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A very dangerous example. Q: El Maximo Lider Fidel will sooner or later disappear from the scene. What will happen then? Guevara: There are few thing of which one can be sure in this world. One notices it these days in Havana. Guevara: In the West capitalism seduces many people, yes. Guevara: Without a doubt, without a doubt. But they are a minority. But the U. But is that because the Europeans are in love with Cuba?

Guevara: Cuba has never been as isolated as you think. With Eastern-Europe, sure. People who lack money, do. Guevara: No! It is a question of values. So, what can we do about it? In any case we are working hard to force back prostitution. Q: You work for the Ministry of Fishery.

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Cubans hardly eat fish. But there is improvement. Or food for cats and dogs. Guevara: Yes, he once did an advertisement on TV. Fidel ate the fish in silence. In the last 19 years, around three million people have been received in Woman and Family Counseling Homes in Villa Clara province, a sign of the social impact these services have on the community.

The first of these facilities was opened in the capital city Santa Clara on September 8, as a prime objective of the work undertaken by the Federation of Cuban Women FMC , in charge of a strong network of these centers nationwide. New projects like the Family Courts —consultancy on legal topics regarding couples and childcare— come on top of this effort, she added, which our centers provide in the form of interpersonal communication skills and measures to prevent family violence, alcoholism, AIDS and drug use. Idalmis Pedroso, a beautician who has given hairdressing and cosmetology courses in one of these local institutions for 18 years, talked about the importance of these programs to help men and women who neither work nor study to learn a a trade and better reinsert themselves into society.

All the 17 Counseling Homes in this central province are staffed by half a thousand volunteer professionals, including psychologists, teachers, attorneys, doctors and speech therapists. Both my parents are Automatic Control Engineers and still, I was not the least bit interested in the subject. Besides realizing electricity is needed to move the world, I was never curious as to how they generate it or how much does it cost.

Lately, everyday we hear about the need to save it and announcements have brought the subject to the fore. Dozens of articles on saving or wasting kilowatts, on measures to complete energy plans, on stealing electricity, and on the work of inspectors reach my hands. But, day-to-day reality is more complex. To tighten the belt of saving up to the point of asphyxia has motivated me to write some lines. First I must declare I lift a banner of rationality. I am for saving with intelligence and after proper studies.

As one who is ready to part with something very valuable, I went to the pizza place located on one side of the Trianon Theater. I was celebrating an important date and money was not the most important issue that day, or worrying about what I would do at the end of the month. My mouth fell open, not because I was ready to fill it with the desired pizza, but because behind me other customers were asking for the same thing and leaving absolutely astonished. I remember it was a Saturday and lots of people were leaving nearby theaters. Others were beginning to enjoy the night and Linea [one of the main streets in Vedado] was full of people.

In the meantime, the pizza place waitresses looked very bored leaning against the counter. They were lamenting not being able to sell pizzas. This is the time when most people come by. And, if this were the only instance there would be nothing to worry about. But, one of my colleagues told me the same thing happened the other night close to the Monaco Theatre, where more than three cafeterias were closed for the same reason. It seems absurd that services are not offered because of some saving plan.

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Something similar happens in convenience stores, where these days the only thing we find is an unbearable heat and the dull and sweaty faces of clerks, who are more intent on feeling cooler than on selling. How many clients simply decided no to buy anything rather than withstand such torture, and how many more bought only the most needed things to end it quickly. The pleasure of entering a store and calmly looking for whatever one wanted, or maybe even something extra, has vanished. We might add to our prior arguments that there is also the possibility some food products might deteriorate, and that it is not very healthy to remain in closed spaces full of clients.

Furthermore, if under ideal conditions sometimes clerks do not treat clients well, now it is commonplace. Focus has been placed on the use of air conditioners, and we can understand why. But, has anyone considered that it can be very harmful to turn them off in certain places? Is it logical to turn them off in places with no windows and full of personnel and computers?

Plan pastoral para actividades provida: Una estrategia en favor de la vida

Has anyone calculated how many computers could break down because of the heat? And, could it be that turning conditioners on and off is also bad for them? How much are we really saving if later we have to invest to buy new ones? Yes, I believe that we should save, more and more. But, we cannot grow crazy. Measures cannot be the same everywhere. We have to save in an orderly fashion.

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Instead, we have to analyze and study each measure to be taken. I am glad so many of those that can have Internet in Cuba read my newspaper and what I write. I am equally satisfied that the first one — who was harshly criticized by his readers — calls me comrade, and the second, a respectable professor, although both, showing their colors, at the end of their literary pieces suggest that I am under the influence of liberalism, counterrevolution, anticommunism and anti-sovietism, and other boogey men of [political] discussions.

For this reason, before responding to Felipe Cruz, I want to state some facts. Since I was 13 years old I am now 81 I am a socialist and a militant revolutionary Marxist, since I was Already in I was secretary to the Argentinean committee of solidarity with the Cuban revolution which I founded , and I was put in a high security jail for that reason.

For some, calling someone a professor is a pejorative epithet suggesting a stay at home intellectual, who writes sitting at a desk without any contact with the people. Nevertheless, I am proud of what I taught, of what I did and what I teach in the classrooms, before and now. And, not only as a professor, but [actively] in the workers movement and in the political and social life of Mexico and Argentina, not to mention other countries.

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  7. I believe that objectivity is basic to any discussion F. Cruz titles his critic Opinions on G. I should also thank F. However, one thing is syntax and even certain patriotic, and not solely bureaucratic passion that one can intuit and another elementary logic. If, according to my critic, in Cuba everything is going the best possible way and everything that needs to be done is done, then why did Fidel denounce the dangers of bureaucratic counterrevolution? And why is there a crisis, in particular a moral crisis of the young people?

    Not all young people mind you — how could I say that when it is for them that I write — but an important part of urban youths? In Bulgaria 99 percent of the people voted formally there were no sick people, nor opposition, nor anything. But, was this a good social thermometer? Does the participation in Cuba of There were14 thousand assemblies to postulate candidates for representative positions. Can anyone really present himself as a candidate? Deputies, it is true, can be revoked by their electors: has this ever happened? Were Lage and the other leaders revoked by their voters or by their peers?

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    Or was it by the critics made by Fidel, who has no official position in the State? In the union assemblies, which are summoned to discuss plans and to approve budget projects, can the agenda be modified to include other critical points and proposals, or to choose delegates by basis resolution? In school and other study center assemblies, is it possible to discuss and reject programs and teaching methods? Also, if the party is as democratic as my critics paint it, why did it expel Celia Hart, in spite of the unanimous vote of her cell against it?

    Do they know that Mella was expelled and joined in Mexico the Leftist Opposition? And that, although Fidel is a revolutionary and has great merits, he has also made big mistakes? Why should we have faith, as religious people, in the old generation of revolutionaries when what we should be doing is preparing those that will come after them? For this we need to enhance their preparation and encourage the political participation of young people and workers.

    Lastly, anti-imperialist patriotism truly awakens energies and provides an absolutely necessary mystic. But, what one is trying to do is not only to build an independent country but to advance towards the construction of the basis of socialism. Socialism which is synonymous with internationalism in analysis and in action; synonymous with democracy, with widespread self-management…. Havana, June People who have seen the recording have told La Jornada that the said tip involved Dr.

    He mentioned, however, his order to put a tail on Castellanos. The tape is about Operation Medusa, launched by the Cuban State Security, which includes footage, photographs, live and wiretap recordings now being disclosed to government staff, the armed forces, and members of the Communist Party PCC and its junior branch, the Young Communist League UJC. On September 16, , according to sources, Valenciaga celebrated his birthday in a party he threw at the Palace of the Revolution, very near where the Cuban leader was going through the most severe stage of the illness that eventually kept him away from public view.

    It comes to no conclusions; it just suggests. What can be inferred is that there was disloyalty to the historical leaders, influence peddling, and abuse of privileges at odds with the public discourse of austerity.

    Castellanos implies they could have easily harmed Machado when the current first vice president underwent artery surgery, and is heard saying they would be doing the country a favor. Lage, in turn, speaks of a leadership of fossils and dinosaurs. It was an obscene party, the Cuban president remarks, while his brother was fighting for his life. From the cold and faraway Canadian city of Quebec arrive every year the warm solidarity and the sympathy of hundreds of citizens who turn a deaf ear to all anti-Cuban campaigns to travel to our land and get to know it through its people.

    So was the case of Colette Lavergne, a Quebecois through and through who found out in that the Cubans were something more than just a hospitable, party-loving people. They have a country where they live with their head held high and not on bended knee. Since then I fell hopelessly in love with the Cubans. E demora muito, mas sempre vence o mal", jornalista Jorge Kajuru. Commenter N'oublie pas que les propos injurieux, racistes, etc. Sou um homem sincero, de onde cresce a erva, e antes de morrer quero tomar meu bom mate! Guajira Guantanamera! Edu por Edu edumontesanti web.

    Cante, cante, companheiro! Quanto ao ponto de chegada, depende de cada um" Luigi Bellodi. Aponta Giraud: ' Capitalismo Travestido de Papai Noel.

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    Edu Montesanti. A Era do Capital Improdutivo. Rumo a uma Guerra Santa? Fernando Pessoa - Poesias. O Poder da TV. Trecho do Livro:. Grupo Amigo Bicho.

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    Somos Todos Santa Maria!! Imagem: Instituto Nina Rosa. Sua base social eram os oprimidos e marginalizados daquela sociedade. Ele se aproxima, defende os pequenos. O conflito entre Jesus e os di-rigentes do povo atravessa os Evangelhos de ponta a ponta. Jesus ataca diretamente os escribas, fariseus, o sumo sacerdotes e os saduceus. Eles atacaram os Estados Unidos porque somos o lar defensor da liberdade. Profetas e Arquitetos de 'Guerras Santas' sem Fim. Aos milhares, os plebeus o aplaudiam.

    As pessoas continuaram a admirar as roupas novas do rei Isso acontece em toda parte. Friba kommenterer i et intervju med Edu Montesanti eksplosjonen i Kabul We're running out of time though. Interview by Edu Montesanti, Pravda. Ru Portuguese version. Design by lequipe-skyrock - Choisir cet habillage Signaler un abus.