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Purchasing RECs directly is a popular option but gives you the least opportunities to engage in sustainability marketing. This also limits your efforts real impact and any claims that you might make related to these sustainability efforts. Across the country utilities are responding to customer demand by creating programs to purchase renewable energy through new tariff structures, often called Green Tariff Riders. One example of this would be a utility tariff that adds a rider to utility bills for the purchase of renewable energy.


As part of the tariff, the utility transfers RECs from a renewable project to the customer. These tariffs, depending on their particular structure, provide large customers a way to procure renewable energy and make green marketing claims. The downside is that utility tariffs are often more expensive. Depending on the program, the RECs may come from new renewable energy facilities, giving you the opportunity to claim additionality, in other cases the program may not.

It is important to understand the specifics of the program to confirm the extent of the claims you can make based on your purchase, and get transparency about what type of generation produces the RECs.

Here's what you need to know about the warming planet, how it's affecting us, and what's at stake.

Plus, because of the significance of signing a PPA with a project, and that projects ability to secure financing and be built, you will be able to claim additionality. This can be a powerful statement to consumers and stakeholders. There is definitely a wide spectrum of impact. It ranges from the minimal value of a low cost REC with no additionality, to procuring RECs from a renewable energy project in close proximity to your facilities. As mentioned above, additionality is a key criterion in evaluating the impact of your investment and the claims that you can publicly make.

To take it a step further, many companies try to procure RECs in the areas or power grids where their facilities are located in order to support even stronger claims of impact. Companies like Amazon and Facebook try to match their renewable energy procurement to the region or grid where they have facilities that are consuming the power. While this is an emerging trend, it is not a widespread practice.

There are plenty of places you can publicize your efforts to support the sustainability movement. Try to get your message out across as many platforms as possible, while keeping it consistent and on-brand. Some of these places include:.

You can also join groups that match your goals, and report your efforts to important organizations to gain increased exposure. Some of these groups include:. When it comes to large Renewable Energy projects, there are usually multiple organizations involved in the investment. Oftentimes, groups involved with an RE project will also go on press tours; speaking on panels and at conferences related to their project.

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It can be anything; from images to community stories, to an email outreach campaign from the CEO. When publishing anything on social media especially, it needs to stand out to get noticed.

Can We Rely on Wind and Solar Energy?

In addition, increasing customer focus toward energy efficiency coupled with the implementation of energy storage plans will further complement the industry landscape. Slowly but surely the floating offshore wind energy sector is becoming more and more important, particularly because of the fact that the number of locations with shallow waters suitable for fixed-bottom foundations is limited. Floating wind is turning into a highly scalable future energy source because the wind resource in deep waters is extensive and offers a significant potential for marine renewable energy development and growth to many countries.

Understanding the Thai renewable energy market

Photovoltaic Feed. Solar Thermal Feed. Wind Energy Feed. Bioenergy Feed. CSP Feed. Skip to main content. Advertising Newsletter Contact Search form Search. The energy demand in Thailand is rising rapidly - while the country's power plants need to be replaced.

Phasing out fossil fuels for renewables may not be a straightforward swap

Solution: increase renewable energy shares For all these figures, it is expected that the figure of 22 GW of new capacity based on renewable energy, which is supposed to be reached by PDP , will be increased again in the national power plan. Similar Entries. The Energy Taiwan combines 4 major renewable energy business opportunities.

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The Floating wind turbine sector requires advancement in the development of foundations and mooring systems. Topic of the month. Latest Studies Rubrik: Photovoltaics. All studies.

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Upcoming Events All events. Younicos acquires Xtreme Power Assets. Statkraft cancels Norwegian wind power projects.