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Our favorite part Nancy and Lorna decide to take their new pupil to the top of the Empire State Building for her first lesson. Charlotte manages not only to fully apparate, but also glow from head-to-toe! While Charlotte tries to figure out where she went wrong, Nancy and Lorna freak out at the sight of a recently reported dead girl glowing atop a skyscraper.

You'll love it if Well, "the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray So, in order for Charlotte to move on she's got to solve her own murder - with the help of a few other dead teenagers in similar straits. It was entertaining enough to keep me reading and enjoying the ride, but glib enough for me to be wincing now and again as one too many references were made to current or past trends.

It would have been served by being a bit more mature, following trends in YA fiction, but as it was?

It was still a fun, if predictable and groan worthy read. It would speak to the younger YA crowd, maybe middle school rather than high? The book wasn't bad, and had some rather good moments tossed into the mix. In particular, the reasoning behind why certain characters chose to - or not to - go through the Big Red Door to whatever is beyond.

Similarly, the concept was amusing and there were a few good questions posited to make a series a distinct possibility. The world is entertaining, and a bit more depth would make it even better ride. If you feel like a silly read to snack to, or a book to maybe get a middle school girl reading?

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This would be a decent bet. Lepophagus Jun 14, Started January 19th, Got this as an Amazon Kindle Daily Deal cheap. Rating and critique were mixed, but I guess it cannot hurt.

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Beginning is good. Some nice ideas, but basically not too gripping, and I am tired of the high-school-theme of backstabbing, betrayal and bitching. And airheads, cheerleaders etc. Major twist near the end I did not see coming, although as this is supposed to be a series, I asked myself how this would be pulled of. Uh, bad me, I just checked, in the end of this book it was said the next book would be out in January as in now or soon , but both here and at Amazon the publishing date is said to be May 15th, That could still change to a later date.

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My rating is 3 stars, not too much romance, which is a plus, no sex. Hm, come to think of it, not much of anything. At least it is not too long. Might not warrant 3 stars for some readers. Lembcke Oct 27, I liked the concept of this book.

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If you are a teen who gets murdered, you have to solve your murder before you can move on. In Charlotte's case, she really has no idea who killed her. Not a clue. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies.

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