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Offer special deals for group check-ins that are checking in together. Provide a simple task that they must complete before receiving a bonus offer, extra discount or sale. By targeting your customers effectively, you can develop an entirely new line of customers before they even step in 6 th grade. With the increasing number of people sending text messages every day, the use of this feature as a marketing tool is essential. Text message campaigns must always include opt-out features, and need to be careful to not be considered spam.

Include elements of storytelling to help keep customer interest and act as a hook that brings the customer back time and time again.

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The text message can be a powerful, quick method of providing customers with a chance to take action. Informing them about an upcoming sale, new store hours or polling customers about how they use your product are all interactive methods of reaching customers outside the traditional means. Mobile apps add more expense to the media marketing plan, but can be a great way to develop engagement with customers in a way that a simple website cannot achieve.

Mobile apps should have their own value — not simply be a copycat version of the original site. Along with mobile apps, QR codes are another tool in the media strategy toolbox that may work for your business. These special codes can be used to track analytics, give additional information or special coupons or discounts. QR codes can be printed on brochures, newspapers, special mailers and more.

They are useful when the web address is long, to provide interaction with the company and share coupons or special offers. Putting the power of the mobile marketing machine to work for your company is an effective way to maximize advertising dollars. By capitalizing in the areas where there is a high percentage of users, then you will be offering customers another opportunity to discover what you have to offer.

When mobile marketing is done right, it gives customers a positive perspective on your company, and provides up to four times the likelihood that the consumer will make a purchase. In addition, the inclusion of mobile marketing to a marketing strategy is like adding layers — they overlap and intertwine and support one another. A multi-faceted strategy will provide a means for moving from text messages to the internet, from a push notification to the text; all designed to continue the engagement with the customer and convert them from a mobile shopper to a committed consumer.

Finding out what action the customer took after receiving your mobile media message can help provide guidance of how to word your campaigns, what time to send your notifications and more.

3 Simple Steps to Marketing Your Mobile App - Get More Exposure and Installs!

The analyst can provide insight into how social media has been affecting the future for customers. If there is a good customer response, the analytics will reflect the success of the strategy. Perhaps push notifications got better results when they were preceded by an email campaign. Knowing when the customer receives their notifications can also provide insight into how the ads perform, what the reaction to the notification was and even how long the customer stayed on the page reading the information.

The copious amounts of data collected by cell providers offer more information than any company could hope to use.

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Select some areas that you feel strongly about and then develop a strategy to include that area in your next analytics report. If you are increasing the number of text messages being sent weekly, track the response rate in your analytics program to determine if the increased number is helping. As technology advances, customers are becoming savvier and have begun to demand more from the consumers who want their attention. Customers today are selective in what they will allow into their phone — and so they are even more discriminating of the material allowed onto their screen.

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Consumers report that if a site they are visiting has a website that is poorly designed, they will simply not mention the website to their family or friends. Make the most of the interaction the customer has with your mobile marketing. Offer the customer a clear call to action — they are in a unique position to respond immediately. Provide the customer with the chance to engage right away. Focus on the customer. Using the latest technology tools, companies can identify customers based on their shopping habits, their location, and their recent purchases.

Targeting your customer in an individualized manner automatically creates a connection, and demonstrates that your company is aware of the importance of each customer. Companies that utilize generalized, non-specific marketing methods are often dismayed with the results, as their conversion rates are typically low. To truly capitalize on your marketing method, be intentional in your marketing efforts and focus on the individual customers. Many companies incorrectly assume that their mobile site must be a clone of the original website.

Of utmost importance is the optimization of the site for use on multiple platforms and devices. The site needs to load quickly, be clean and functional. Instead of trying to cram everything deemed important about you and your company onto the front page of your mobile website, allow the customer to explore and engage with the company. So who exactly is the main demographic that uses mobile devices?

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However, before seeing the opportunities that are available to franchises to appeal to new markets, we should first understand what mobile internet marketing really is. Mobile marketing begins with the mobile internet service. In , the mobile internet usage is at an all time high, and is expected to exceed desktop usage this very year. This has marketers very intrigued by the potential of advertising on mobile devices, which has led to mobile ad spending hitting However, in addition to browsing the internet on smart phones, people are also text messaging.

According to a study done by the CTIA- international association for the wireless telecommunications industry- more than billion texts have been sent every month in , for a total of over one trillion text messages for the year. Text messages can be used several ways by marketers.

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When you push a text message out, you send a marketing message, such as coupons directly to potential customers. Or, you could create a pull message by communicating with someone who has actively engaged with a traditional marketing message. Here, the initial message comes from a banner ad or TV ad and creates a call to action to text a code to a certain number. These devices have revolutionized downloaded applications.

These applications range from games such as Tetris to productivity apps like Evernote. Social media apps have also been downloaded quite frequently, and every month it seems as if there is a new one that is hot on the market. Recent examples of social media apps that have been a hit in for consumers and marketers alike include Vine, Snapchat and Pinterest! Many fear that the mobile Internet marketing can result in a mobile messaging inbox that is cluttered as email inboxes.

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However, permission based quality of mobile marketing makes it more targeted than the mass email method. The ability to provide timely messages has opened new doors for franchise marketers. Take the example of Chinese Food Delivery franchise , that has an offer through which you can text a coupon code to order pizza at 5 p. This immediacy based marketing adds to the effectiveness of mobile marketing. There are quite a few mobile advertising networks that offer a range of affordable PPC rates.

Mobile users are typically going to be checking out your webpages on small screens. Bearing that in mind, all of your web content has got to be short and snappy. At the end of the day, these are just a few basic tips. Just remember that mobile marketing is all about consolidation. Texts, emails, ads and social media have all got to work alongside one another in order for you to effectively promote your small business online.

Nash covers industry studies, emerging trends and general business developments. His website is NashRiggins. With the availability of so many apps, one of the most significant factors to consider more is the GUI and visual appearance. It puts the first impression and it is highly significant as well. I would imagine that having the image of a bigger company would be a good advantage to have.

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