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Dress shabby, they remember the outfit,.

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Dress impeccable, they remember the woman. My grandmother used to say "when you look good, you feel good". I believe that, I love to dress up, I am a girly girly, that will not change, if anything, I will work harder to look nice Cancer is a demon that will inhabit your body,. I love shoes I took a linen closet and turned it into a shoe closet, a friends idea, my husband was a little upset until he saw that I was able to relocate the toilet paper I have fallen in love with the clutch.. I used to be one of those girls who carried the same large purse everyday..

Then I discovered the clutch The clutch has simplified my mornings, I change my purse.

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They are inexpensive , easy to store and you can have one in every color, hmmmm I may be missing one or two colors Having cancer should not take away how you look at yourself, how you feel about yourself and always looking nice. Don't crawl up in a ball and feel sorry for yourself I am passionate about fashion..

I think I get that from my grandmother.. I remember as a child watching her put her lip stick on before going out in the back yard to hang cloths, saying "you never know who you might run into".

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She was an exceptional role model, beautiful inside and out. Did I mention my grandmother had breast cancer, she had a mastectomy. They want instant results. They set themselves up for failure by not planning. This brings me to my topic of the day today. How many of you actually plan snacks for during the day or for road trips? So whether we are going on a 2 hour car ride trip or running errands for the day; I have to have an emergency snack kit on hand with me.

I have a small container that stays in the car and has snacks for myself, husband, or our 2 year old princess. And drum roll please! What are your favorite snacks for road trips? If you need ideas or even maybe some birthday gifts; Head over to Nuts. Com and check out their products and ideas. They have some fantastic ideas and gifts. Can you believe it? I have decided that this year, I want to accomplish 33 things.

Why did I pick that number?

Because I will be 33 in ! So here is my list: I will come back in days and see where I am at!

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I am going to make MY year! Some of the bad habits have crept back in throughout the last 2 months thank you holidays!!! To me it means to resolve something and I am not resolving anything, I am setting goals for myself. Goals that I can obtain. Goals that I can create to make myself better both physically and mentally. So tell me.

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Are you making goals for ? What are some of your goals that you are setting for you self? So I have completely fallen off the bandwagon. Life gets busy, things happen, and I get back into old routines and habits. Usually the first habit to creep back in is not making the best choices when I am eating.


It becomes whatever is fast and easy especially when you have 5 little ones ranging in ages 8 months — 3 years running around the house 5 days a week. Old habits may be hard to break but taking time for myself should be 1 priority. I have teamed up with Chobani to bring you ways burn calories in a day! There are many ways that you can do this. The choice is yours! Increase your step goal by steps! We are all becoming obsessed including myself!! My average step goal is between and steps a day, which I thing that it is a good average being that I never leave my house during the day and I am running a home daycare.

I have made it a point to push myself to get more steps in the evenings before bed.

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Get outside and take a walk around the neighborhood, talk to them about their day, or if they are younger talk to them about things in nature that you see. Make an obstacle course inside or outside and join in the fun with them. Before you know it, the 25 mins will turn into an hour and you and your children are making memories and burning calories all at the same time! I can say that the blueberry cookie crunch was one that I will be purchasing again. But I can tell you that it was not only tasty but also a much better choice then some. Most people believe that yogurt no matter what brand it is.

You really need to read ingredient labels because some yogurts have added sugar. So tell me… How are you burning more calories a day? Have you tried the new Chobani Simply Crunch yogurt? Which one was your favorite? Share the love: Click to share on Twitter Opens in new window Click to share on Pinterest Opens in new window Click to email this to a friend Opens in new window Click to share on Pocket Opens in new window Click to share on Facebook Opens in new window. Like this: Like Loading Trail Mix: I am a huge fan of making it myself. Popcorn: This is made the day of the trip and put into small baggies.

Goldfish Crackers: This is just for the little princess. She enjoys these and if we are going for a long car ride.. Fresh fruit: This is also added the day of. We usually take a small cooler if we are heading out for the day and the fruit will be added into the cooler. Complete 5 craft projects Take Baby P camping at least 3 times Meal plan weekly.. Stress Less Visit somewhere new Step out of my comfort zone and try something new Successfully finish at least one round of Whole What do you want to accomplish in ?