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But give him his due, he has visited all those out-of-the-way restaurants. And he has clearly put a good deal of thought into the recipes he includes in this book.

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There aren't many of them, only about 15 per book, but on the whole for some reason, the doughnut range doesn't have many surprises they're both unusual and worth trying. He has not hesitated to tinker with some of them to make them better; for instance, changing a traditional milk custard to a buttermilk custard for richness.

Some of them do need a bit of tweaking. The hypocrite pie recipe calls for one cup of sugar but only uses three-fourth cup; we decided three-fourths cup was right. The strawberry doughnut recipe from Glendora's famed Donut Man shop doesn't mention mixing the strawberries with syrup for the filling, and we found its dough needed more water than specified. Edge encounters some dishes for which he doesn't give recipes -- understandable in the case of the soy-extended "slug burger" or flour-extended "dough burger" of northeastern Mississippi. Apple pie milk shake, yes; even doughnut soup, yes; but no slug burger.

I'm glad he's left in the PC burger "PC" standing for pimento cheese , which is topped with a mixture of pimentos, green onions, mayonnaise and six 6!

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It makes you proud, somehow, to know you have fellow citizens who can put away PC burgers and live. You might even think it's worth wading through Edge's pirouetting prose to discover such down-home marvels. California Cookbook. Log in Create account. Have you tried? Halo halo Green cilantro sauce mojo verde Salad of wild arugula, shaved baby artichokes and fe Warm Spinach Salad.

Total time: 20 minutes Serves 6. This emphatically oniony cheeseburger is a tradition in El Reno, Okla. Just ingredients Ingredient basics. Each serving:. Lawrence massaged a shoulder, grunting, before he could talk again. Represent it. And if we can do that, our seat suddenly becomes worth a lot more. Because change will keep coming, and with it, a lot of power. Not a matter of distrust, just accountability. But, D really wanted to set things straight with us, with Lawrence, and D was the only person we had available who could tackle this job, and after texting Lawrence, she proved herself again.

He was facing me, half-turned. I frowned a bit. Outside of this, the job, you can do whatever or whoever you want. It was bad enough that you had to share my last name when we went to the Lunar Tower. He turned back. Give it five more minutes, and then you can leave. Maybe there was more change going on that I had thought. Five minutes. I waited, my thoughts more tangled than the art piece in front of me. I rubbed my arm again. D bumped into my shoulder. I had to put my hands back down for balance, or else I would have tumbled over the roof and onto the cold, slick cement.

If I fell, I would have been able to walk away just fine. D repositioned herself so she was perched over the edge of the building. She sat, instead, setting her butt down and letting her legs dangle freely. We were several stories up, watching people as they went about their business, maneuvering through hallways with wide windows, going through the doors at the front of the building. More left than they entered, which would make sense, given the late hour. As the police started to clock out, we were getting ready to start. The Pupil. It was a nickname for the new police headquarters that was built a couple years ago.

Housing the newest equipment and technology for forensics and other criminal investigations. One of the biggest and most expensive tool boxes the Stephenville Police Department had at their disposal, and we were going to get a chance to play with those tools ourselves. D made a squeaking noise, then coughed. Her legs knocked together as the breeze kicked up some more. We were high up, after all. Lawrence might want to put on a show for Mrs. And if nothing else, we have that much more insurance. D shuffled next to me. She leaned in, then forward, her hands gripping the edge.

Onion-entangled griddle burgers

She leaned so much that it scared me. Her bangs fell to the front of her face. I reached and pulled her back, hard. But she had tested her balance too far for my comfort. I reacted like any sister would. D stared at the sky, dark clouds in her eyes. There are too many things that keep me here. So many that it would start to slow my fall, now. She did, however, keep going. Cold, getting colder until the hurting stopped.

But it would be like that for the longest time. But it was the most important thing now. D blinked. She accepted my tug as a gesture to get back up. We both moved, getting to our feet, and into position. I shifted so I could balance on a knee. D was behind me, her arms wrapped around my shoulders, her hands close to my neck. She hopped onto my back, holding on with a tight grip. Her full weight was on me, but I had the strength to support her. I remembered what Sarah had said. She was just a kid. A kid in a world of mobsters and monsters. Of Styx and me.

This was no place for a kid, yet she was here, having her fun, before I had ever even become aware of it. Like with powers, being super , it allowed for higher reaches, to scale taller heights. But the inverse was the same, as well. The valleys were much lower, the shadows more deep and more dark. D was just as super as I was, but in a different but still very real way. I had to keep that in mind. Another thing to keep in mind.

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The gang, Mister, what I really was, Sarah… That list kept growing. I could see the cracks starting to form. The doubts, as they took deeper roots. Are we good to go? Wind blew into my face, and I could feel how it made my mask cold, how it flapped my hood into my ears, knocking out any other sound. I could focus on other things, rely on other sense, putting me in a more level, meditative mood.

A flow I could get into to just take me to where I needed to go, without worries or doubts to bog me down. The leap took us across the street, across the roof of an office building. Then, the old police headquarters. It was a larger building, so it was a longer distance to cross. I crossed it in only a few steps, the strength of each individual stride getting me there rather than speed.

I could recalled the time I had met with Gomez, here. I had asked for his assistance in helping me find Benny.

Entangled Minds: Extrasensory Experiences in a Quantum Reality - PDF Free Download

He refused, and I met with D and Lawrence soon after. Now, he was hardly a consideration, a factor in our plans. More roofs, alleys and streets, until we made it over to the Pupil. Funny, that we were about to break into a place with that name, undetected. My feet hit the roof, a firm impact. I stopped to lower myself and set D down. No one else around. I did this by myself, last time, and that was in the middle of the day. I grabbed her hand and took the lead.

We took to the door, finding it unlocked. We descended down some stairs, until we reached a corner, leading into a short hallway. Harsh lights hit my eyes, harsh only because they took away any cover I could have used. We were out in the open, immediately spotted should someone be unlucky enough to make the wrong turn. She stuck to one side of the hall, as far away from the windows as possible.

I followed suit, staying close and staying low. D stopped at a metal door, while pulling her hand out of her bomber jacket. She had a keycard in hand. A light by the reader turned green, and metal locks tumbled out of place, allowing us in. The room was dark. A lab, upon closer inspection. I saw some microscopes, boxes that were labeled for test tube storage. I could probably use a place like this to study my own blood or something. Had to keep moving. D let the door shut behind her, following me into the lab. She immediately passed me, heading elsewhere. She knew where she was going.

D pushed a chair from one table to another, letting it roll over. She plopped herself into the seat, pulling the lever adjust the height. She swiveled around in an attempt to move closer, but all she did was spin in place. She moved herself over to a computer, moving the mouse, the screen waking up. A green flash hit us in the face, and the rest of the lab behind us, with it being the only source of light. I checked behind us. Breaking into a police headquarters and using their very expensive equipment without any permission was absolutely outside of anything that could be considered good.

The screen displayed fields for usernames and passwords. Every tapped key clacked as D filled them both in. She logged in without any issue. I slipped my hand into the side of my bag I had strapped to my back. Part of my costume. I gave it to D. I can handle this part from here. Come on Vivi, pleeease. She was pleading with me, but she was using that higher register tone that I was familiar with.

Model Soldier.

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