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What people don't understand is that it's OKAY to be picky when it comes to guys. For some reason, girls in college freak out and think they're supposed to have a boyfriend by now, be engaged by the time they graduate, etc.

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It's all a little ridiculous. However, I refuse to put myself on a time table such as this due to the fact that these girls who feel this way are left with no choice but to overlook the things in guys that they shouldn't be overlooking, they're settling and this is something that I refuse to do. I want a guy who can hang out with my friends. If a guy makes an effort to impress your friends then that says a lot about him and how he feels about you.

This not only shows that he cares about you but he cares about the people in your life as well. Someone should be happy to see you happy and your friends contribute to that happiness, therefore, they should be nothing more than supportive and caring towards you and your friendships. Although this is a very broad statement, this is the most important one. A guy should want to know all about you. He should want to know your favorite movie, favorite ice cream flavor, favorite Netflix series, etc. Often, the guys I get stuck on dates with love to talk about themselves: they would rather tell you about what workout they did yesterday, what their job is, and what they like to do rather than get to know you.

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This is something easy to spot on the first date, so although they may be "cute," you should probably drop them if you leave your date and can recite everything about their life since the day they were born, yet they didn't catch what your last name was. It does not matter who they're talking about, if they call their ex-girlfriend crazy we all know she probably isn't and if she is it's probably their fault.

If they talk bad about their mom, let's be honest, if they're disrespecting their mother they're not going to respect you either. If they mention a girl's physical appearances when describing them. For example, "yeah, I think our waitress is that blonde chick with the big boobs". And most importantly calling other women "bitches" that's just disrespectful. If he can't put his phone down long enough to take you to dinner then he doesn't deserve for you to be sitting across from him.

If a guy is serious about you he's going to give you his undivided attention and he's going to do whatever it takes to impress you and checking Snapchat on a date is not impressive. Also, notice if his phone is facedown, then there's most likely a reason for it.

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He doesn't trust who or what could pop up on there and he clearly doesn't want you seeing. Although I'm not particularly interested in what's popping up on their phones, putting them face down says more about the guy than you think it does.

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Remember these tips next time you're on a date or seeing someone, and keep in mind: they're on their best behavior when you're dating. Then ask yourself, what will they be like when they're comfortable?

Years down the road? Is this what I really want? If you ask yourself these questions you might be down the same road I have stumbled upon, being too picky.. We are students, thinkers, influencers, and communities sharing our ideas with the world.

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The Ball Game of Mesoamerica

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Email: info sportingschools. Google Trends shows spike in interest in ball is life in and , which corresponds to two major developments from the Ballislife brand.

In , Ballislife started the official Ballislife All-American Game , an annual event which showcases top high school basketball stars from all over the United States. In , the website introduced regular rankings for the NBA and the best high schools team. While Ballislife launched its Twitter presence in , the hashtag ballislife first appears from diehard basketball players and fans in Given the fervor of ballislifers , some have joked the expression is inspired by religious texts.

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Ball is life is used to show solidarity among fellow basketball fans and players. Among fans, it simply refers to the hours and hours spent watching games, being part of the fan community, and following industry news. The phrase ball is life has its detractors. Some have criticized ballislifers for taking the game too seriously and obsessively. However, ball is life is usually employed as a positive expression of commitment to or love for the game of basketball.

While fans and players of other ball-centered sports like football, soccer, and baseball occasionally adopt the phrase, ball is life tends to refer to basketball and is often employed by young adults dedicated to becoming good at the game.