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Sylvia: Laughing Totally amazing. Goes up a seat to Roger and Eddie Valiant: We're supposed to be hiding. What's wrong with you? Jayden: Relax Eddie no one suspects that we're up here there to busy watching this cartoon. Roger Rabbit: to Valiant What's wrong with you? You're the only person in this theater that isn't laughing! Is ther. What in the… where am I?

Wander: Dizzy Boy I've got a headache. Jayden: Surprised Wander? Wander: Shocked Jayden? Realizing something Huh? Where are we? Jayden: I don't know, But it's really crowded in here. Then he feels something soft Wander is that your fur I'm touching? Wander: No you're not touching me. Jayden: Then what am I touching?

Orion's Wrath

Wait hold on. Reaches inside his vest and pulls out a mini flashlight an turns it on Hey it's Roger and his out cold.

And I think were inside a trunk of a car. Wander: But how did we get in here? Jayden: Well that's what were gonna find out. Wander: How. Smart Ass: Looks up We've searched Valiant and the others the will ain't on them! Greasy: I'll handle this one. He rolls up his sleeve an puts his hand between Jessica's breasts. Then something snaps and Greasy rapidly withdraws his hand with a man trap on it.

Dash: Laughs Booby he said. Raph: Point's at Greasy Now that is funny. Use that escape proof Toon rope. Eh He-heh! Jayden: Puts his finger to his lips Shhh! Whispers Just stay quiet Roger this is a brotherly rescue. Roger Rabbit: Whispers Oh okay. The others burst through the door and sprang into action Valiant: Notices Jayden. Jayden: Who do you expect Batman? To Roger Nii-saa hide and take cover. Psycho: Hee hee h. Raph: Way. Judge Doom: Semi-different voice Surprised? Valiant: Not really.


That lame-brained freeway idea could only be cooked up by a Toon. Jayden: But I am. And I knew you were hiding something Roger Rabbit: Wait you knew he was a toon?! Jayden: Yes. Then turns to the others an Valiant, he smiled evilly as his eyes looked burning red, shocking both Eddie, Jayden and most.

Sentinel Fire: Relax Roger it's not a ghost it's just the engine starting on it's own. Realized But without a key. How will the others get out? Sentinel Fire: Got it covered. He rushes over to the emergency water valve and quickly turns it on, And water sprays all around the area putting out the fires and washing the DIP.

I say everything looks Okay. Roger Rabbit: I'll say Jayden things are back to the way it was and boy it feels so good. Jayden: Yeah. It's a shame the Wander and Sylvia had to leave Toontown to continue their adventures throughout the galaxy. Roger Rabbit: Will we ever see them again Jayden? I kinda liked Wander for what he did for me. Roger Rabbit: Sniffles a little and stops crying Yeah those were good times. The fox was wearing green cloth and a yellow hat with a red feather sticking out this fox's name was known as Robin Hood and alongside with him was called Little John and he wears a green shirt with a small green hat with a red feather sticking out too.

As they walk through the forest a musical singing was heard by the Narrator Alan-a-Dale the Rooster. Robin smiles with a gesture and let's Little John go first. They didn't mind it at all as they laughed and ha. It's only a circus. A peanut operation. Jayden: Annoyed Peanuts?

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No you dunce. That's the royal coach, it's Prince John himself. Roger Rabbit: Prince John is in there? Jayden: Yes Roger Rabbit, And he is mean to the bone. Little John: The prince? Wait a minute there's a law against robbing royalty, I'll catch you later.

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Walks away but was stopped by Robin Robin Hood: What? And miss this chance to preform before royalty? Little John: Gave in Ah! Here we go again. Jayden: Wait a minute you two Prince John is not allow. Robin Hood: What do you mean Jayden? Jayden: He closes his eyes and begins to see a purple familiar negative energy and opens his eyes Oh no it's Saki the Shredde. Alan-a-Dale: Well even though Prince John offered a reward for the capture of Robin Hood, that sure rogue kept on robbing the rich to feed the poor, and also blamed Jayden Orion and the SITTS Fighters for it, and believe me, it's a good thing that they did, 'cause what with taxes and all, the poor folks of Nottingham were starvin' to death.

Notice a fat wolf in a sheriff's attire Uh-oh. Here comes old bad news himself, the Honorable Sheriff of Nottingham. He's out doing good again. They were running to a field where Skippy is gonna try out his bow and arrow. Skippy: Yeah, and this is his own hat too. Toby: Gee, I'd sure like to shoot your bow and arrow. Sis : Let me try it, Skippy. Skippy: Oh, no, you don't? I'm gonna shoot it first. Skippy's sister: You're pointin' it too high. Skippy: pulling and pointing his arrow high I'm not either. Watch this. Firing his arrow over the field and into the backyard of Prince John's castle Toby: Uh-oh.

Toby: Yeah. Prince John will chop off your head. Like this. Sinking his head into his shell Skippy: Oh, I d. Marian: Oh, Klucky, surely he must know how much I love him. Opening her closet with a wanted poster of Robin Hood taped on the inside of the door. Lady Kluck: But, of course, my dear. Believe me, someday soon your uncle King Richard will have an outlaw for an in-law. Laughing Marian: Oh Klucky, But when? Lady Kluck: Patience my dear, patience, Remember absence makes the heart grow fonder. Marian: Sadly Or forgetful.

Oh I've been away so long.

Orion (mythology)

What if he's forgotten all about me? Leo was polishing his katana, Raph was on watch guard duty to check any signs for intruders. Donnie and Dex we. A coup d'etat, to coin a Norman phrase. Sir Hiss: Oh, yes, indeed, sire. Your plan to capture Robin Hood in public is sheer genius. Laughed jumping higher in his seat Prince John: Hiss, no one sits higher than the king, must I remind you, Hiss? Sir Hiss: Apologizes Oh, oh, forgive me, sire.

I-I didn't mean to… Prince John: My trap is baited and set… and then revenge! Sir Hiss: Shh! Not so loud sire. Remember, only you and I know, and your secret is my secret. Whispering close to Johns ear Prince John: Stop! Laughed Stop hissing in my ear. What secret? Leo: I'm here. Mikey: Second. Roger Rabbit: present. Donnie: I'm here too.

Sarah: Here also. Dex: Right here Jayden.

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Booster: Reporting for duty Jay. Raph: I'm here.

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XR: So am I. Little John: I'm here. Lady Kluck: Present. Sarah: Did Robin and Marian make it? Jayden: I think so I saw him when we went into the forest taking Marian with him. Sits down on a rock relieved Phew. We made it. Roger Rabbit: Relaxes alongside with Jayden Yeah.

Cluros concealed a battle of wits beneath a mask of courtesy, and was common in negotiation and diplomacy. The victor was one who kept more hidden than his opponent. The highest goal of cluros was to force one's enemies to lose it, by baiting them and being maddeningly polite in the face of provocation, to infuriate their tormentor into losing control. In this sense, it could be a bloodless weapon.

Dedication to cluros followed class-lines. A Ruddy Orion focused on maintaining cluros , but expected the lower-classed Green Orions to lack it altogether. The tale of Lady Katam was considered one of the classic stories of cluros and revenge.

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Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you need a tow? Relax, captain, enjoy the ride. DS9 novel : Wrath of the Prophets Cluros concealed a battle of wits beneath a mask of courtesy, and was common in negotiation and diplomacy. Categories :. Cancel Save.