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More Than Broken lyrics buy track 4. Hanging in the Balance lyrics buy track 5. Keeping Time lyrics buy track 6. Missing lyrics buy track 7. Canyon's Edge lyrics buy track 8. Bed of Strangers lyrics buy track 9. A World Without lyrics buy track Today lyrics buy track Worshipping You lyrics buy track Portrait of Me lyrics buy track Contact Marc Andre. Streaming and Download help. If you like Marc Andre, you may also like:. Chasing Sounds by Carverton. Retro psychedelic Swedish pop music with late Bowie vibes. Stockholm psych-rockers carefully crafted jams with Krautrock-leaning, hypnotic rhythms and crystalline vocals.

Mary Weaver by Coke Weed. Explore music. Snapshots of the Shattered Soul by Marc Andre. God bless you guys! But then I kept listening, and the words kept getting deeper and deeper into a part of my own soul. The pain and tragedy of life, even for the Christian, is almost unbearable at times. Praise God for keeping you honest and real in your work that glorifies him, who alone is worthy of all of our praise, glory, and adoration.

I love this song, brings me to tears.

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I was recently diagnosed with recurrent lung cancer after two and a half years being cancer free. Thought I beat it but its now back and stage 4. Dont know how long I have and I have been going through alot of emotional turmoil, trying to keep my faith and trust in God , but sometimes its even hard to pray. I just want to get to the point of no matter what happens I will not lose my trust in God because even if God does not heal me , I will know he is still with me always and everything will be ok, like the song says , even if, it is well with my soul.

Thank you for this beautiful song. Thank you so much for this honest song. In I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer. I am now undergoing radiation for the aggressive cancer found during major surgery dealing with removal of cancer, impacting facial nerves. My motto has been: life is hard, God is good, have a sense of humor. God bless you all!

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March my husband left me, and just when I was feeling shattered and angry with everything,…even God I came across this song. I was leaving the hospital after being there on the 5th day since my youngest son overdosed. They had called me at AM to come back because he had taken a turn for the worse. I just absolutely fell apart because I knew I was being faced with something unimaginable.

Thank you.


She divorced him and we struggled hard. I never hated him. It was the depression and pain. I began to allow God back into my life when my grandmother became ill. She had gotten sick in after surgery. Doctors told her she had 2 years to live.

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She passed away due to complications in February She was a testament of God. He was not done with her life. In , my mom almost died from Diabetes. She had been to the doctor twice before I made her go to the ER. She became unconscious 3 days after she was admitted. Her blood sugar was We both were out of a job, struggling to keep our house.

God was not done with my mom either. All I can do is give God all the glory because I could not live without him. This song by MercyMe is a testament to how I feel sometimes. It is easier to move mountains than to learn how to overcome the roadblock. All I can do is go with it because God is in control. Mom and I struggle now, we are trying to clean out the house and sell the property.

She has 14 acres of beauty.

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The house is falling apart. I pray that we get out.

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We live in South Carolina. God Bless everyone! Thank you, thank you, thank you.. God has truly given Mercy Me, the spirit to touch people, I am closer to My Lord with each song you sang, please keep doing what you do, and stay close to the lord, We Older brothers and sisters in the Lord need you and what you give us in song, may God richly blessed you all with good health, love, peace, and joy in your lives.. I was blessed to find love again, but have had some spirit-crushing events happen since.

I have one grandson, now 6, who was diagnosed with Apraxia. Obviously to others as well. This song has been just what I need to get through this time. About 6 months ago, my grandpa, whom I was so extremely close to, died of cancer. A month later, my unsaved father got into a car wreck and had severe brain trauma. For 2 weeks I watched him do almost nothing but lay there, lifeless looking, in the ICU.

After crying out to God, He used his abundant mercy and allowed him to wake up. I cry every time. It is such a blessing. My God always hears and cares. Thank you so much. March 30, News. Sheila Wadsworth March 31st, PM. Penny Carter April 6th, AM. Anna Filson April 17th, AM. Thomas Hayes March 31st, PM. This is a very inspirational song. Thank you for all of your great songs. Crystal Hernandez April 6th, AM. Denise Dacis March 31st, PM.

Steve T April 1st, AM. Powerful song! Beautiful message and vocals.

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  • Rita Bryan April 1st, PM. Kim Caskey April 1st, PM. Thank You MercyMe for helping me to carry on when days are dark……. Kristin Flowers April 1st, PM. Keith Palmer April 3rd, PM. Kathy Moore April 3rd, PM. Thank you for your awesome songs! Cliff Worsham April 3rd, PM. You Guys are amazing.

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    You are always reminding me how amazing God is! Thank You! Debbie Namanny April 4th, AM. Maritza April 4th, PM. A Wattigney April 4th, PM. Betty Joe April 5th, PM. Be Still April 8th, AM.