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When love is restricted, when it is bottled up and not allowed to grow, it dies. None of us know in which directions Stift Klosterneuburg will grow in the future, but it should be totally clear to us that St Leopold lives on. It should be clear to us that He, with the Holy Spirit, are doing something very special, right here, right now. Thank you, St Leopold! A celebration of the 95th Birthday of Dr.

Otto von Habsburg. The annual festivities and the quotidian ubiquity of St. Leopold at the Stift amply attest to the close relation between Stift Klosterneuburg and the House of Austria. As the recent celebration of the birthday of the son of the blessed Karl, of the last emperor of Austria shows that this bond endures still. Otto von Habsburg and his son Karl. A highlight for many was the opportunity to sing the so-called Kaiserl ie d, the old imperial anthem, " Gott erhalte " , in the presence of the one who would have been emperor had history taken a different course.

Christmas tide in the Abbey. Through customs and rituals, both liturgical and cultural, the light continues to shine out in the darkness, bringing warmth and illumination on the cold days and the long nights of Austrian winter. The mystery of the incarnation of the Son of God gathers families and friends together to remember the birth of the Savior and to rejoice in this supreme gift which God has given to mankind. Celebrating Christmas, Holy Family, New Year's and Epiphany at the abbey and in our parishes makes for a strenuous, yet invigorating Christmastide which is all the more sweeten ed by the visit of so many guests.

Dom Maximilian visited our brethren in Bergen, so we can glimpse the life of the abbey in a wider sense, embracing our life in Austria and Nowary. Photos and a poem tell this story best. Dom Gabriel. Dom Maximilian.

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Dom Bruno. To the Canon:. Grey skies and cold wind low.

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Young men and old who long to know. Near shores, far shores to all. From His stores He spreads His feast, a call. Rests here for a time; a day; a year;. By ancient bones now resting here. The testing time has been. Seek not to know aught. He hangs there, leafed in gold. So tender.

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Is His love for you, yes you! And so. Love so underserved. So unexpected, comes that you might know. But freely given, graciously without care. As you are loved, dear Canon, now love too! And in this time, this day, this year, this lifetime dare. Very Re v. Leo A. Walsh, S. Archdiocese of An chorage, Alaska. January 7, Our thanks goes to all our guests who made this Christmastide so enjoyable.

When a man responds to the call to the priesthood, whether diocesan or religious, the Church desires to mark his progress through rituals , which confer new responsibilities.

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Each of these steps brings the seminarian a step closer to the mystery and holiness of the priesthood. Each advance is an invitation and a challenge. The intimacy of this love inevitably leads to sacrifice, to the renunciation of those things that prevent him from loving as Christ loves. The steps to the priesthood begin with the novitiate for a future canon and follow simultaneously the path of the religious life , which pass through temporary to final vows , and the reception of the ministries of lector and acolyte prior to ordination to the diaconate.

This year on the feast of the Epiphany, Dom Maximilian, solemnly professed back in August, , received the ministry of lector. Please remember to keep all our seminarian juniors-- Rudolf, Maximilian, Alipius, Meinrad, Quirinus, Benedict, Sebastian and Gabriel -- in your prayers as they study and prepare for the priestood. Perhaps one has already noted that Dom Albert celebrated Christmas in Bergen.

Since many Poles have emigrated to Norway and therefore there is a great need for Polish priests.

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Dom Albert now spends much of his time driving throughout the counties of Hordaland and Sogn-og-Fjordane, which composes the parish of St. Vitus — Kritzendorf and St. On January 17th we shall hold a plenary chapter to elect the Dean and two representatives to the Chapter Council.

Please keep this in your prayers. Be assured of our prayers for your intentions and we ask you to join us in praying that God will be generous with vocations to the abbey so that the wonderful future which Dom Josef foresees may arrive. We leave you with a photo from our men in Rome taken in December If you would like to be added to our email list and be notified when we update the website, please email us at:.

Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. On the morning of August 14, teammate Ryan Lochte claimed that he, Feigen, Gunnar Bentz , and Jack Conger were robbed after four men forced them out of their taxi at gunpoint. Further investigation revealed the swimmers never entered a bathroom. The only vandalism found was a framed advertisement which Lochte had torn from the wall.

According to anonymous police sources, Conger and Bentz told the police that Lochte's story was fabricated; [10] but Jack Conger later confirmed they were confronted by 2 armed security men where one pointed a gun at Conger. During his four-year college career, he received seventeen All-American honors, and won NCAA national championships in the yard freestyle, yard freestyle, and 4xyard freestyle relay events in At the U. Olympic Trials, Feigen placed 28th in the meter freestyle Feigen barely missed spots on the World Championship team when he finished seventh in the meter freestyle As the leadoff leg, Fiegen had a split of Swimming the freestyle leg, Fiegen had a split of Olympic team for the first time by finishing fifth in the meter freestyle with a time of Although his final time was faster than his swim in the heats Feigen also competed in the meter freestyle, and finished fifth in the final with a time of National Championships, Feigen qualified to swim at the World Aquatics Championships in Barcelona by placing second in the meter freestyle with a time of Feigen also competed in the meter freestyle and tied for fourth place with a time of Swimming the anchor leg, Feigen recorded a split of Feigen advanced to the meter freestyle final as the second seed by posting In the final, Feigen won a surprise silver in a personal-best time of For Feigen, it was his first time breaking 48 seconds in the event.

Feigen competed in the Summer Olympics, winning a gold medal by swimming in the preliminary rounds of the Men's 4x meter freestyle relay. Feigen was accused of filing a misleading police report and ultimately fined by Brazilian authorities. In order to be charged with a misleading police report, a misdemeanor in Brazil, you must seek out the police to file the report. Feigen was confronted by Rio police and told to give a statement. As such, he was not guilty of filing a misleading report.

Due to concerns for his safety, Feigen was advised to pay the fine in order to leave the country as quickly as possible in order to avoid a lengthy court process in Rio de Janeiro. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: Lochtegate.

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See also: Swimming at the Summer Olympics. See also: Swimming at the World Aquatics Championships. Biography portal Olympics portal.

July 30, Retrieved August 22, The New York Times. Retrieved August 16, USA Today.