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As we'll see below, this song is far more than a piece of unfinished finger-picking guitar playing that Lennon happened to light upon one day and never got around do doing anything with, as many assume, and therefore fit in nicely as an adequate but insignificant segue between two other more noteworthy pieces of music. On the contrary, its inspiration and significance goes much deeper than that.

Billboard Cover: Paul McCartney Reveals the Stories Behind The Beatles' No. 1 Hits

Songwriting History. Naked" album. As "Don't Let Me Down" continued to be developed in later January sessions, these "pull chords" were dropped. However, John began toying around with these "pull chords" in loosely developing them into another song. This was also caught on tape during these January sessions at Twickenham Film Studios with John singing the words " Here comes the sun, whoa, the sun. This early development of "Sun King," apparently not having a name as of yet, appeared to have languished in the back of John's mind in this unfinished state for a few months.

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Then, when Paul approached him sometime in May of , inquiring whether he had any unfinished songs he might have to compile into a long medley, John presented this undeveloped song idea along with a few others. The medley went, and we wanted a change of atmosphere, so, ' Here comes the Sun King ,' and 'Here he comes,' and ' Everybody's happy. Paul knew a few Spanish words from school, you know.

So we just strung any Spanish words that sounded vaguely like something. And of course we got ' Chicka ferdy ' in. That's a Liverpool expression. Just like sort of — it doesn't mean anything to me but childish taunting 'Na-na, na-na-na! We used to call ourselves 'Los Paranoias.

This has sparked many writers to claim this as a fact. So as for the time of writing, it appears that it started to take shape in December of and came to a completely written state on July 24th, Because Paul did play a part in coming up with Spanish-sounding words to be used in the closing moments of the song, he can be said to have contributed in this way to what is overwhelmingly considered a John Lennon composition. Recording History. Five run-throughs of the song happened on the first day of rehearsals, January 2nd, four versions occurred on January 3rd, and then one quick version done on January 10th, which was the day that George Harrison temporarily quit The Beatles.

There is a slight gap between the two songs, so they could have easily been recorded separately, but knowing in advance that they would be sequenced in that order, John made the decision to play through both of them in one go, which made it a little more of a challenge to the band's musicianship. But they pulled it off. I could see that he was a bit looser, a little more recovered from his injuries, and a lot less worried about Yoko, who was no longer lying in the bed, though it remained, unmade, in a corner of the studio, a mute reminder of the weirdness we'd had to deal with over the past weeks.

Written by their guitarist Peter Green , it was then re-released in in Britain and made it all the way up to 2 in that year, selling a total of over , copies in the U. The singing that John mentioned here refers to the Spanish-like lyrics that were also concocted on this day. The Fleetwood Mac arrangement included George mimicking their lead guitar riffs among other things. Even Ringo came up with a strong idea, draping his tom-toms with heavy tea towels and playing them with timpani beaters in order to give John the 'jungle drum' sound he was after.

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My own best dig ever? Ever seen THE perfect collection … not yet. My best selling album of all times? The Darkside of the Moon. One Album I hate myself for selling once? Yes, Otis Redding was dying way too early. No, Elvis didn t invent RnR. Jimi Hendrix was and will be King of the Guitar forever.

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Blue Note is the most collected jazzlabel but Prestige still has the prettier Label and for me Impulse the nicer Artwork. Why does everybody love Bob Marley? Do Russians still listen to Modern Talking? When will the Chinese start to become serious Record buyers and collectors? Early Screwdriver stuff is political correct?

Is Black Metal as black as they say? Why is all the world collecting this boring Vertigo Swirl Records? Who is buying all this cheap Bootlegs and overpriced Re-Issues instead of lovely old Pressings? On top of that was the fact that they couldn't hear themselves play. For George, being a Beatle was frustrating. From early on, his status as the youngest in the band hampered his creative output. Because of his relative youth and apparent shyness, the guitarist was quickly labelled 'the quiet one'. He was anything but. Harrison, born 75 years ago, was an innovator and a maverick, yet his place in western culture remains under-appreciated.

Harrison, was born and raised in Liverpool but there were strong connections to this island. His maternal grandfather, John French, was from Wexford, and had moved to Liverpool in the early 20th Century when his family's smallholding was sold off. Harrison and his mother, Louise, were close; it was she who encouraged his love of music.

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She also made sure he remembered his roots. But even before that, in the late s and early s, the family would get the ferry from Liverpool to Dublin to stay with the cousins and go to places like Malahide beach; I have photos of him there and [of him] walking down O'Connell Street with his mother. So there was a strong connection from the family point of view.

Physically small and slight, Harrison, who was no great student, immersed himself in guitar and ukulele.

The Neve Years - before Prism Sound

He later explained how his "mother was a real big fan of music and was always happy to have the guys around". Harrison was a facilitator and for most of The Beatles' early history he seemed happy to live in the shadows of the band's two main songwriters, only emerging in interviews with the odd witty one-liner. Musically however, Harrison's input into the band was immense. Opening riffs on tracks such as Day Tripper, Drive my Car and Paperback Writer are still instantly recognisable and sent fans into a spin during Beatlemania.

It was not until the album, Revolver, that Harrison's talent for songwriting came to the fore with the pulsating album opener, Taxman. Harrison's contributions were sporadic but often of the highest quality. Even then, he did not always get the credit he deserved. Famously, Frank Sinatra said that Something, which was penned by Harrison in , was "the greatest love song ever written". But it was not until the late s that Ol' Blue Eyes stopped crediting Lennon and McCartney with its writing when he covered it at concerts.

At the time Boyd was in a relationship with photographer Eric Swayne but she and Harrison soon started dating. According to Boyd, Harrison proposed to her straight away. She rejected his proposal but accepted a dinner invitation. The couple's romance was intense and they determined to share as many experiences as possible. The story goes that Riley had laced both his and his guests' coffee with the drug. When it became apparent that something was not right, the dentist came clean and urged the group to stay with him.