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It is posted below in its entirety. In addition, numerous other gifts from Patoski--in the form of archival inventories, rather than a completed finding aid--are also listed on this page, below the finding aid. Please note that the inventory of Patoski's literary papers listed on this page is a very large file--in print form it totals approximately 70 pages.

To conduct research in the Patoski archive, please contact the archivist for a research appointment using the guidelines on the sidebar. Acquisition: Gift donated by Joe Nick Patoski, Note: Contact the SWWC for information about additional materials from this writer that have not yet been fullyprocessed. Access: Open for Research.

Photocopying allowed. JNP holds copyright for Selena materials he wrote and created, and half of the Caught in the Crossfire materials he wrote and created with co-author Bill Crawford. Other items will require copyright status determined on a case- by -case basis. Typescripts, correspondence, clippings, photographs, sound recordings, printed material, handwritten notes, ephemera, and artifacts, to bulk , created and maintained by Joe Nick Patoski, document much of his writing career, as well as some aspects of his business and personal life.

The collection has been arranged into nine series: Writing , n. These series have been created by the cataloger, as the materials arrived with very little discernible order. Though Research Material and Writing are not the two largest series in the collection, they do offer the most insight into Patoski's research and writing process, as well as into the topics that interest him. The largest series include Sound Recordings 5. Music, in particular Texas and Southwestern music and musicians, is one of Patoski's major areas of interest.

Texas Legacy - Texas Center for Regional Studies

This is well documented in the collection, as each series contains material that reveals Patoski's involvement in the music world as a manager, a critic, and as a fan. Much of the music material photographs, interviews, clippings, ephemera in the Research Material series was complied by Patoski, and it relates to later articles and books written by Patoski. The largest concentration of music related material is in the Promotional Material series, but the majority of these materials publicity photographs, press releases, news clippings are commercial in nature, and were routinely mailed to Patoski.

Therefore, these materials do not necessarily reflect his personal tastes or interests in music. Patoski's passion for music has not prevented him from writing about many other topics. The wide variety of topics Patoski has researched and written about is well represented in the Writing series and the Research series. A relatively smaller group of material in this collection relates to Patoski's personal life. In the Correspondence series, many of the letters, particularly the letters from his father, offer insight into Patoski's relationships with family and friends. The Photographic Material series contains many unidentified snapshots of Patoski with friends and family throughout his life.

These two collections only contain material specifically related to the production of those particular books, and offer further insight into Patoski's research and writing process.

Legacy Music Group - Studio virtual walk through

This series documents the wide variety of topics Patoski has written about, and helps illustrate his writing process from initial handwritten notes to published articles. Contained in this series are clippings of Patoski's work, as well as unpublished band and club reviews, creative works, and a large quantity of handwritten notes. A course packet for a feature writing class taught by Patoski is also included in this series. This series contains Patoski's personal and professional correspondence, separated into groupings, for Texas Monthly Correspondence and General Correspondence.

The majority of the general correspondence is personal in nature. Of particular interest is the relatively large number of letters in general correspondence from Patoski's father, Victor Patoski, most of which are signed simply with the letter V. The Texas Monthly correspondence are mostly from fans and critics of Patoski's work in the magazine. Also contained in the Texas Monthly correspondence are interoffice memos, letters from other publications soliciting Patoski's work, correspondence regarding editing, general fan letters, and several personal letters.

The promotional material series is predominately made up of photographic and printed material sent to Patoski from music, television and film production companies, record companies, and talent agencies. Other promotional materials in this series include catalogs, newsletters, festival advertisements, press releases and ephemera all relating to the music industry. This series of subject files and artist files, made up of newspaper clippings, notes, interviews, photographs and ephemera, illustrates Patoski's many areas of interest and his research methods.

Patoski wrote about and published pieces relating to many of the topics and people in the subject and artist files. Of particular note is the large amount on material on Joe "King" Carrasco and his band, who Patoski managed in the s. This series consists of bank records and a photograph from Joe Nick Patoski's music management business, Artist Development, Inc.

Patoski managed these groups while he was also working full-time at Texas Monthly. This series contains a small group of documents pertaining to Patoski's personal financial, legal, and medical matters, as well as art works on paper, and an array of artifacts. The photographs in this series are more personal in nature than those in previous series. Many images of Patoski throughout his life are contained in this series. This series is a collection of miscellaneous clippings and notes.

They are divided into different categories. They are writing related, travel related, health and medical related, or arts related. The majority of phonographs in this series are from Patoski's personal collection, but some were sent to him as promotional material.

The audio cassettes are mostly non-professional recordings of music, and a few are of interviews with musicians. A relatively large portion of the audio cassettes are of the band Joe "King" Carrasco, which Patoski managed during the s. Subseries A. Music by label. Subseries B. Music Catalogs by title. Subseries C. Music Newsletters by title. Subseries D. Music Festivals by festival. Subseries E. Music Press Releases by subject.

Gloria Evangelina Anzaldúa Papers

Subseries F. Music Ephemera. Subseries G. Television and Film by label. Subject Files. Artist Files. Art on Paper. Compact Disc. Audio Cassettes. Clippings of Patoski's work, Music by label, , n. Music by label, — , cont.

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Money Productions. Turner Ent. Music Catalogs by title, Music Newsletters by title, Music Festivals by festival, , n. Music Press Releases by subject, , n. Music Ephemera, , n. Television and Film by label, , n. Series IV: Research Material, , n. Subject Files, , n. LeBlanc: Hadacol. Into the Edwards Aquifer. Artist Files, , n. Series V: Artist Development Inc. Checking Account. Art on Paper, n. Artifacts, , n. Series IX: Sound Recordings, , n. Phonographs, , n.

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The Cradle of Texas: La Salle's Legacy and Influence in Texas' History

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Rock Out at Legacy Hall. The Box Garden at Legacy Hall hosts the hottest live music, concerts, sports watching, festivals, holiday parties, corporate events and culinary events in Plano. With a sprawling courtyard and a sq.

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