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Black or White. Boy or Girl. The kidnapper does not play favorites. His methods are unlike any other serial killer to date. He likes his women cold, frozen to be exact. Once finished with a victim, he displays her like a ghastly piece Then he displays his victims in a way that tells the world they are sinners. Texas Ranger William Thomas is called to a gruesome crime scene where the body of a m That's nothing new. Seeing the bloody victims in the way they were slain? Not new.

After the pink-haired mage expressed her surprise she knew she was the genuine Elluka, the mayor countered it was the reason she directed her to Toragay; when Elluka brought up her "librarian" accomplice's involvement, answered that it was all to encourage her to discover Margarita's true identity. She then expressed her disappointment in the mage, having expected her to figure it out much sooner. Once Elluka retorted that even she had trouble finding any evidence, Mayrana was shocked the mage thought she was a contractor.

Sighing, Mayor Julia again expressed her disappointment that the mage knew nothing about it. Julia then stated her fake codename and rank along with Kaspar and Margarita's codenames, asking if the mage would be satisfied with that confirmation. Elluka then inquired why they killed Kaspar due to an internal fight. The mayor clarified that wasn't Margarita's orders but that Kaspar did break the organization's rules, explaining his betrayal.

After explaining her reasons for giving Margarita Gift, Elluka noted the red liquid and Julia expressed her surprise and glee for actually finding her hint. She then explained her failure with the Third Gift before applauding Margarita's brilliant improvements with the Fourth Gift used on Kaspar; she then clarified the Fifth Gift's shortcomings on Marx before happily describing the airborne effects of the Sixth Gift, exclaiming that it was an even more infectious epidemic than the dreaded Gula disease.

As Elluka declared she'd stop it, Mayrana playfully questioned if she would, pointing out her inability to anything to stop the vessel of Gluttony's Gula or save her precious Arth and Anne. Seeing Elluka's anger in response, the mayor inquired if she still hadn't realized that killing Margarita wouldn't stop the Sixth Gift, noting the disease would still continue killing like Gula. She then added Margarita's current work on the Seventh Gift and questioned what it would become; suggesting it might eradicate all humanity, she laughed and prepared to battle Elluka. Gumillia then interjected to ask if Fifth Pierrot was there, Mayrana recalled how she was chasing him and apologized.

After she explained he had already returned home, the mayor described that she kept the girl he brought in the basement, saying she could free the child after they killed her. Once Gumillia coldly noted how she had seemed so talkative before, Mayrana chuckled, retorting she spent enough time waiting and answering questions. Before she could add it wouldn't matter since they were going to die, Gumillia interjected the answer for her and asked if she planned to say that; after a brief silence, Mayrana said she was right.

With their conversation finished, Mayrana entered a battle stance and conjured fire. Once the snake coiled around the tornado and snuffed it out, Mayrana laughed and commented on Elluka's impressive skill with using nature to empower her own spells, pointing out she'd overwhelm her if they were at a forest or ocean. She then noted it was useless since they were indoors. Asking if the former spirit had a similar magic arsenal, Gumillia didn't respond. Elluka then cast Curse Song at Mayrana and she laughed at the futile attack. Once the mage recanted her spell, Julia explained she should already know as a mage that advanced magic needed preparation to adjust, unlike in her home.

Exclaiming again that they were in her home, Mayrana revealed the runes she inscribed into the mansion. She then explained that she already sealed the use of spell songs. Afterward, the mage questioned if they could defeat her, even if it was two on one. Laughing maniacally, she commanded them to become ash and conjured a large flame in her hands.

She then said she couldn't afford to burn Margarita upstairs, hence the smaller flame compared to her last spell. Mayrana declared this attack would only incinerate humans, specifically them, and fired it at the mage. She then witnessed the flame become doused by a water spell. Seeing a hole in the mansion's wall to the outside, the mayor deduced the mage used the rain to create an impressive water spell, given her attacks were impervious to regular water.

She then overheard Elluka call to Gumillia and the apprentice receded the muddy water back into rain. When Gumillia questioned where her cat was, prompting Elluka to exclaim she wasn't that mage, Mayrana remained silent.

Morgan Hannah MacDonald

Gumillia then asked why she was so quiet at her words and the apprentice glared at the two before letting out a third sigh. Noting that the apprentice seemed to be more impressive than the "Mage of Eternity", Fourth Shadow admitted she wasn't the "red cat mage", First Santa Claus, or even Julia Abelard and reintroduced herself to her opponents with a curtsy.

Noting her codename implied she was a shadow double, Mayrana admitted that was the case. When Elluka suggested she wasn't the "Elluka" Margarita knew, the evil apprentice interjected that she didn't lie about that, only she had done it per her master's instructions.

Recalling the Lioness Burning Incident, Mayrana quickly admitted her involvement in it and acknowledged the role her envy of Elluka played in her participation as much as her orders had. Noting her disappoint in being unable to kill her, Shadow playfully admitted she was simply a novice back then. Elluka retorted that was fine, as it gave her no reason to hesitate killing her and Mayrana scoffed that her mouth was the only thing she was skilled at. As she declared she'd once again incinerate her with fire magic, Gumillia interjected again and pointed her gun at the mage, countering that she should be her opponent since they were both the apprentices.

Shadow then politely asked the former forest spirit to follow the mood; as she teased to go one at a time for being burned by her, Gumillia suddenly fired at her repeatedly and the apprentice easily dodged the attacks. Identifying the gun as magically enhanced, the intrigued apprentice noted it freed Gumillia of any environmental restrictions. Before she could finish her analysis, the green-haired mage open fired again and the wicked apprentice again easily dodged the attacks.

Calling her slow, Mayrana said her attacks were ineffective when Gumillia interjected again and carved a new rune into the gun before firing at her a third time. Startled by the increased speed, Shadow barely dodged the onslaught. Identifying the use of an acceleration inscription, she applauded the attack; while adding she was still slightly faster, Gumillia cast Clockwork Secret Art. Caught in the time bubble, the slowed Mayrana questioned what was happening and why Gumillia was approaching her so quickly. Putting the gun to her temple, Mayrana screamed as she fired while helplessly trying to dodge.

When the technique suddenly wore off in that moment, Mayrana swiftly fell to the ground and dodged the attack. After shakily recovering to her feet, Gumillia attempted to cast it again. Mayrana screamed for her to stop and swiftly fled out the hole in the mansion outside. As she leaped outside, she was suddenly entangled in her planted greeonian plateau roses Gumillia manipulated.

Shocked as the sharp rose stems suddenly burrowed into her, the pained apprentice noted she couldn't move and Gumillia told her to return to the earth.

Entangled in more and more of the rose stems, Mayrana's entire body was covered and torn until she died of the poisoned flowers, left to appear like another part of the flora. Shortly after her death, Eight of Blood made a failed assassination attempt on Elluka while the mage duo attempted to leave the mansion with Len Kyun in tow.

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Centuries after Shadow's death, Ma and Gammon Octo created a screenplay regarding Margarita's incident and Hannah's involvement, and it was subsequently reviewed by the Master of the Court. While organizing the "motion", Gammon reflected on the actions of Margarita's close friend "Julia", allowing him to conclude Margarita's actual master had created the Clockworker's Doll and that its name shed some light on the identity of its true creator. Hannah was a sadistic, twisted, and spiteful woman. Much like her mentor, she enjoyed the suffering of others and took great pleasure in the spread of malice and death throughout the world.

As Julia's double, Shadow mimicked many of her traits, including her common saying about turning others into ashes or drinking milk. Her obsession eventually included eating the same food, wearing the same makeup and clothes, and even having the same face. As part of this, Mayrana memorized the nuanced details of her master's visage and could nearly instantly recognize the subtle differences when examining her altered face in a mirror.

However, Hannah's loyalty was overshadowed by her envy of others who garnered her master's attention. Despite being Julia's apprentice, she was incredibly frustrated that her master gave a vessel of sin to Seven of Magician rather than her and began to strive to collect a vessel of sin herself through Margarita. Therefore, she felt deep disdain for Magician even thinking she could become a mage.

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