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It's a big pile of pigs and gators, ready to scream up the table. Protectorate Deployment It's slightly hard to explain because it's just a bunch of repenters but Severius takes the left while Tristan is more on the right.

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The two grey, unpainted Repenters it's a lot of repenters, ok?!? The black primed and black based Repenters are on Severius, as well as the Reckoner of course, and he uses his long control range to deploy the black primed Repenter way off to the right, otherwise keeping his battlegroup near him. The remaining two Repenters and Hand of Judgement are, of course, Feora's and all of that deploys basically in the middle.

Support all hangs out just behind or scattered between for ease of movement. I forgot my Hierophant at home somehow, so he didn't get deployed turn 1 and in later turns shows up as a Cephalyx model I borrowed from someone next to me at the table.

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Minions Turn 1 He's got a ton of distance he can cover here, but I can threaten a little bit up the table if I want to, between Hand of Judgement starting play with Redline on him and, if he randomly kills something, Road to War pushing various 'jacks further up the table. His Gun Boar runs up and takes the trench on my left, the Nyss spread out quite a bit to my right.

His support hangs back and Midas arcs Death March onto the Nyss. Protectorate Turn 1 We're starting this game off quick. Nothing too wild here, everything just runs forward. The junior's hang back a bit to stay safe. Feora positions a bit far up to help her be useful next turn. Minions Turn 2 Well, he can alpha me, and he wants to remove some 'jacks.

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I was able to keep Hand of Judgement out of the Road Hog's vision range via the forest, but he can see a Repenter. The Hog gets Ghostly from the Witch Doc and charges in, killing one of Feora's Repenters as well as my Hierophant with the assault spray and Lightning Striking back into the forest a bit. The Nyss charge in, and succeed at breaking the spray arm on one Repenter, and doing some damage to two others. His Gun Boar walks up on the left and shoots and kills two Choir members, leaving a third out of command range for next turn.

Enliven goes onto his left side War Hog and his Battle Boar again, and the Valkyries run to stand in the way of potential charges from Hand of Judgement. Midas is camping a few but pretty far forward, and loaded up on corpses for later. I don't have much focus to cast Incite, especially since I need Banishing Ward on myself every turn and lost my Hierophant. The 'jacks get pretty loaded up, as I figure if the turn goes how I need it to, nothing should really threaten the junior's anyway. I can ignore the Road Hog this turn since he's frenzying next turn and I have better targets for now.

The objective fixes the spray arm of my broken Repenter.

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Most of the 'jacks get Battle. The Book moves up and pops steady for the nearby models. Feora moves around to the left of the forest, pops feat, and sprays over the Valkyrie, War Hog, and Kwaak. All three hit, the Valkyrie is killed, Kwaak is left on 1 but on fire, and the War Hog takes a pretty decent chunk of damage and opts to Enliven over to the left into the trench.

Also of note, she pulls a focus off a Wrack, which of course explodes and kills the Warder cliented to Severius. He's on the table still in the next picture because I forgot that Inhuman Resolve only triggers on enemy attacks, but I pick him up before my opponents turn starts. Hand of Judgement uses Redline to walk around to the right of Feora and spray over all of the Nyss that charged last turn, as well as my objective.

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Using Incite and boosted attacks from her Bond, he clears them all and does a chunk of damage to my objective. I trigger Road to War to move one of Severius' repenters a bit closer to the fight. Severius himself runs around to get a few things into Eye of Menoth range for later. Repenters on the right use boosted attacks from sprays to kill all the remaining Nyss except one, as well as putting a little damage and setting on fire his War Hog on my right. Severius' Repenter then charges that War Hog, but rolls absolutely awful damage.

The Reckoner charges into his Gun Boar and does a little damage he didn't have much focus but I wanted it engaged , and the other Severius Repenter charges his other War Hog, also rolling pretty mediocre damage but leaving him quite low. Still, I score a point on my right zone so that's something. There's a lot of models I wanted to be dead this turn that have like Not super happy about that. His remaining Nyss uses Vengeance to put 2 damage on the Repenter up the table. A Valkyrie smacks a Repenter but doesn't do much. His Gun Boar also had 2 fury left on it, it frenzies and charges into my Reckoner, doing no damage.

The Valkyries charge my Repenter in front of his War Hog, but leave it on a bit better health than he hoped. His Cauldron on that side comes in for the save, hitting the Repenter with its nuke and cranking damage on the boost to clear him out. Kwaak walks up and double heals his War Hog for 4 hp. The War Hog easily gets into my Reckoner and destroys it. His Nyss guy charges my objective but doesn't do great damage I believe it's on 5 hp at this point. He ends his turn and scores one on the left zone, making it Sadly I missed a picture this round : Protectorate Turn 3 Alright, we've gotta clean up this table.

Hand of Judgement gets loaded up, both my spells upkept. Tristan hands 1 focus to each Repenter, and with Fortify upkept he's left on 1 focus. Severius drops Road to War since he has no 'jacks left and just has 5 focus to play with. Hand of Judgement gets Battle from the Choir as well as the two Repenters.

Tristan charges the Nyss by my objective which took 2 damage from fire , and boosts to hit to kill it. Hand walks in between the two Hogs on my right and wipes out both of them. Tristan's Repenters walk up and with sprays take out his Witch Doctor, damage his Bone Shrine, and hurt his Cauldron on that side. I've now taken basically complete control over that side, but Tristan is the lynchpin of that half of the table and he's way up the table.

She misses both Valkyries but hits everything else, killing Kwaak and damaging the Boar and Cauldron. She repositions back, and the Book moves up and does its no-spell bubble, repositioning further forward to fill up landing space around Feora. Severius charges into the War Hog on the left and finishes it off it was very low , engaging his Gun Boar and camping 2.

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Choir run to stand in the way of things. I score a second point on my right zone, making the score Sunburst is unlikely to prevent his loss next turn. Now I reckon Menoth lost big in both games for 3 reasons. He didn't spot Lamentation, which might have made my upkeep spam harder to upkeep.

Nor did he spot purification which would have ended all upkeep spells in his control area. In game 1, he didn't use his revenger as an arc node to cast any spells, but ended up with unspent focus and not, I don't think just to camp on. I think this is especially clear in the fate of the cleansers. First they were bunched up despite my dire warnings, and demonstrating how dispersed a unit can be , and second I think they ran behind the crusader in an attempt to deny line of sight, but this failed utterly. But even with both of the above corrected: 3 He just advanced up the middle and allowed himself to be flanked by 2 nasty units, meaning that by the time he arrived at the mosh pit, he was unable to shield his caster from ranged attacks.

So the challenge for next week is: He is going to play my army, and I am going to make out a Menoth force to beat it. Then we will swap back. As to my Menoth force As far as Kreos goes, I think his initial army wasn't all that bad. Mainly I'd be upkeeping lamentation as well as ward, spamming spells through the arc node, and using the vassal a bit more wisely more flamethrower! And trying not to allow myself to be flanked If I go first The other option is swap out pKreos for pSeverious and swapping the vassal for pEiryss.

But Ideally, I'd rather stick with pKreos, 'cos I don't like the message of "Oh you can't beat stryker with him, you need to take this dude instead". Well, with Lamentation up Earthquake costs 6 focus, so that's all of your focus, with no chance to boost and nothing left to give the 'jacks, which makes it a not so obvious choice anymore. Furthermore I think, as you said, your opponent simply doesn't know the game very well yet. His use of Kreoss' feat in the second game didn't really accomplish anything, just knocking some 'jacks down without trying to do damage is quite pointless, and just a wasted feat.

If you play the Menoth army, try to show off the feat in a better light, during an assassination run or just to knock down a 'jack and then wail on it. Also, I don't know at which level of play you are compared to your friend, but his list seems very "new guy" in the fact that it is the battlebox with some cheap support, whereas yours is quite advanced with a big infantry unit and the B When I started reading I was also thinking 2 new guys playing. When I saw the B13 I thought it would be a slaughter. It actually was, but not as much as I would have thought.

Try plaing him with the bbox and a small single unit or a couple solo's. That will even out the play. Also teach him what he can do with the army if he has never played it before and you do know. It makes it a whole lot more interesting, albeit a bit slower. Now he just tries something, does not work, but makes almost the same misstakes, only with different models. Disclaimer: I don't like pKreoss. I do not play pKreoss. I find him way too squishy for being a mid-line caster. But, there was much more at work here in his defeat than his warcaster.

I think you're accurate in your assessment that your friend doesn't seem to know the strengths of his force, or how to make the best of the table.

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Also, your list is a little rough for a new player to deal with. Even if pStryker feats and you can't hurt them through their armor, they're on fire, and half will probably still burn to death at the start of Cygnar's next turn. Also, Continuous Fire kills casters. If you can catch a Stryker in the spray, boost to hit and try to get that fire going. Once Stryker's on fire, you can play more defensively as he slowly burns to death.

The Crusader should not lead the charge. It's SPD 4 with no way to be faster. That makes it a counter-charge piece. Thus, it also does not need Defender's Ward. Shooting won't do enough to its 19 ARM, and if the Crusader is being shot, your weaker stuff isn't, and that's great. The Revenger, however, is great for leading the charge. Enliven makes it even harder to kill and can set you up for some unexpected threat vectors. Its threat range is extended by Reach and its Arc Node, and it also has Powerful Charge, so if you do manage to get the charge off, it's that much better at doing it.

A SPD 5 Reach 'jack is great for tying up guns. Even if you can't get charge distance, consider running just to engage. Think carefully, because there are many, many ways of dealing with being engaged, especially at low point levels just walking away and taking a free strike, knocking down the Revenger, scrapping the Revenger, etc. Combine this with pKreoss's feat, and your opponent will have to burn a lot of focus just to disengage, which essentially increases your defense.

Kreoss is squishy, protect him. Even if that means limiting your offensive output by camping focus. Consider putting Defender's Ward on Kreoss, but that has to be weighed against upkeeping Lamentation. The Vassal should almost never be casting Arcane Bolt. Ancillary Attack is almost always a better option if you need more offensive output, and Enliven has an essential role in increasing a Protectorate warjack's ability to survive and play the attrition game the Protectorate often wants to play.

It's going to be hard to protect him in a 15 point game, but every round he's alive is a much stronger round for you.