terrific guy. He can be sweet and romantic, as shown in the flashbacks of their relationship. He is also a recovering alcoholic, from a family of alcoholics, which has affected the way he looks at his future. He experienced the effect his mother's alcoholism had on himself and his sister as they were growing up, and saw what happened to his niece and nephew because of his sister's.

Even though he has been sober for five years, he refuses to risk having children and ruining their lives. He's deeply in love with Stella, but he can't give her what she wants. Stella is a really awesome heroine. She became a codebreaker for Interpol, but also uses her time to try to find out what really happened to her mother.

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While she was growing up, her mother was rarely home, as she was a Peace Corps worker in Africa, leaving Stella and her brothers to be raised by their father. When Stella was fifteen, her mother was killed in a car accident in Africa, but something never felt right to her. She wants to know more. She also has her life planned out so that, once she has had enough of her field work for Interpol, she'll take a desk job, find a man and have the family she always dreamed about.

She never expected to find the man she wanted in the middle of a mission. Over the five months of their relationship she fell hard for him, and was heartbroken when he made it clear that his vision of the future wasn't the same as hers. Their reunion was full of stress, emotion and passion. They have to work together to stop the terrorists and their plans, which means setting their emotions aside. But they also find it impossible to keep their hands off each other.

They are miserable when they are apart, and know that there isn't anyone else who is so right for them, but finding a way to be together seems impossible. I really liked the way each of them respects the job that the other does, and doesn't try to change them. Knowing what they do about the other's job, fears for their loved one's safety run very deep. Stella tries to show Jose that he isn't anything like his mother and sister, but he can't see it. Jose is frustrated by the fact that Stella can't seem to accept how deep his fears are. Both of them have to find a way past their issues if there's to be any hope for them to be together.

The suspense aspect of the story was riveting and action packed. The initial preparation for Stella's rescue showed her strengths, as she found ways to pass information to the rescue team. The rescue itself was intense, with some questions about just what the purpose of the capture was. Information about a planned public attack comes to light, and the agencies present have to find a way to stop it. As the story goes on, danger, drama and secrets keep the action moving along. There is a huge twist at the end that I never saw coming.

The final confrontation at the end was intense, and very well done. I enjoyed the secondary characters, who added depth to the story, along with a few moments of lightness to break some of the tension. I especially enjoyed the parts with Bubbles and fuzzy things. I also liked the romance between Annie and Sam, as "mature" romances are few and far between in romance novels. Even as a secondary story line, it's nice to see. Apr 11, Vickie rated it really liked it. Stella Carson has been on a mission since she was a child. Find out what happened to her mother. Her mom had split her time between their home and doing mission work in Africa and when she was killed in an accident, Stella never really bought into the story they were told.

Bound and determined, Stella became an Interpol agent in hopes of getting to Africa to try and track down the facts. One lesson she learned? Be careful what you wish for. Stella is on assignment off the coast of Africa. She is Stella Carson has been on a mission since she was a child. She is to rendezvous with a team of SEALs and parajumpers who are there trying to break up a pirating ring.

Once she makes contact and picks them up, she encounters Jose, and their attraction is instantaneous. A relationship ensues, but hits a dead end for Stella a few months in. She longs for a family, but for Jose, a recovering alcoholic, with a tragic family history, a family is the last thing he wants. He seems to think that history will repeat itself and they end their relationship.

And, once they reconnect, things start to unfold rather quickly. There are subplots happening simultaneously that left me confused at first, but once things got rolling, I could not put this book down. As Stella and Jose struggle with their feelings for each other, the subplot comes to the forefront and explodes. This was a well written story that grabbed me from the beginning. The chemistry between Stella and Jose is, like I said earlier, instantaneous. And, Mann does a wonderful job of pulling everything together. Even though I kind of figured out the direction of the storyline, I was still surprised at how Mann actually played it out.

Definitely worth the read. And, I had no idea it was number 4 in a series. She saves him and he saves her right back.