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The point of the book, therefore, comes with some pretty strong political and cultural implications, ones which I view with at least some concern and suspicion. To be sure, the author is awfully vague and relies on repeating catchphrases like the "sacred mundane" in the absence of more substantive discussions to clear up her muddled train of thought, but there is a worthwhile point even if this book is a bit of a drudge to read. Overall, the structure of this book is very simple, with eight chapters that encourage readers to let God in, see the world through the word of God, discern God's voice in daily life, enter in, embrace, and trust what God is doing in our lives, find fulfillment through gratitude for what God has given and let our life be poured out through seemingly ordinary tasks.

This is not a book that deals with heroic virtue, but rather the blessings that come from involvement in what seems like a mundane ordinary and even boring life, letting God work through us to transform our ordinary experience into extraordinary character. The author begins, moreover, by asking readers to summarize their life into one sentence and to wrestle with the disappointments of our existence, and also includes a small group study for those readers almost certainly women who want to read this book with others.

Within the pages of this book the chapters are divided into easy-to-read sections that are clearly marked. This is the sort of book that is likely to provide at least some encouragement to women through its repeated mantras to embrace the sacred mundane of our existences. If this book, therefore, is not always clear on where it is going on the large scale, it is at least coherent on the smaller level of sentences and paragraphs.

Likewise, it must be acknowledged that the author has a sound point to make--most of us do live lives of quiet desperation or at least considerable monotony and disappointment, and if our lives are to be redeemed and more than merely endured we must see a larger point in them.

Redeeming secular and mundane tasks and seeing what is godly and of lasting and even eternal value in them gives meaning to our lives. Rather than holding the common and ordinary experience of life in contempt and seeking to escape such tasks, appreciating them gives such matters a sense of dignity and honor that elevates everyone.

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If there is a sort of feminism I can in general endorse and celebrate, it is the sort that does not seek to exploit others, or to rant about the behavior of men, but rather the sort that seeks to elevate women and women's work through giving it a genuine respect and dignity. When we dignify the mundane but vital tasks of life, we give dignity to ourselves and to all others who do what is necessary but not often glorious, and that is a dignity we can all share in.

This was a wonderful and informative book that had a lot of wisdom. I have been feeling like I'm stuck in a rut and thought this book might have some good ideas.

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First of all, she said we need to decide who Jesus is. Is He our Savior, a crazy person or a liar? Then if we decide He's our Savior, we need to invite him in to our mundane. She also said our sole occupation in life is to please God. I love all of the personal examples she used, like when she said she wanted to please God but felt like This was a wonderful and informative book that had a lot of wisdom.

I love all of the personal examples she used, like when she said she wanted to please God but felt like her life was one boring thing after another. That's when she noticed a verse talking about a sacrifice of praise and how if we offer everything to God in order to draw near to Him, He can use that beyond our wildest imagination. She points out the importance of reading the Bible consistently because that helps us see the world clearly.

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There are also some great chapters on listening for God's voice, loving people and finding fulfillment. A wonderful 8 week study guide is included at the back of the book with items to do every day. Kari had a funny, witty voice and I really liked how she made this book fun to read. I highly recommend it! I received this book free from Kregel Publications in exchange for an honest review.

Jul 24, Chara rated it it was amazing. I so appreciated this book and its fidelity to the ways of God. It guides the reader through biblical truths with fresh insight and encourages distracted hearts to place their eyes back on the One who makes every moment matter. Taking the time to read through this book helped increase the value of the moments that followed, because I began paying attention to what can be hidden in them.

The author's builds her thesis on a piece of scripture I have not seen someone base a book off of before, and I so appreciated this book and its fidelity to the ways of God. The author's builds her thesis on a piece of scripture I have not seen someone base a book off of before, and I will not forget the new truths I have gleaned from it. Jul 25, Jayne Noble rated it it was amazing. I love the way this devotional brings Gods word and teachings into our everyday life. Kari shares her personal ups and down of daily living and helps us to see God in the mundane.

This book truly stirred my soul and will definitely be re-studied. This is a very well structured study, loaded with scripture and discussion questions. So grab a group of friends and dive in!

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To me sacred mundane is not clutter, but clarity. Prepare to be changed! I was drawn in by the title But stayed for the content.

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  • The author points out how God works through the routine areas of our lives to pull us closer to Him. Read this! But whatever you do, don't rush through it. Your relationship with God, and this book, deserve the time you spend on it. Sep 17, Hannah Hoover rated it it was amazing Shelves: booksweeks If you are seeking clarity and direction on how to offer up as a sacrifice every from each overly-abundant high, to each insanely tedious low moment of your life to Christ, and to receive His radically relentless love in your life,please read this book.

    Oct 12, Jill rated it liked it Shelves: own , giveaways. Very good advice on how to look at everyday tasks as ministry. The author lost me a little in the middle chapters but overall a good reminder that all we do can be for God's glory. I especially liked her thoughts on disappointments. Jul 15, Meghan West rated it it was amazing. Deeply challenging and perspective changing. Read this for a book club. Noooooooooot my cup of tea. At all. Sep 06, Ruth Dahl rated it it was amazing Shelves: to-be-reviewed. Review coming hopefully soon.

    A special read. Grab a cup of tea and a highlighter then settle in to find words of joy and encouragement. This book has the sweetness of a conversation over coffee and laundry and crinkled bible pages. It's not about finding Jesus in the mundanity, he's been there all along and Jesus doesn't hide. This book is about seeing him in all things. It's about how there is no mundane. Everything is important. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed.

    About Kari Patterson. Keats lost his admiration of the rainbow and demoted it to the "dull catalogue of mundane things" for the crime of its woof and texture being known. And the price of shielding yourself from all ordinary criticism is that you lose the sacredness of all merely real things. Such distortions are why we had best not to try to salvage religion. No, not even in the form of "spirituality".

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    Take away the institutions and the factual mistakes, subtract the churches and the scriptures, and you're left with The original lie is only the beginning of the problem. Then you have all the ill habits of thought that have evolved to defend it. Religion is a poisoned chalice, from which we had best not even sip. Spirituality is the same cup after the original pellet of poison has been taken out, and only the dissolved portion remains—a little less directly lethal, but still not good for you.

    When a lie has been defended for ages upon ages, the true origin of the inherited habits lost in the mists, with layer after layer of undocumented sickness; then the wise, I think, will start over from scratch, rather than trying to selectively discard the original lie while keeping the habits of thought that protected it.

    Just admit you were wrong, give up entirely on the mistake, stop defending it at all , stop trying to say you were even a little right, stop trying to save face, just say " Oops! That capacity—to really, really, without defense, admit you were entirely wrong—is why religious experience will never be like scientific experience.

    No religion can absorb that capacity without losing itself entirely and becoming simple humanity Believable without strain, without a constant distracting struggle to fend off your awareness of the counterevidence. Truly there in the world, the experience united with the referent, a solid part of that unfolding story. Knowable without threat, offering true meat for curiosity. Shared in togetherness with the many other onlookers, no need to retreat to privacy. Made of the same fabric as yourself and all other things.

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