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Among The Shadows does not disappoint, writer Mark Morgan and director Tiago Mesquita serve up a cocktail of incomprehensible plotting and awful dialogue. The campaign manager for the incumbent is murdered by a fellow werewolf.

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This not only throws the campaign into turmoil, it pisses off hard-boiled private investigator Kristy Wolfe Charlotte Beckett since he was her favorite uncle. What we have here is a bad Underworld sequel with current politics added in to try to make it relevant. But, I doubt anything could have helped this film. We expect some people transforming into wolf-like creatures, right?

The werewolves here have glowing eyes and fangs and shard claws on their hands. This might be understandable in a low budget feature, but Among The Shadows claims to have had a twelve million dollar budget.

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In another scene Lindsay's character is talking to Kristy — who she hired to protect her husband — and tells her "The stakes are a lot higher now," while Kristy reassures her "I can handle it. Men shoot guns, explosions happen, people looking evil with empty white eyes growl in the darkness and this…looks…epic.

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The Lindsay Lohan Werewolf Detective Film ‘Among the Shadows’ Arrives This March

Pinterest icon The letter "P" styled to look like a thumbtack pin. Lindsay Lohan in "Among the Shadows. The trailer for Lindsay Lohan 's new movie, "Among the Shadows," is here. Lohan is playing the first lady of an unknown country where werewolves are after her husband. The movie is Lohan's first since Hollywood Life Contributor.

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Among the Shadows: get ready for Lindsay Lohan's low-budget werewolf film

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