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The apostle Paul warned us not to "quench" the Spirit in 1 Thessalonians I fear that today our trendy churches have been equipped with state-of-the-art fire extinguishers that do a professional job of eliminating any risk of a holy outbreak. Let's be mindful of the most common ways that we quench the Holy Spirit. It was a lack of faith that created the doctrine known as "cessationism.

Christianity has been reduced to an intellectual argument, devoid of power. And even in churches that wear the Pentecostal label, we have created such tight controls on our meetings that the gifts can't function. God forgive us. We cannot use the Spirit or His gifts to achieve our selfish agenda. Either we submit to His plan, or He withdraws and lets us play our silly games. Can that be said of us today?

2. Go back and stand under the cross (John 12:32)

We are divided between black and white, white and Hispanic, Republican and Democrat, Protestant and Catholic, denominational and non-denominational, evangelical and Pentecostal. We are fragmented and weak.

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We have quenched the Spirit with our disunity. Please join me in praying for a new Pentecost. Let's throw away our fire extinguishers and invite a fresh heavenly flame to engulf the church. Lee Grady was editor of Charisma for 11 years before he launched into full-time ministry in Today he directs The Mordecai Project , a Christian charitable organization that is taking the healing of Jesus to women and girls who suffer abuse and cultural oppression. You can follow him on Twitter at LeeGrady or go to his website, themordecaiproject. Great Resources to help you excel in !

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If we keep shutting Him off, one day He will speak to us and we will not hear Him. When that day comes, the Spirit sadly turns away from us because we have become deaf to His pleadings. We have passed the point of no return. What must we do when we receive this light from the Holy Spirit? If we obey and walk in the light as we receive it, God will continue giving us light. If we refuse, even the light that we have will go out, and we will be left in darkness.

The darkness that comes from a persistent and final refusal to follow light is the result of rejecting the Spirit, and it leaves us without hope. Can any sin become the sin against the Holy Spirit? Following are a few Bible examples: A. Was it because God could not forgive it? It became unpardonable only because Judas refused to listen to the Holy Spirit and confess and forsake his sin of covetousness.

They were convinced repeatedly with heartfelt conviction that Jesus was the Messiah—the Son of the living God. But they hardened their hearts and stubbornly refused to accept Him as Savior and Lord. Then one day, after a wonderful miracle by Jesus, the Pharisees told the multitude that Jesus received His power from the devil. Christ at once told them that attributing His miracle-working power to the devil indicated they had passed the point of no return and had blasphemed the Holy Spirit. God could have, and joyfully would have, forgiven them. But they refused until they were stone deaf to the Holy Spirit and could no longer be reached.

I Cannot Choose the Consequences When the Spirit makes His appeal, we can choose to respond or refuse, but we cannot choose the consequences. They are fixed. If we consistently respond, we will become like Jesus. However, if we persistently refuse to respond, we will grieve away the Holy Spirit—and He will leave us forever, sealing our doom. After King David had committed a terrible double sin of adultery and murder, what anguished prayer did he pray?

Because David knew if the Holy Spirit left him, he was doomed from that moment. He knew that only the Holy Spirit could lead him to repentance and restoration, and he trembled at the thought of becoming deaf to His voice. The Bible tells us in another place that God finally left Ephraim alone because he was joined to his idols Hosea and would not listen to the Spirit. He had become spiritually deaf. The most tragic thing that can happen to a person is for God to have to turn away and leave him alone. What serious command did the apostle Paul give to the church in Thessalonica?

Sin has the same effect on the Holy Spirit as water has upon fire. As we ignore the Holy Spirit and continue in sin, we pour water on the fire of the Holy Spirit. If the fire goes out, we have passed the point of no return! It could be use of alcohol.

How We Know Jesus and the Early Church Existed

It could be failure to forgive one who has betrayed or otherwise injured you. It could be immorality. No greater tragedy could take place. What other shocking statement did Paul make to the Thessalonian believers? God says that those who refuse to receive the truth and conviction brought by the Holy Spirit will—after the Spirit departs from them—receive a strong delusion to believe that error is truth.

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A sobering thought. What experience will those who have been sent these strong delusions face in the judgment? They will be positive that they were saved. Jesus will then doubtless remind them of that crucial time in their lives when the Holy Spirit brought new truth and conviction.

It was crystal clear it was the truth. It kept them awake at night as they wrestled over a decision. How their hearts burned within them! Then came a strong delusion that caused them to feel saved when they were lost. Is there any greater tragedy? What special words of warning does Jesus give to help us avoid believing we are saved when we are actually lost? All of us desire assurance of salvation—and God wants to save us!

However, there is a false assurance sweeping Christendom today that promises people salvation while they continue living in sin and manifest no change in their lives whatsoever. When we accept Jesus as Lord and Ruler of our lives, our lifestyles will change. We will become a completely new creature 2 Corinthians We will gladly keep His commandments John , do His will, and joyously follow where He leads 1 Peter His fantastic resurrection power Philippians transforms us into His image 2 Corinthians His glorious peace floods our lives John Fabulous True Assurance Versus Counterfeit Assurance As we follow where the Savior leads, He promises that no one can take us out of His hand John and that a crown of life awaits us Revelation What amazing, glorious, genuine security Jesus gives His followers!

Assurance promised under any other conditions is counterfeit. Those who make Jesus the Lord and Ruler of their lives are promised the miracles of Jesus that will see them safely through to His eternal kingdom. Nothing could be better than that! What additional glorious promise does Jesus make to us all? It is Jesus who knocks on the door of your heart through His Holy Spirit. He—King of kings and Savior of the world—comes to you for regular, loving visits and friendly, caring guidance and counsel.

What folly that we should ever be too busy or too disinterested to form a warm, loving, lasting friendship with Jesus. Jesus will personally welcome them into His kingdom Matthew Will you decide now to always open the door as Jesus knocks at your heart and be willing to follow where He leads you?

Our loving desire is that you have been led into the presence of Jesus and have experienced a fantastic new relationship with Him. We hope that you will walk closer to the Master every day and will soon join that joyous group who will be translated into His kingdom at His appearing. If we do not meet on this earth, let us agree to meet in the clouds on that great day.

Please call or write if we can further assist you in your journey heavenward. What does it mean?

Love Like Him: Learn to Love Like Jesus

The Holy Spirit pleads with all people, just as the sun shines upon everyone and everything John The same sun that hardens clay also melts wax. The Holy Spirit has a different effect upon our hearts depending on how we relate to His pleadings. If we respond, our hearts will be softened and we will be utterly changed 1 Samuel If we resist, our hearts will be hardened Zechariah Pharaoh's Response Pharaoh actually hardened his own heart by resisting the Holy Spirit Exodus , 32; Since Pharaoh kept resisting, his heart hardened as sun hardens clay.

Had Pharaoh listened, his heart would have softened as the sun softens wax. Both had sinned grievously. One betrayed and the other denied Jesus. Which is worse? Who can tell? The same Holy Spirit pleaded with both. Judas steeled himself, and his heart became like stone.

Peter, on the other hand, was receptive to the Spirit and his heart melted. He was truly repentant and later became one of the great preachers in the early church. He was teaching truth and supporting it from the Old Testament, which was the Scriptures then available. They understood all too well what He was saying. They also saw His miracles, but they still rejected Him. The Bible tells us to test everything by Scripture Isaiah , Is there ever a time when prayer is not helpful? Can you help me?

What Does It Mean to Quench the Spirit? - New Boston Church of Christ

You have not rejected the Holy Spirit. You can know that because you feel concerned or convicted. It is the Holy Spirit alone who brings you concern and conviction John — If the Holy Spirit had left you, there would be no concern or conviction in your heart. Rejoice and praise God! Give Him your life now! And prayerfully follow and obey Him in the days ahead. He will give you victory 1 Corinthians , uphold you Philippians , and keep you until His return Philippians In the parable of the sower Luke —15 , what is meant by the seed that fell by the wayside and was eaten by birds?