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The lies were from the anti-camp, Dave, not the pro, and the collective weight of lies eventually doomed the plan. You know, it's easy to pick something apart, much harder to put something together.

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And here we are, no closer to rapid transit in this city, thanks to visionless, pro-sprawl, anti-urbanist, small-minded fuckwits like you. With Nick Licata grabbing 3 votes for every 1 vote that's going to his opponent, Paul Bascomb, people at the Mirabeau Room are calling for drinks on the house.

No word yet of whether the bartenders have complied, but Nick sure looks happy:. How about that one? Run by incompetent nincompoops.

The Ship of Fools

Ever think of that? At this party we have two council members who could have trounced Nickels. His stripper ban is so silly it makes me think he goes out of town for lap dances.

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People here are already planning on running Licata for mayor in ' He'll be married and even fiercer. Watch out you Sidranesque mayoral staff. The people ain't going to stand for your white-bread doughboy bullshit when there is a real candidate to stand up to it. Don't bottle up your feelings, Dave, it's not healthy. Let it all out. Tell us how you really feel. Four drinks and many miles since he left the Mirabeau Room earlier tonight, Party Crasher has resurfaced at the Westin Hotel, from whence he reports:.

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The room is about the size of a studio apartment, which most of the partiers haven't seen in years. Ron Sims's room, meanwhile, is packed and ballroom-size, and Sims is smiling widely even though he's only up by seven points against David Irons. Party Bus riders have determined that the No on party here has free drinks, and now they are drinking very liberally. Just a minute ago at the No on party, a middle aged woman was flipping through the channels, looking for more voting returns, when she accidentally flipped into a hardcore porn channel.

Suddenly the screen showed a woman astride a man, her breasts bouncing. In response to which one of the Party Bus riders shouted: "No, no, no! I think those are great results.

It looks like Ron Sims is winning. Dan Savage just put in a call to Jan Drago at her party. Savage loves cake, and the sight of a great big cake made him hungry. And Savage needs a little sugar to cheer him up, what with the monorail going down. So he asked Jan if she could have some of the cake sent up to the Stranger HQ. We've got to figure out how to get it up to you guys.

We've got to figure out how to get it up to them! Savage broke in: "Jan, we'll send someone down to pick it up. You don't have to run it up here yourself. Savage told her that Amy Jenniges was on her way, platter in hand. Check back here for more updates on the cake. Casey Corr may be down by 20 points in his race against Jan Drago, but he just told Amy Jenniges he's still optimistic.

However, Amy wonders if this spread and set of empty chairs is really the sign of an optimistic party:. Drago not only has 20 points on Corr but she also has cake at her party—plenty of yummy, yummy sheet cake. Sarah Fischer reports from the No on party. No on spokesperson Andrew Villanueve says "The results are looking better than we'd ever hoped. They don't have the complete numbers, so they don't want to call the race, but they're optimistic. Fischer says everyone is glued to the TV but people are enjoying themselves.

It's "much peppier" than the monorail party. Catering report: Starbucks coffee and your typical fruit and cheese platter. Amy Jenniges reports that Jan Drago is thrilled with the second round of numbers, which put her up by 20 points over Casey Corr. Earlier this week, her campaign manager asked whether she should get Casey's phone number just in case Drago needed to call to congratulate him on election night. Drago replied: "No, it's going to be the other way around. The measure to rescind the gas tax funding crucial transportation and infrastructure projects around the state is currently failing by the slimmest of margins.

The latest numbers, with some counties not reporting and some counties reporting partial results: Yes rescind tax One of the counties reporting only partial results is King, where the gas tax repeal is not expected to do well. Fix this now! Facebook is very responsive to my office when I want to talk about federal legislation and suddenly get marbles in their mouths when we ask them about dealing with a fake video. Bickert told CNN that press coverage of the fake video had effectively shifted the public conversation to how it was manipulated.

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Submit it here. David Cicilline davidcicilline. Could we do it? These votes tend to play out as if the audience is participating in a game of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? While we vote, on small devices that are given out before the show begins, jaunty music plays and a giant clock projected onto the stage ticks down the time remaining.

As the show proceeds, the tone of the recurrent trolley questions gets darker, as if to emphasize to the audience the potential consequences of even the most theoretical questions. Would we save one innocent person to kill five nonviolent neo-Nazis? Should we vote for Drummond to dox a Scottish white nationalist—who pops up a handful of times in the story—right then and there?

When he asks people to vote on whether they believe in absolute freedom of speech, and only He has, essentially, converted us.