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Matteo Carcassi - Carcassi began with the piano, but learned guitar when still a child.

Rochberg:Caprice Variations

He quickly gained a reputation as a virtuoso concert guitarist. He moved to Germany in , gaining almost immediate success. In , he was living in Paris, earning his living as a teacher of both the piano and the guitar. On a concert tour in Germany in , he met his friend Antoine Meissonnier for the first time. Also a famous guitarist, Meissonnier published many of Carcassi's works in his Par is publishing house. From on, Carcassi spent the majority of his time in Paris. In , he performed an extremely successful series of concerts in London that earned him great fame, both as a performing artist and as a teacher.

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However, in Paris, a long time passed before his talents were truly recognised, partly because of the presence of Fernando Carulli, 'adored' by his audience. Carcassi was in Germany again during the fall of Afterwards he performed in London, where his reputation now gave him access to more prestigious concert halls.

Paganini Caprice No. 24 -- Chaconne Klaverenga

Finally he returned to Paris. For several years, he made concert trips from here to the most important cultural towns of Europe, including London. After a short return to performing in , he quit his concert practice around and died in the French capital in Carcassi wrote a method for guitar op. His most famous works are collected in his 25 Etudes op. In these, he managed to blend technical skills and brilliant romantic music. This is the reason his music is still played by so many classical guitarists today.

His works have been published and recorded by numerous well known guitarists. Text source : Wikipedia Hide extended text Read all.

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You've Selected:. Connect to add to a playlist. Added the Share this page. Pop Out Player. Similar items. Listen Details. Andante amoroso. Poco adagio. Allegro fantastico. Quasi cadenza; andante con molto espressivo. Allegro con brio after Beethoven Symphony No. Molto espressivo e cantando. Andante grazioso e tranquillo. Con brio.

Dont | 24 Etudes and Caprices, Op 35 for violin

Molto agitato. Lento ma non troppo. Poco allegretto e leggiero. Molto adagio. Moderato; con amore.

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Allegro assai; burlesco. Largo; sereno. Can-can tempo; presto. Elegiac; fantastico. Robust; do not rush. Allegro molto after Webern Passacaglia, op. Nocturnal; slow. Scherzo after Mahler Symphony No. Bravura; sempre recitando; in the "grand manner". Arabesque; fantastico. Moderately fast: fantastico. Caprice Variations 50 for violin solo. Allegro energico George Rochberg. Presto George Rochberg. Allegro molto e con fuoco George Rochberg. Poco allegro ma quasi recitando George Rochberg. Poco agitato ma con molto rubato George Rochberg.

Poco allegretto ma con rubato George Rochberg. Alla guitarra; allegretto con molto rubato George Rochberg. Con grazia; un poco agitato George Rochberg. Andante amoroso George Rochberg. Poco adagio George Rochberg.

  1. 36 Caprices, Op.20 (Legnani, Luigi).
  2. Caprice 24 tab by Nicolo Paganini;
  3. Desenmascarando la Falsedad: Basado en una historia real.
  4. Allegro fantastico George Rochberg. Vivace George Rochberg. Quasi cadenza; andante con molto espressivo George Rochberg. Molto espressivo e cantando George Rochberg. Andante grazioso e tranquillo George Rochberg. Allegretto George Rochberg.

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    6. Scherzo George Rochberg. Con brio George Rochberg. Aria George Rochberg.

      Compositions by: Paganini, Niccolò

      Molto agitato George Rochberg. Lento ma non troppo George Rochberg. Poco allegretto e leggiero George Rochberg. Molto adagio George Rochberg. Moderato; con amore George Rochberg.