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The lack of facilities is a non-issue, Handwaved for the Rule of Cool. To be even cooler, the cool starship may also be a Face Ship or come with escape pods , lasers , faster than light drive [1] , and transporters. If enemies try to board it, you may need to activate the self destruct mechanism. SF Debris : It's a set of guns strapped to an engine. Gordon: You imbecile! Now's not the time to be impressed! Gordon: Demon or angel, you won't escape a shot unscathed!

A priest travels to a ruined, pestilent North Africa of the not too distant future and by studying the plight of the people there gains insight into the nature of the settled Europeans nations. A state of never ending war dominates the future. Star Fraction 3. Intrigue and adventure in a solar society recovering from a war against rebellious artificial intelligences, plagued with nanoviruses and other dangers. Are the Jovian rebels willing to trade with the rest of the solar system, or are they planning further disruption?

Engines of Light 1. The novel alternates between two generations of the same family. In one, humans make the first contact with an alien race. In the other, humans and aliens are jointly colonizing other planets. Teens using a world wide web connection get involved with what appears to be the coverup of an alien landing on Earth. An expedition to a far world discovers an artificial ecosystem created by aliens with godlike powers.

Dissidence Orbit, Corporate War 2. Emergence Orbit, Corporate War 3. Engines of Light 3. In a near future world riddled by terrorism, a mysterious broadcast depicts actual deaths. In an alternate world where Europe and America turned on Russia during World War II, the protagonist discovers that the Americans are using aliens to fly their aircraft. Insurgence Orbit, Corporate War 1.

As humanity expands into space, new kinds of intelligence are discovered. An interstellar entrepreneur has adventures in the aftermath of a collapse of human civilization caused by a rebellion of artificial intelligences. Robots develop religious feelings. A woman using computers to explore pre-Soviet Russian history encounters an impossible artifact.

Loosely related to the Star Fraction series. An attempt to help humanity return to the stars is dependent upon an understanding of problems from the distant past. Star Fraction 1. Star Fraction 2. A clone searches for the truth about the death of his original. A robot woman struggles to reconcile her nature with her emotions. A man battles against artificial intelligences to preserve human freedom. Suspended animation.

The human race is debating the advisability of pursuing the manufacture of two new forms of robotic worker, each of which is humanoid and one of which seems capable of much of the intellectual creativity of human beings. Military and political thriller set among the stars. Reggie Brooks 1. Reggie Brooks 2. Mind control. Hodder, , as Midge. The world has been nearly destroyed by an atomic war and the survivors are struggling to build a new society when a new menace arises to throw their future into jeopardy.

A mutated insect form with a mass mind begins to divide what remains of the human race, preventing them from organizing any effective resistance. The protagonists are on the run from a variety of human foes when they discover that they alone can somehow communicate and co-exist with the swarms. See Doomsday, Jeremy Grant 1. A race to visit a far planet, with the good guys finally beating the villains, who are aided by a spy plotting to sabotage their rivals.

For younger readers. Jeremy Grant 5. Jeremy Grant 4. Jeremy Grant 2. A spacecrew returns to a planet to solve a fresh mystery. Jeremy Grant 3. An interplanetary battle for a mind controlling device. Jeremy Grant 8. Jeremy Grant 7. Jeremy Grant 6. A young spaceman tries to disable a satellite that is malfunctioning and finds more trouble than he bargained for. A future history. The Outbankers are a group of roving space patrolmen whose job is to protect their independent colony worlds from the encroachment of a ruthless interplanetary corporation. See also Howard L.

Agent of Terra 3. Aliens from another world try to interfere with the history of Earth, so agents of a time travel force go back to ancient India in order to ensure that the world remains faithful to its original course. Agent of Terra 1. The agent of a combined space and time intelligence group returns to 20 th Century Earth to prevent its takeover by an exterior power that is trying to change the course of history. Agent of Terra 2. Time agents are investigating an anachronistic artifact in ancient Crete when they stumble across evidence of the existence of Atlantis.

On that fabled continent, they uncover a plot to sabotage the time lines. Agent of Terra 4. The evil agents of EMPIRE are manipulating the time lines again, this time specifically to lure a topnotch agent into a paradox that will take him out of the game and allow them to pursue their plans to alter history to their liking. Two youngsters find a gateway that leads from one time period to others. Tubb, whom see.

Adventures among strange worlds. Aliens from another dimension are trapped in the solar system. Aboard an orbiting habitat, an experiment with artificial intelligence has taken an unexpected turn. For some reason, more and more resources are being devoted to the project, and it appears that no human agency is responsible for the changes.


Dated but occasionally interesting book of a spaceship that wanders around the solar system for a series of adventures before establishing a Utopian society on a planet around another star. There have been so many violations of the voluntary laws of reproduction in a very overpopulated Earth that drastic actions must be taken. In this case, they take the form of euthanasia, randomly applied.

A murder investigation takes place in the aftermath of a nuclear war that left the US as the ruling authority in Russia. The protagonist discovers that a form of unique Russian culture still exists beneath the veneer of capitalism that has been superimposed on their country.

An expedition by submarine. Restore Me HarperCollins, Psi powers. Immortality has multiple bad side effects. See also collaboration with Scott Lobdell. An interesting premise for this novel. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and the other superheroes have retired, disappeared, or become reclusive. A new gene is growing more common among the general population, creating more and more superhumans, although some who claim to be heroes are anything but. Eventually, the old guard has to come out of retirement to restore order. A Superman novel.

  • Curvy Sex Goddess (BBW Erotic Romance).
  • Newmarket Match;

A retelling of the origin of Superman, his exile from the doomed planet Krypton as an infant, his adoption by the Kent family, and his early battles with Lex Luthor and other villains. Superman nearly meets his match in the form of a time traveling, alien creature from another dimension whose powers are virtually supernatural. A Doctor Who novel. The Doctor must prevent a film from being made after visiting a future in which it causes interplanetary trouble.

The Doctor arrives on a planet whose civilization is so old that their technology resembles magic. A renegade timelord has arrived as well, hoping to learn the secrets of this technology in order to gain great power over the rest of the universe. The Doctor has to head off a group of disparate aliens who want to invade the Earth by taking the shapes of fictional characters.

A Doctor Who book. A series of episodic adventures on the comic side as the Doctor becomes involved with the crew of a starship and with strange societies on different planets. A very long history of the future. In a future American dictatorship, several people hold out hope for a return of freedom. The Perry Rhodan novels are a multi-author series originally published in Germany. Perry Rhodan A team of human adventurers deals with a planet whose seas are filled with deadly predators.

Human colonists on a dangerous new world face an added threat when an alien force invades the planet. Rhodan's wife is dead and it appears that he may have followed suit, causing chaos to spread through his empire. A planet inhabited by a deadly species of insects is explored by potential human colonists.

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Colonists exiled from Earth seem to have mastered their new home, but internal conflicts threaten their future. There are rumors once again that Perry Rhodan is dead, rumors which threaten the stability of the empire he created. Forces from Earth attempt to manipulate two powerful rival empires to reduce their threat to universal peace. The Arkonide empire is in danger of falling as its government becomes unstable and rival empires press against its borders.

In order to maintain his immortality, Rhodan must travel to a distant world and overcome the usual variety of dangers. A spaceship full of humans has adventures on a far world. The planet that holds the secret of eternal youth has mysteriously disappeared. A robot ruler ceases to function, which causes violent unrest in the empire it ruled.

Rhodan is off to rescue some kidnapped humans and finds himself outgunned by an alien force. Perry Rhodan 3. Rhodan attempts to build the first human starship while fearful forces on Earth strive to prevent any contact with the civilization beyond our solar system. In order to secure the secret of eternal life, Rhodan must solve a series of mysterious challenges posed by an alien creature.

More action and bloodshed as human colonists try to defend their new world from a force of alien invaders. Several thousand human beings mysteriously vanished and the newly founded government of a united Earth sets out to track them down. An unnumbered Perry Rhodan book. The uproar caused by the discovery of a galactic civilization unsettles the governments of Earth and pushes them toward a nuclear war.

A super hypnotist raises an army to challenge Perry Rhodan's plans to unite Earth under a single government. A desperate effort to rescue a party of humans from an icebound world before they are killed or captured by a marauding force of hostile aliens. Searching for the secret of immortality, a band of Earthman face unexpected danger on a primitive world.

Rhodan's companions help rebels to successfully overthrow the dictator of their world. A new batch of alien monsters threatens the stability of Perry Rhodan's universe. Colonists are faced with the choice of abandoning their world and returning to the solar system, or remaining to face an imminent attack by a bellicose alien race.

Humans struggle against a robot mastermind which is hampered by the fact that it can't adjust to the perturbations disturbing the steady flow of time. A mysterious figure worries Rhodan because he might represent yet another threat to the survival of the human race. Rhodan must decide whether or not to risk rescuing a group of his friends, kidnapped by a mysterious alien force, when doing so may expose Earth to attack.

Various of his enemies on Earth conspire to assassinate Perry Rhodan and destroy his carefully constructed worldwide government. To Arkon! Ace, While trying to return some of his alien friends to their home world, Rhodan and company are taken prisoner by another race of star traveling aliens. Rhodan gets caught in the battle between one race and their alien masters. As if the dangers of the jungle planet Venus were not enough, an alien warfleet is en route to the solar system to enslave the human race.

Various adventures in the jungles of Venus, avoiding dinosaurs and less scaley villains. The usual web of conspiracy, battles, and such, this time involving a mysterious plant with parapsychic abilities. A teen discovers that the new kid in school is actually from another dimension. Helping the newcomer complete his mission gets more complicated when the door between the worlds proves to work both ways.

See collaboration with Chris L. A young girl with unusual mental powers finds herself in a world that seems to violate natural law when she travels into outer space. Almost exactly the same plot as World Without Men , but a completely different novel. Men are extinct and the government is concealing the truth about their departure.

Atomic Man, The. See The Isotope Man. Hodder, , Ballantine, , Coronet, The authorities are suspicious of a scientist who seems to be straying from the work assigned to him and send in an investigator. Big Death, The. See The Darkest of Nights. In the aftermath of a terrible war, two people from the future plan to escape the ruins by mentally traveling back through time and displacing the personalities of two people in that era. Count Down. See Fire Past the Future. Magazine title Wall of Fire. A flying saucer from Saturn lands on Earth.

Gold Medal, , as Survival Margin. Sphere, revised, , as The Big Death. A mutated virus wipes out half the population of Earth and brings an end to international commerce. In the British Isles, the draconian decisions of the beleaguered government lead to an open civil war. Magazine title The Big Countdown. Tension and murder surround a group of scientists on a remote island as they prepare to test a new rocket that is powered by an antigravity drive.

An astronaut is frozen in space and revived centuries later after a series of devastating wars has completely changed the political structure of Earth. The first flight to the moon crashlands and the crew must find a way to survive even though they have a limited supply of oxygen and other supplies. Mike Delaney 1. A strangely luminescent corpse is discovered, which appears to be the exact duplicate of a scientist still alive and working on a secret project.

Hodder, , as Escapement. The inventor of a device that allows emotions to be recorded and played back must battle his own invention when an entrepreneur uses it to lure a large portion of the population into dream palaces where they withdraw completely from the real world. Man Who Owned the World, The. See He Owned the World. Mind of Mr. Marginal story about a man who was comatose for the first thirty years of his life, and the unusual adjustments he makes to the world when a miraculous event makes him conscious for the first time. Mike Delaney 3.

Avalon, , as Spaceways Satellite. Originally a radio play, then a movie. A mysterious disappearance following the failure of a rocket launch causes a security officer to suspect murder and possibly sabotage. Spaceways Satellite. See Spaceways. Magazine title Counter Psych. Mike Delaney 2. Marginal thriller about a murderer lurking around a scientific project in Australia that seems to have some link between brain functions and rocketry.

Survival Margin. See The Tide Went Out. Sphere, , Charter, , revised as Thirst! A series of climatic changes and earthquakes leads to a massive drop in the sea level, which reduces rain, which leads to a worldwide drought. The story follows the adventures of some of the people attempting to survive in the suddenly hostile environment.

The protagonist is cut loose from his body and his consciousness travels forward through time, inhabiting the bodies of various people until he finally reaches a civilization which can control the phenomenon and send him back to his own time. In the distant future, there are no men left alive, although the government claims to be attempting to recreate the sex. Then a newscaster sees the body of a preserved male and subsequently discovers that the authorities are suppressing the truth.

A secret history novel. During the Cuban missile crisis, the Soviets launched a superweapon system into orbit that would have let them conquer the world, but the launch ultimately failed. A hotel in space. A novel of Utopia. Pseudonym of Sharon Jarvis, whom see, and Kathleen Buckley. A low key, alien police officer on a planet of empaths is faced with a new problem. Since violence is virtually unknown among his kind, the arrival of a trading post of humans introduces a whole new level of complexity into his society.

An alien empath sets off to other worlds to track down the person who killed his family. To pay the bills, he hires out to track down a woman kidnapped by space pirates, although he eventually suspects she may be his personal quarry as well. The last human following a nuclear war tries to create a new race by interbreeding with suddenly intelligent apes. Marginal thriller about a vice-president who decides to promote himself. Unprecedented meteor showers buffet the Earth and destroy most of civilization. The protagonist carves out a new life for himself in the aftermath.

A starship becomes lost in the universe and eventually finds an unknown planet on which to land and found an involuntary colony. Mystery story in which it is eventually revealed that the villains plot to take over the world and use superhumans to rule. Organized crime gets hold of a new drug that allows people to have endless, voluntary orgasms and uses it to change the world forever.

Its originator, however, escapes to a South American jungle with his family. A Stargate novel. Humans negotiate with a race of paranoids. An interstellar rescue mission. A woman raids a space station searching for a missing child and takes captive a man with whom she eventually falls in love. A rebel fighting an inept interstellar empire finds a portal to another dimension.

Marginal thriller about the theft of a revolutionary new helicopter. There are rumors that the Soviet Union is massing another naval and air armada to assault the west coast of North America, so Hawk Hunter marshals his forces and prepares to repel a fresh invasion. When the Soviets realize that they have lost their last chance of conquering America, extremists in an Arctic base plan a fresh nuclear assault that will wipe out everyone who survived the nuclear war.

Semi-literate nonsense about a rebellion against a galactic empire. Improbable story of a military train literally miles in length which is escorted by an ace fighter pilot when it sets out to reclaim the American southwest from an army of neo-Nazis intent upon creating a new nation. Having been foiled in their attempt to invade America, an evil Asian empire sends its forces to conquer Southeast Asia.

Hunter receives a desperate plea for help and organizes a relief mission to defend that region from the invaders. With the Soviet armies defeated and retreating, Hunter goes to North Africa to pursue a villainous terrorist who has escaped there and who plans to exploit the conflict in that part of the world to further undermine the survival of the free world.

A mysterious man abandons the traditional space force of the human empire in order to protect a planet from an alien invasion. Post apocalypse America is being invaded by Germanic peoples from Europe on the east coast and Asians on the west. Hawk Hunter is missing in action and the forces of freedom seem doomed. But there are persistent rumors of an army gathering secretly under his leadership, and naturally the rumors turn out to be true. A space shuttle with a high tech camera aboard is diverted to China, so a crack helicopter commando team is sent to retrieve or destroy it.

The neo-Nazis have still not been completely defeated in their bid to conquer parts of North America, and now they launch a series of cleverly designed attacks against eastern cities in their last desperate attempt to conquer the continent. After preventing a comet from striking the Earth, Hunter has his strangest adventure yet. In a repressive interstellar dictatorship, an obscure man has an unusual talent, and its discovery puts him in peril when the authorities decide he's a threat.

Old style interstellar war story told with incredible ineptness. A Russian warlord with a space shuttle has been gathering derelict satellites in order to build a world dominating weapons system, but he underestimates the resourcefulness of Hawk Hunter and is ultimately thwarted. The western half of America is free, but the east has been subdued by traitors and the remnants of an invasion force.

Hunter organizes a fresh series of attacks to liberate that area when he learns that his enemies are preparing to strike against the last bastions of freedom. A group of neo-Nazis with stolen nuclear bombs are threatening to blow up the Panama Canal unless their demands are met. Instead of paying them off, Hunter takes on a new mission, to destroy them before they have a chance to use the weapons. Hunter sets out on a nuclear powered aircraft carrier for a daring strike against the capital of a resurgent Asian empire, hoping to wreak enough destruction to force the abandonment of their plans to conquer North America.

The US lost a limited nuclear war and Soviet armies have taken over much of the country. Out of the wreckage appears an extraordinary hero, a fighter pilot who dares to keep fighting the war that most believe is already over. A Chopper Ops novel. American special forces units are enlisted in an attempt to recapture a Soviet aircraft carrier that has been hijacked along with its store of nuclear weapons.

Best of Barry N. The only survivor of the first expedition to Venus returns to Earth, refusing to divulge information about the creatures he found on Venus. But is the planet really inhabited, or is the last astronaut merely insane? When a scientist discovers that the past doesn't exist, people from the present must be sent back to fill in the missing parts.

Dystopian novella.. In the future, dream therapy has become so real that one can live an entire life tailored to particular psychological problems. The protagonist decides to relive the life of Jesus, and thereafter tells his story. A minor government official is contacted by agents of an alien force who advise him that he has a limited time to prove that the human race is worthy of admission to the interstellar community. If he fails, Earth and everyone on it will be destroyed. His last mission to the moon resulted in a nervous breakdown, so the protagonist is reduced to doing public relations work for the space program.

But then a new mission is planned, and his strange delusions are about to interact with reality. A space pilot carrying a cargo of cyborg engineers falls into a black hole and is caught in a dilemma. An attempt to escape to normal space might literally destroy the universe. In a boring future utopia, the only source of excitement is an elaborate game, the consequences of which could be fatal to those participants who lose.

A wave of inexplicable suicides shakes a future Earth.

An alien arrives on Earth and is imprisoned by humans, who systematically sift through his brain seeking all of his knowledge. The President of the US must deal with terrorists who threaten nuclear explosions unless he sets up a world government designed according to their specifications. In a future where miniaturized humans perform medical procedures on the full sized, a new religion begins to spread across the world.

The first human visitors to a barbaric planet find a number of mysteries including a strange artifact and hints that an earlier group of star travelers might have touched down on this world. And the captain suspects as well that there are traitors among his crew, but his own memory is flawed.

Alien invaders who infiltrate the minds of humans seem to have an easy task in conquering the world. But then they encounter a single man whose mind is different, and who could spell disaster for their plans. A mass of ants turns an American city into a ghost town and the human race finally wakens to the fact that the world of insects is challenging us for rule of the world.

Standard equipment aboard exploratory starships is a simulacrum of Sigmund Freud, designed to help with the psychological problems of the crew. But when the Freuds begin to interact with aliens, the future of the entire universe is altered. A controversial talk show host arranges for a future program to include the 29 th man to have walked on the moon.

But that individual quietly announces that he plans to tell the truth about the space program, and now someone is trying to prevent him from appearing. The protagonist is a time traveler who goes back to attempt to prevent the assassinations of John Kennedy and others, but all of his efforts are not only unsuccessful, they seem almost to have caused the killings to succeed. A group of men have been trained as professional soldiers by the Institute, beyond whose gates supposedly lies a savage world where women are even more of a rarity than law and order.

Their training completed, some of them decide to find out the truth. The protagonist is contacted by the Overlords of the universe and told that he will engage in a series of chess matches against an agent of evil, and that the outcome of the matches will determine the fate of the entire universe. A woman discovers a hidden reality in which we are watched over by intelligent aliens.

A man builds a nuclear bomb and secedes from the US. Collection of loosely related stories. A Star Trek: Next Generation novel. The Enterprise is assisting a disabled ship from the planet Vemla when more of their kind show up, claiming that the first lot are escaped slaves. Picard has to decide whether or not the Prime Directive applies or whether he can intercede.

A future civilization is governed by benevolent computers that manage all aspects of human life. Suddenly the systems begin to malfunction, causing great problems throughout the world. A computer specialist investigates and discovers that a terrorist is sabotaging the system in his quest to seize world power.

Station Eleven Vintage, A new plague wipes out most of the world. A Roswell novel. The FBI follow the human and alien fugitives as they leave Roswell. The alien teens try to track down human DNA donors. An alien artifact wakens a personality in Doctor Bashir that had been long suppressed.

A Star Trek Excelsior novel.

Orion's Dagger: The Cloudships of Orion by P. K. McAllister, Paperback | Barnes & NobleĀ®

The story of Sulu after he left Kirk. A Star Trek Enterprise novel. An investigator tries to find out why Starfleet falsified history. Kobayashi Maru Pocket, A starship on picket duty discovers an interstellar plot. Earth is attacked by an alien superweapon. Human and Romulan ships encounter an offshoot of humanity. A Star Trek Lost Era novel. Captain Sulu gets involved in negotiations between two alien races that could result in a war against the Federation.

The threat of civil war within the Romulan Empire disturbs the galaxy. Trill Pocket, , bound with Bajor by J. Noah Kym. An entire planetary population is keeping a dangerous secret. Turnabout Simon, Liz has a vision of alien Isabel's death in Los Angeles. MANN, A. The world of the future has become obsessed with a single subject - sex, and every aspect of human existence is designed to make it easier and more frequent.

In an alternate Victorian England, technology takes an unusual turn. Collection of related stories. A Time Hunter novel. Engines of War Broadway, The Doctor discovers that the Daleks have developed a new weapon that could defeat the Time Lords. Executioner's Heart, The Titan,? Ghosts of Karnak Titan, A superhero battles Egyptian gods.

Ghosts of Manhattan Pyr, A superhero in an alternate version of our world. A scientist creates bizarre devices in an alternate world. A mystery on a colony world watched over by artificial intelligences. A dead man appears to be killing people posthumously. Two adventurers track down a man trying to achieve immortality. Murders and the appearance of an angel are linked to a mystery outside the normal flow of time. A Sherlock Holmes novel. Steampunk adventure. A Utopian novel. After a devastating terrorist attack at Heathrow Airport, an intelligence operative resigns from the service and joins a group financed by a millionaire to bring about the assassination of Khadafy.

A group of terrorists steal enough plutonium to make a nuclear bomb and intelligence agencies all over the world are rushing about in order to find them before they use it. Land Fit for Heroes 4. Conclusion of the series set in a Europe where the Roman Empire never fell and Britain is still an occupied colony. The rebellion against imperial rule has now reached its final stages. A linguist trying to decipher the language of an alien race whose world has recently been discovered finds that the alien present a subtle but potentially lethal threat.

The empire of the human race is about to come to an end as myriad oppressed races unite to overthrow their rulers. Genetic engineering. Following an interstellar war, a gigantic starship sets out to return thousands of alien refugees to their home worlds. A group of young people discover the meaningless of a future world in which pleasure is considered the only valuable commodity and anyone reaching the age of 65 is routinely put to death. R evolution 47North, An unlikely adventure on the planet Venus, where vampirish creatures are just some of the dangers which the protagonist must face.

A group of explorers on Venus struggle to survive after the Earth is destroyed in the final war. Magazine appearance And there wasn't a lot of role-playing content towards the end, to be honest I got a place to print them The content was basically the logo and some slogan which I forget. I should have got a picture of them. It was entirely written in the course of one night, while Brian was staying at my place in London and we couldn't think of anything else to do. The end result was I think I might have sent mine to the British Library, which archives all these things.

At any rate I don't have it any more. Protectice mailing cover present Protectice mailing cover present Protectice mailing cover present Protectice mailing cover present Protectice mailing cover present Protectice mailing cover present Sapce Gamer Vol2- continues on afer SPFG below Protectice mailing cover present issue 86 this one can be found with a cover on as well, to get issue Limited Run Magazine, only available in the UK.


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Boxed 3rd us edition, 2nd printing, 3 hole punched, 1 page loose hardcover softcover softcover hardcover socftcover hardcover socftcover socftcover hardcover hardcover socftcover socftcover hardcover softcover hardcover hardcover hardcover softcover softcover hardcover softcover? NO 13 page intro leeflet!!!! Blue band top left 2nd print..

What do I have? This AAPH includes parts 1, 2 and 3 from the core book, perfect bound for ease of use thin book, shrink shrink folder, same as above hardcover, signed hardcover, signed hardcover leather hardcover kickstarter Hardcover shrink Boxed, shrink hardcover shrink Hardcover Hardcover Hardcover, signed Hardcover, 5th printing, kickstarter hardcover, leather, kickstarter, signed Hardcover Hardcover Hardcover, signed Free Game day free rpg day Hardcover, signed some wear no tlg number kickstarter freebie??

Special ed Hardcover Shrink Shrink hardcover promo, inc maps etc boxed, MM, DMG, PM hardcover hardcover hardcover hardcover hardcover hardcover free rpg day open And shrink hardcover hardcover hardcover hardcover hardcover Boxed set book 1 hardcover, name hardcover hardcover hardcover hardcover, spine split softcover, smaller, essentials softcover, smaller, essentials hardcocer Hardcover hardcover hardcover, name Boxed set book 2 hardcover hardcover hardcover hardcover hardcover hardcover hardcover hardcover Boxed set book 3 hardcover, stain on inside?

Traveller Zine Aussie , 5 issues?? Traveller Zine Aussie uk zine, at least 6 issues metro Detroait Gamers, no real rpg content has some rpg content Zine APA Uk Zine 7 issues then changed its name to Pandamonum Uk Zine, 7 issues 15 issues, changed name to telegraph road from 16 on. Or a4 laminated? Documents Similar To Brett Patrick Shane Mangus. James F Masters. Bob Mcjunk. Vass Vera. John H. Nick Trotti. Pretty Poison. Richard DeRemer. Connie Tang. Adam Nelon. Stephen McClanahan. Andrew Pearson. Jarett Walls. Thomas Ward. Diogo Silva. Foxtrot Oscar. Popular in Book. Michael Wright.

Jennifer Darrell. Craig White. Gulrukh Kamal.