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Furthermore, periodic pen tests typically need to be scheduled at least several months in advance and thereby do not align with the short term urgency and nature of the continuous deployment required by DevOps SDLC. Hence, applications and updates go live without being thoroughly tested, resulting in the risk that at any moment in time serious vulnerabilities may be introduced into live systems and are not detected in a timely manner. Join speakers Mohamed Abotaleb and Ron Peeters and learn about: - The security issues and challenges of a rapid software development and deployment environment with agile systems - A new continuous security testing model that better supports DevOps SDLC and Cloud environment - How this testing model combines automation technology with continuous or on-demand manual security testing - A recent case study from Telefonica that demonstrates the benefits and capabilities of such continuous testing security model.

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This time around Callum will share his screen and walk you through the SRT portal and process he follows when responding to vulns. He'll answer more questions and will show you what it's like to be a member of the Synack Red Team.

Beyond the Bounty by Tony Parsons

You'll hear about: - SRT tools including the XSS Hunter - What constitutes a vulnerability and the decisions that SRT members must make when faced with deciding what vulnerabilities are worth reporting - How detailed an SRT member's report typically has to be in order to be accepted during the 24hr reporting timeframe We hope you can join!

We asked CISOs from the Global , government agencies, and high-growth companies about their priorities. Across the board, they answered: effective, efficient security that is grounded in trust. In this webinar, Ravi and Punky discuss the key findings from the report, including: - The list of most secure and trusted industries - Average security performance over time and the impact on trust scores - The ROI of a continuous, integrated approach to security - Trends in severity of vulnerability findings and remediation - The 5 things that successful organizations are doing to build security and trust.

Doug Cody, Solutions Architect.

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As cybercrime continues to evolve and the consequences and damages of an attack continue to increase, it is vital to manage vulnerabilities through security testing. Security Testing can be done in several different ways, the one that's best for you is the one that aligns with your threat model and traditional concerns. What do you get when you buy a penetration test?

Technology for monitoring testing, analyzing traffic, and crowdsourcing have changed pen testing forever. Viewers can learn: - Core components of a penetration test - Who uses the outputs and why - What you can now get above and beyond a plain penetration test. Andy Condliffe, Solution Architect.

(ebook) Beyond the Bounty

Compliance and a vague summary report. What could you get with a crowdsourced penetration test from Synack? Stop settling for the ordinary Try the Next-Gen. See how you can go beyond just compliance by joining our webinar. Take a look behind the curtain and decide for yourself. Join government security expert Mike Larmie as he breaks down the key differences.

He will share what your agency needs to know to make sure your security program is both identifying vulnerabilities and reducing risk of exploit. He will cover the techniques, tools, and tradecraft of each, as well as common questions such as: -Who performs the services? Mike will present how government agencies are reinventing how they conduct security testing to achieve greater efficiency and ROI. He has a wealth of experience having worked at companies such as Tenable, Sourcefire, Rapid7, Infoblox, G2 and others.

The Synack Red Team SRT gives the most talented security researchers across the globe a platform to do what they love and get paid for it. A private network of highly-curated and vetted security researchers, the SRT is challenged every day to deliver exploitation discovery and management for some of the biggest brands in the world.

These ethical hackers are increasingly being recognised as an important way for businesses to unearth security weaknesses before they can be exploited by online criminals. In January , after noticing all of the great comments regarding the Synack platform fast payouts, fast response times, etc , he applied for the Synack Red Team and was accepted.

During his time with Synack he has worked to secure a multitude of systems including government and Fortune enterprise systems.

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Paul Mote, Chief Solutions Architect. Join Synack on a journey as we provide an overview of different crowdsourced security testing models such as Crowdsourced Penetration Testing, Bug Bounty, and Vulnerability Disclosure Policies. Government, and highlight the key differentiators in crowdsourced security models including vetting, technology, practical applications, and pricing.

Come away with an understanding of what model s are right for your agency! Consumers are upping the ante for CISOs in ! What works? The European Central Bank created a framework to provide guidance to leaders at financial institutions to help them secure their organizations. TIBER standardizes how to source and conduct an intelligence red team assessment so you can better protect your organization.

You know that standard penetration tests delivered by the BIG 5 misses the mark when it comes to protecting the new needs of the cyber-secure, agile, data-driven organisation. You probably run them once or thrice a year to tick a compliance box or because your superiors have told you to do so.

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From the number one bestselling author comes a swashbuckling tale of mutiny and murder in paradise. Even Paradise can turn into a nightmare. The Mutiny on the Bounty is the most famous uprising in naval history. Led by Fletcher Christian, a desperate crew cast sadistic Captain Bligh adrift.

They swap cruelty and the lash for easy living in the island heaven of Tahiti. However, paradise turns out to have a darker side.

Mr Christian dies in terrible agony. The Bounty burns. Cursed by murder and treachery, the rebels' dreams turn to nightmares, and all hope of seeing England again is lost forever. A story of low treachery and high adventure, murder under the palm trees, trouble in paradise and a lost Eden in the South Seas.