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You will promise anything but as long as that thing between your legs is working you will abuse and take advantage of women. It may take a long time but when I am through, you are going to understand how it feels to be a woman. I want you to see the world through my eyes.

At first he resists, refusing to dress as directed and therefore going without food for several days. Things proceed from there, and Peggy continues in her campaign to turn her husband into a woman, by force. He begins to grow breasts, like Joseph, and is forced to wear bras, panties, dresses, and nightgowns in his little cell. His hair grows long and he gets a perm. Maybe it was the day I first noticed the small pert breast that were forming on my chest and realized that other very feminine changes were taking place around my hips and thighs.

Most likely, however, it was the night I was visited by Big Al. This is the part of my story that I had planned to leave out but I have decided to tell it so that you can understand just how my spirit was finally broken. Peggy decides the time has come. Look at yourself in the mirror and be honest with yourself — The man is gone.

The sooner you let go of the male inside, the easier it is going to be for you. Tonight we get rid of Mr. Macho for good. He pulls up the covers to hide himself. Big Al offers to help him, massaging his arm and then planting a kiss on his face. The striking thing about this horrific scene is how the author portrays Mark as responding to Al sexually, perhaps because of his own latent same-sex desires or, implicitly, because of the effect of female hormones:. His lips moved from mine to my breast and he began to suck. I felt the explosion deep inside my body. I could feel his warm male juices as they surged from his body into mine.

Al relaxed and I felt the full weight of his body. He kissed me one more time very passionately and this time I found that my tongue was deep inside his mouth. In fact, he adopts the new name that Big Al gave him Linda , completing the transformation that rape apparently commences. Somewhere along the way I began to enjoy my new gender and I found myself looking forward to her next effort to make me a complete female. The story ends on an ironic note, as the horndog lawyer had been trying to get Linda in to bed from day one, and finally succeeds.

They might even marry. Take note of the patterns here. Men are portrayed as innately vulnerable, unable to resist violence imposed on them, which makes them become more feminine.

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And in both Joseph and Mark, there is some kind of underlying same-sex desire that becomes evident when they have sex with men, as Mark even begins to participate in his own rape by some reflexive reaction. The characters learn things about themselves by becoming more feminine; as Mark says,. I have always felt that the hardest parts of being a man were the stupid macho games we had to play. We pretend that we do not feel pain, that we can handle all situations, that tenderness is sissy, that might makes right and most of all, we must pretend that the fact that we are never taught to love is unimportant.

I do not have to pretend any more. It was so easy for Gus. He could just throw out all these disturbing ideas, and then move on to the next conquest, confident in his masculinity. Even though he engaged in homosexual acts every night, he never had to question himself, because he was always on top, always in complete control, dominating his partner completely.

MY FEMINIZATION DIARY - feminization of myself

But Joseph— well, Joseph was left to sort out the wreck of his sexual identity. What is most striking, though, goes beyond an internal sexual or gender identity. Whether or not the authors presume a latent femininity or vulnerability in their sex-changing protagonists, they definitely take for granted that the human body can be easily changed in almost magical ways.

Though the other stories are hardly believable, this narrative departs from plausibility in even more profound ways. Taylor Stark is a member of a softball team who suffers severe retribution for calling in sick for a game. The other members of his circle of friends, led by the sadistic Dick, punish him by forcing him to wear makeup and dress like a girl. From there, the charade gets out of control as the group continues to force him to enact a female identity and, of course, the guys eventually rape him.

The author holds that Taylor does not flee because of the shame of what has happened, but the narrative hardly makes sense.

As in the other stories, Bambi reacts physically to sexual assault:. That strange feeling of pleasure was overwhelming me again, and I heard myself moaning in the back of my throat, just like a girl might do while making love to her boyfriend. The sound brought on a chorus of laughter from the other three guys as they watched Art and I going at it and made comments on our technique.

Feminizing Men - A Tale of a Husband's Forced Feminization by His Hot Wife

And, as in the other stories, Bambi falls in love with one of the men he has sex with. It is hard to understand exactly who writes these stories, who reads them, and why. Are they written for men who fantasize about being female, or being dominated? Are they just sadistic and ironic riffs on gender stereotypes?

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The melodramatic and often ridiculous depths of humiliation that the characters endure suggests a kind of schadenfreude, along with a guilty-pleasure identification with the victim. One might suppose the stories even had a feminist valence, one of ridiculing and mocking tropes of masculinity, if they did not so thoroughly embrace such norms. In any case, the stories amount to a small but significant part of Internet subculture, going back to the earliest days of online sharing when various alternative or subversive sexual fantasies could be expressed in the seemingly anonymous world of online publishing.

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I doubt that Lisa Fox or Rebecca or Mother Kali are who they claim to be; they may be male or female, but they are definitely deeply invested in a form of narrative that fetishizes male humiliation at the same time as reinforcing a patriarchal and sexist view of relationships between men, women, and anyone who falls elsewhere on that spectrum. To be a man is to be strong, dominant, and inviolable; to be a woman, or a feminized man, is to be weak, dominated, and vulnerable, but also tender, loving, and empathetic.

It is, indeed, a very traditional view of gender, refracted through a cracked lens. These views are not unique to a particular subgenre of online erotic literature, of course—they are very much a part of the culture. People make jokes about prison rape, as if it is par for the course that a shoplifting conviction naturally brings with it the penalty of sexual violence and trauma.

As one prisoner put it:. Yeah, that happens. Men pick these guys carefully. They want to be with a guy who acts like a chick.

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They want to be with someone who will dress like, you know, like a woman. They hook-up. I actually considered adding pregnancy, but it would have been really difficult to find the right images. That, and it would have added more than a few more frames, making the story that much more time consuming.

That, and I like the symmetry of a wedding as an ending simply because in most cases, a wedding marks the end of a chapter and the beginning of another. I always enjoy your work, but I think this is one of the best you have ever done. I'm usually pretty hard on myself, but I agree. There's certainly a lot of room for improvement some of the face swaps weren't exactly flawless , but I felt like, as an artist, I actually grew while creating these images.

I'm glad that, based on the positive responses, I'm not in the minority there.

Barbara Deloto

A really great story. It's nice to see the development of the characters, the slightly forced transformations with the result of an acceptance of the on changes and a complete role reversal.

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  • You should write more stories especially your gender role reversals are great. If only I had the time to write more stories like this. The fact is that this sort of story takes a lot of time and effort to put together, and I can't really devote that much time very often. Still, I do enjoy these sorts of stories, and I'm glad you do too.

    Rest assured, this won't be my last one. I'll be the first to admit that I went a little overboard with this particular project. While I was able to hammer it out fairly quickly about two weeks, from start to finish , it stands as my most ambitious project to date. It's a complicated story coupled with complicated transformations. The end result was that I used more models in this story than I've ever used before like, way more. I know I could have cut some corners especially with the various face swaps - sunglasses, back turned, etc. And I think, because of the difficulty involved, I grew as an artist.

    For someone who has been doing this for as long as I have, that's fairly rare. And, I think, that makes it worthwhile. Ian May 6, at PM. Nikki Jenkins May 6, at PM. Anonymous May 6, at PM. Saul May 6, at PM. Alana Tgirl May 6, at PM. Nikki Jenkins May 7, at PM. Anonymous May 7, at PM. Nikki Jenkins May 9, at PM. Sam May 10, at AM. Nikki Jenkins May 10, at AM.