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After her last difficult case she travels to the Carpathian Mountains to find the mental peace and solitude that she craves. Mikhail tracks her and finds that she is human. Filled with an overwhelming desire for her he recognises her as his life mate and immediately set about trying to make her his.

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Raven can sense their evil intentions but will she be able to stop them in time or will she fall pray to their evil plans too? When I first read this book back in I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread.

Yes, really — it was that good! It gets off to a flying start with the two central characters meeting on the first page. The sparks fly and the romance that follows is generally riveting and spellbinding. Mikhail treads a fine line between being protective of his mate and overbearingly controlling. On the whole he manages to just about stay on the right side of the line.

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Raven is a character with an independent streak. Obviously that is going to cause a lot of the conflict between the two characters. Unfortunately for Raven when she does exert her independence she ends up nearly being killed and having to be rescued. Personally, I did find this somewhat irritating as now days I tend to prefer my female protagonists to be able to take care of themselves more. Okay — gripe over.

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I think that if you enjoy vampire romance and you should love this book. Now she is determined to escape the glare of recent publicity for the peace and quiet of the Carpathian Mountains.

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Prince Mikhail Dubrinsky is the leader of his people but, as his ancient Carpathian race grows ever closer to extinction, he is close to giving in to the heavy weight of loneliness and despair. From the moment their minds touch, Raven and Mikhail form a connection. But there are those who incorrectly view all Carpathians as vampires, and are determined to give their extinction a helping hand.

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