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"Everything is designed, but some things are designed well."

Ixchel sits on her heels, a snake in her hair. Who can read the figures that she weaves as she murmurs a lullaby, spell, or prayer? One mother rejoices, another one grieves,. The magic here? The goddess in the poem weaves a higher logic, while the mortals glimpse only inscrutable fragments. Meanwhile, the poet weaves a higher geometry, but the reader glimpses only a one-dimensional projection, cryptic fragments. Good math makes you reach for pencil and paper. Good poetry, in this case, made me summon a spreadsheet.

Easy to program: type in six lines, and they appear in their proper places below. Could I write a tetrahedral pantoum of my own? Or, in my clumsy hands, would the symmetries and repetitions become a lazy gimmick? Not all structures can be seen— even those that can be sensed like the hum of some machine. Even those that can be sensed, symbols bury what they mean: doors I knock and knock against. A thousand yards of empty space where living things can tread no more; beyond, a foe without a face. Better, I think!

Eventually I realized that the best tribute to Carrington is perhaps not to write more poems in her format, but to carry on the project of devising new, mathematically inspired poetic forms. The first line flickers quickly and lingers in the ear while its successors plod behind, clumsy and prosaic, but somehow linked— linked as the hypotenuse to the legs, or as the cosmos to the ancient music of ratio. Obviously, this is a multiplayer game, and so I welcome your thoughts and poetical stylings below. Otherwise, enjoy your Platonic solids, your poetic forms, and most of all, the intersections thereof.

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Cryptic voice spoken heard and then forgotten circles again sign misunderstood still. But where to look? Syllables in a line, perhaps?

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I meditate here as the lovely notes call; I watch the wildflowers dance with their partners. Upon sharp ears do golden water-notes fall; in this place of beauty where I seek An example of an epic poem is the Epic of Gilgamesh, a Mesopotamian mythology story. Depends on the type of poem for the example. It is metaphore that continues on for 2 or more lines in any type of poem.

“Cinematic Poetry” // An Evening of Poetry on the Pyramid Terrace (27.9)

A tetrahedron is an example of a triangular pyramid. Every face is a triangle, and each face touches every other face on one edge. That would be 2 times the number of sides in the base. For example, a triangular pyramid has 6 edges. A rectangular pyramid has 8 edges. An octagonal pyramid has 16 edges.

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An epic poem is a story written in the form of a poem, but you can argue it both ways. For example, "Footprints in the sand" is a great story AND a great poem. Dating back to around AD, the poem tells of a hero called Beowulf and his battle with the beast Grendal and his mother.

An example coud be: Scarecrow Tattered, lonely Waiting, scaring, decorating How long will he stay? Who knows? If you want to make your own pyramid poem, you'd have to use this small guide: Line 1: Noun, subject of the poem Line 2: Two adjectives Line 3: Three verbs with -ing Line 4: A question and a statement or two questions or two statements Shark Clever, Anry Perching, scowering, thinking He's waiting for his prey.

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Will he go hungry tonight? Sorry it won't let me put in the center of the page. What is an alphabet pyramid poem? What is a pyramid poem? Triangular pyramid example? What is a real world example of a rectangular pyramid?

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Pyramid in Egypt is one of the real example of rectangular pyramid :. Can you give me an example of a declamation poem? What is a example of energy Pyramid? What is an example of a food pyramid? Example of allegory poem? An example of a story pyramid?

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What is the example of conjunction poem? What is a prism an example of? What is the example of expository poem? Is where you have to expose the poem. Give you an example of a repetition poem? What is William Ernest Henley poem Invictus an example of? What is an example of an acrstic poem for the word integers? What is the type of poem that is shaped like a pyramid called? Could a pyramid be considered an example of a tetrahedron? What is an example of a rectangular pyramid which is not a pyramid?